How Much Are Drum Lessons? 4 Factors That Affect the Cost

How Much Do Drum Lessons Cost?When you want to start beginning drum lessons, you’ll find a variety of prices depending on a few factors. While the average price for a half hour lesson can range from $15 to $40, you might not be able to find a private drum lesson instructor at either end of the range. Some of the things that can contribute to how much you’ll end up paying for beginning drum lessons are where you’re receiving the lessons, what city you’re in, and the experience level of your teacher.

First Step: Where are the lessons?

You have a few choices for this one. The least expensive option is to travel to wherever your  drum teacher is. If he or she has a studio or rehearsal space, that might mean a bit of a commute for you every week. The flip side is that the space is already rented out, so your lessons are not going toward an unanticipated cost on the part of your instructor.

Another option is to book lessons with a teacher who can travel to you. While this can be a quite attractive idea if you are having trouble squeezing your beginning drum lessons into your schedule, it can add to the cost. Many teachers will charge for transportation time, or per the mile if they need to commute to a new location. Some instructors don’t give the option to travel away from their studio. Weighing the costs between the two is a great idea before pulling the trigger.

A third option is a decent compromise between the first two. You can take lessons via Skype or other video chat service. While this option can help you manage your time efficiently, the drawback is that you are not in the same room as your instructor during the lessons. If there is a particular technique or pattern that you need to learn, it can be much easier to pick up in person. For that reason, if you need to schedule video lessons, it’s best to still include one to two in-person lessons each month.

Second Step: Where are you located?

If you live in a bigger city or suburban area, chances are that the price for beginning drum lessons will be a little higher than the price for drum lessons in the rural countryside. The upside to the higher price is that you can find a lot more variety in your selection of drum teachers. If you want to focus on concert performance, rock drumming, or even a specialty percussion instrument, you have a better chance of finding what you need in a higher population area.

This isn’t to say that you cannot find a highly qualified instructor outside of a big city. But you have a better chance of finding multiple instructors that suit your needs, and one that can work with your schedule, if you are in a large city (or willing to travel to that city).

Last Step: How experienced is your teacher?

Beginning drum lessons teachers can vary in expertise, from ones still in music school to a professional percussionist with decades of experience. The more experienced the instructor, the higher the lessons price will likely be. As a beginning drummer, you won’t need to find a highly experienced teacher, but you will need an instructor who can teach you the basics of music at a pace that you can absorb.

If you are looking for beginning drum lessons, be sure to visit TakeLessons to search for qualified instructors in your area. Good luck with your studies!

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