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40+ Fun (and Easy!) Music Crafts & Activities for Kids

July 6, 2021

40+ Fun (and Easy!) Music Crafts & Activities for Kids

Looking for easy crafts for kids? If your child loves music, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite music activities and easy, DIY musical crafts your family will love to create.

You’ll find a link to the original post with instructions, as well as the level of difficulty, ranging from music activities your preschooler can do to more advanced, adults-only projects to decorate your home. Enjoy!

Musical Crafts for Kids

These crafts are perfect for kids, from DIY music-makers to fun decorations!

1. Recycled Outdoor Music Station

Learn to make this Recycled Outdoor Music Station via My Nearest and Dearest

Recycle cans and mason jars for fun outdoor play! This is one of those musical crafts that you can shape to your children’s skill, age, and interest level. And even better, it’s made of objects you definitely have around the house.

Level: Moderate

2. Homemade Kids Drums

Learn to make these Homemade Kids Drums via A School of Fish

With homemade drums, your child doesn’t only get to nurture their creativity, but they can also explore rhythm, hand eye coordination, and fine and gross motor skills. Let the kids make and decorate their own drums for a marching band.

Level: Very Easy

3. Fancy Shaker Eggs

Learn to make these Fancy Shaker Eggs via Mama Smiles.

These plastic eggs filled with various items create noisemakers for little hands will keep your kiddies hooked for ages, and their sound is soft enough to be totally appropriate for indoor play. Even better they’re a craft that both very young and more mature children will both adore.

Level: Very Easy

4. Cardboard Guitar

Learn to make this Cardboard Guitar via Makedo.

Channel your favorite rockstar with this DIY guitar! A fun challenge for young learners, with results you can actually use.

Level: Moderate

5. PVC Pipe Xylophone

Learn to make this PVC Pipe Xylophone via Frugal Fun for Boys

This large-scale xylophone requires some space, but is a super fun instrument to play around with! Great for helping kids discover different musical notes while developing beginner engineering skills.

Level: Skilled

musical crafts - pvc instrument

6. Cardboard Castanets

Learn to make this Cardboard Castanets via Red Ted Art

Cardboard and buttons make a child-sized castanet, perfect for exploring rhythm, and developing fine and gross motor skills.

Level: Easy

7. Tin Can Howler

Learn to make this Tin Can Howler via Housing a Forest

All you need is a string and a tin can for this fun howler. Your child will love discovering the fascinating sound this creative instrument makes. 

Level: Easy

8. Easy Trumpet Craft

Learn to make this Easy Trumpet Craft via Preschool Crafts for Kids

Practice your best marching band steps with this easy DIY trumpet! Especially great for very young learners, this trumpet only requires a toilet paper roll and some construction paper.

Level: Easy

9. African Drums

Learn to make these African Drums via DLTK Crafts for Kids

Practice rhythm with these easy to make and fun to design African drums. This papier mache- based craft only requires some simple things from around the house; glue, masking tape, rags, and markers. 

Level: Easy

musical crafts - masquerade mask

10. DIY Masquerade Mask

Find out how to make this DIY Masquerade Mask via Circle City Creations

Stretch your artistic side with these decorated masks. Not only is this a great craft project, but it can also spark your child’s theatrical sensibilities.

Level: Skilled

11. Rainbow Xylophone

Find out how to make this Rainbow Xylophone via And Next Comes L

Wood, window casings, and paint create a giant rainbow xylophone. Perfect for teaching your child about color, creativity, and the notes on the western scale.

Level: Skilled

12. Do Re Mi Bottle

Learn to make this