4 Awesome Blogs to Help You Learn Ukulele Online

5 Awesome Blogs to Help You Learn Ukulele Online

Whenever you pick up a new hobby, it’s a great idea to start following some blogs on the topic. Learning ukulele is no exception, and luckily for you, there are many great blogs about playing ukulele. Whether you’re taking private ukulele lessons or trying to teach yourself, these blogs are a great place to learn ukulele online, explore new ideas, and have fun along the way. Read on to discover the best ukulele blogs around!

1. Uke Nut

If you’re interested in learning to play fingerstyle ukulele, then Uke Nut is the perfect blog for you! Author Matt shares lots of insightful ukulele book reviews, and he maintains a frequently updated list of fingerstyle ukulele resources. Plus, where else can you find a ukulele arrangement of Mozart?

2. Ukulele Underground

Ukulele Underground is one of the most popular places to learn ukulele online. Since 2007, Aldrine, Ryan, and Aaron at Ukulele Underground have been making great tutorial and ukulele cover videos that will delight beginner and more advanced uke players alike. Browse their many ukulele song tutorials and you can learn music by diverse artists from Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars. They also have many video courses to help you get started strumming on the ukulele, even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before in your life.

3. LiveUkulele.com

Brad at LiveUkulele.com has tons of tips for more seasoned ukulele players. If you’re looking for some new ways to play ukulele scales (yes, you do need to know them!), or you just want to sound more hip, Brad has you covered on all this and more. Plus, there is a well-organized resource section where you can look at chord charts and scales and learn about music theory.

4. Ukulele Mike Lynch

Seattle’s Mike Lynch uses his website as a home base for his many, wonderful instructional videos on YouTube. If you’re obsessed with the Beatles and playing the ukulele, Mike has you covered with his ukulele Beatles channel. If you’re wishing on a star for some Disney songs to play on the ukulele, Mike can make your dream come true with his Disney music channel.

Bonus: Ukulele Flash Mob

If you live in NYC or London, join up with the secret society known as Ukulele Flash Mob to share your music with like-minded mischievous uke-lovers! Just join their mailing list and you’ll never miss out on a ukulele flash mob ever again. Not in the area? Why not start your own ukulele group! Ukulele Flash Mob’s parent sites Ukulele Wednesday and Learn to Uke should give you all the inspiration you need to make your own flashmob happen.

Do you have a favorite website for learning  ukulele online? Or do you have a ukulele blog of your own? Share the best ukulele blogs in the comments below!

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  1. Musical Pros
    Musical Pros says:

    Great starting points for newcomers to ukulele. It’s amazing how many sites have popped up to support learning the instrument over the past few years.

  2. Uke Song
    Uke Song says:

    Really useful resources… today, the ukulele is going from strength to strength.and ukulele industry picked up drastically during the Internet boom, mainly due to on line video tutorials.

  3. Uke in spanish
    Uke in spanish says:

    Thanks for sharing those 4 great uke websites. I really believe the ukulele has a great impact in many positive ways of those who give it a chance. Aloha!


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