For Those About to Rock: Live Band Karaoke in Chicago

Best Places To Karaoke Sing In ChicagoIf you really want to experience what it’s like to perform on stage, you have to go to a live band karaoke event! It’s nothing like that PA system stuff… you’ll get the thrill of live musicians who improvise and work with you to create a truly fabulous performance. Here are the best live band karaoke Chicago hot spots where you can strut your stuff:

  • PIECE Brewery and Pizzeria: Piece Brewery is known for serving up some of the best craft beer and pizza slices around. And on Saturday nights starting at 11 pm, the Karaoke Dokie band cranks up to let local singers get their groove on! Come early, because it’s one of the most popular venues around.

  • Roscoe’s: Every Monday night from 10 pm until 1 am, Roscoe’s offers drink specials and live band karaoke. This bar caters to the LGBT community, but everyone is welcome. Summon your inner diva or rock star and come on down!

  • Stanley’s Kitchen & Tap: Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap is best known for serving up Southern-style comfort food, but on Sunday nights at 10:30 pm, the band cranks it up a notch for karaoke. The crowd is inviting and loves hearing new singers, so don’t be shy!

  • Burke’s Patio & Tap:Not everyone can stay up until the wee hours of the morning to croon, so for those with a 9-to-5 schedule, check out Burke’s Patio & Tap, where live band karaoke starts at a conservative 8 pm each Thursday.

  • Clarke’s Bar & Grill: Next to Clarke’s 24 Hour Diner sits Clarke’s Bar & Grill, which hosts live band karaoke each Friday night beginning at 9:30 pm. And if you need some lubrication to loosen your nerves before going on stage, you’ll likely appreciate the low drink prices here.

  • Reggie’s Music Joint: Under 21 and still want to try live band karaoke in Chicago? Head on down to Reggie’s, where everyone 17 and over is welcome to serenade the crowd. Reggie’s is on South State Street, just a block away from Chinatown.

  • Red Line Tap: If the ordinary karaoke tunes, like Madonna, the Beatles, and Bon Jovi just aren’t doing it for you, check out Red Line Tap. Their live band karaoke is geared toward the head-banging crowd. This event isn’t always regularly scheduled, so check their website for the next event.

  • Rockwood Place: Most of the venues on this list are bars and restaurants, which just happen to dabble in live band karaoke. Rockwood Place, on the other hand, is all karaoke! The band usually gets cranked up around 10:30 pm, so be there and be ready to burst into song.

  • The Cubby Bear: Ah, what would a list on Chicago be without a reference to the beloved Cubs? The Cubby Bear is a sports bar (surprising, right?) and features live band karaoke every Wednesday night starting at 10 pm. Sorry, no discount for wearing your vintage Ryne Sandberg jersey.

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