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I Can't Stop Laughing at These Pinterest Food Fails

May 23, 2018

I Can't Stop Laughing at These Pinterest Food Fails

Oh Pinterest, you make everything look so easy. Yet, underneath the step-by-step instructions and filtered photos, there lurks a dark secret: making cute stuff is hard, y’all! These 23 Pinterest food fails stand as hilarious testament to the skill, patience, and knowledge it takes to actually pull some of these recipes off.

1. Eggy in a Basket Fail

eggy pinterest fail

Is there even bread in there? What even is that? I have a lot of questions about this fail.

2. Paleo Cinnamon Roll Fail

paleo cinnamon roll pinterest fail

Maybe they still tasted good? Maybe…

3. Hedgehog Cake Fail

hedgehog cake pinterest fail

The teeth just kill me! This one is so bad it’s good.

4. Hot Dog-Dog Fail

hot dog pinterest fail

On the plus side, if you look at this one sideways it could be a shark. Don’t give up on your fails, people!

5. Baked Cheese Stick Fail

baked cheese sticks pinterest fail

Meh, it’s okay. Healthy snacks kinda bum me out anyway.

6. Zucchini Chip Fail

baked zuccini chips pinterest fail

Speaking of sad healthy snacks…

7. Frozen Banana Fail

banana pinterest fail

How did the Bluth family make this look do-able?

8. Bunny Roll Fail

bunny roll pinterest fail

Put some butter on these and I’ll eat them no matter what they look like.

9. Bacon Hearts Fail

bacon hearts pinterest fail

Nothing says I love you like bacon, but maybe this person should have kept it simple.

10. Skeleton Cookie Fail

skeleton pinterest fail

This one looks like a before and after picture. That skeleton really bulked up!

11. Fried Egg Fail

fried egg pinterest fail

Quick, scoop the eggs back in the peppers when nobody’s looking!

12. Vegan Corndog Fail

corndog pinterest fail

I still want to give them an A for effort. Vegan ingredients can be tricky.

13. Mickey Mouse Pancake Fail

pancake pinterest fail

Cover up the fail with sweet, sweet syrup and nobody ever has to know.

14. Cookie Monster Cupcake Fail

cookie monster pinterest fail

They got the cookie part right.

15. Nutella Mug Cake Fail

nutella mug cakes pinterest fail

I would shamelessly lick Nutella off a dirty floor, so I gotta admit these still look good to me.

16. Rainbow Cake Fail

rainbow cake pinterest fail

We need more frosting, stat!

17. Confetti Pancake Fail

rainbow sprinkle pinterest fail

This just makes me sad.

18. Jello Orange Fail

jello orange pinterest fail

The carnage!

19. Cake Pop Fail

cake pop pinterest fail

Poor little chickie!

20. The Epic Cake Fail

blackberry cake pinterest fail

Just not even close!

21. Chocolate-Covered Fail

kiwi popsicle pinterest fail

What I’ve learned about covering things in chocolate: it’s apparently really difficult!

22. Zucchini Fritter Fail

zuccini fritters pinterest fail

There’s a fork in the frame, so I’m guessing these were still edible. Points for that!

23. Candy Corn Massacre

candy corn pinterest fail

I would never have the courage to even start cleaning that pan! Props to the brave soul who did this.

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