3 thoughts on “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Ukulele

  1. I’ve played a uke since 5, self taught by ear. The uke has got to be the easiest musical instrument to learn and play. One, two, three chord songs for kids to learn, sing and play keeps their interest at very young ages..then as it grows with you, you can pick and strum melodies as an individual soloest. Or master the uke finer qualities playing classical, country, rap, pop and religeous combinations like Jake Shimabukuru. My uke traveled on 6 US Navy Shipes because of its locker size and circled the world twice in my 22 Naval career. Nice fact:
    In the early 1950’s Fred Kamaka made quality Ukes soon to hit the international market were knock offs manufactured in Japan with Freds, “Kamaka” trade name. To combat infringement in which were no big international laws protecting his name, Fred contracted a family in Japan to produce the “Kamaka Kaiki” (childs Ukulele) which prevented any other company from utilizing the Kamak name in Japan. To ensure Quality of the Kamaka instruments the Japanese sent all Kaiki’s to Fred for quality check, they had to pass his inspections prior to going to vendors. Mine is a Gold Label (each internal label, Gold Silver or White, told the time frame in which it was made. Depending on condition, These Kamaka Kaiki Ukulele’s can run in thousands of dollars, (although back when they were made, my dad may have bought mine for $10).

  2. My dad owned a Martin Ukulele. I play it for my children’s shows and I love it to no end. My dad passed at 90 and it means the world to me. It’s easy, it’s fun and can entertain you for hours. Pick one up now and start playing.

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