11 Amazing Kids and Their Instruments

Child Playing GuitarWhile it’s always amazing to sit back and enjoy an instrumentalist that truly knows what they’re doing, it’s even more awe-inspiring when that musician is a child. With that, we’ve compiled a gallery of videos of 11 amazing kids and their instruments … enjoy!

Sungha Jung (9 yrs):
If you search for “Sungha Jung” on YouTube, you’ll find several videos featuring this young guitarist; however, the video below is perhaps the most special of all because it’s one of his oldest. Yes, this is just a nine-year-old Jung playing a totally amazing arrangement that has him playing rhythm, bass and melody, all at the same time!

Emily Bear (7 yrs):
At an age when most of her peers are likely still crudely pounding out the melody of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, 7-year-old Emily Bear is already composing her own music and performing at prestigious places, such as The White House. Look at her go!

Ethan Bortnick (6 yrs):
Acting as Emily Bear’s male counterpart, Ethan Bortnick is another piano prodigy. However, he separates himself by being the youngest musician ever to have his own PBS Concert. It makes sense, too – he’s not just a piano player but, as you can see, he’s quite the entertainer as well.


Brianna Kahane (6 yrs):
While most six-year-olds are singing the wrong words to the latest pop song on the radio, young Brianna Kahane is nailing Vivaldi by memory. While her tone might need a little bit of refining, it’s safe to say that she already has the innate swagger of a star!

Elonoe Budiman (3 yrs):
Elonoe Budiman may not be stepping into a recording studio as a session drummer just yet, but the fact that this kid from Indonesia is keeping a beat on a full drum kit, at just three years old, is beyond amazing!

North Korean Kids (ensemble):
Perhaps one of the more bizarre videos of the bunch, here is a group of very young children from North Korea, playing with precision. There’s no denying that they’re talented, however, it looks like they were trained to smile rather than actually enjoying the moment.

Aidan Powell (8 yrs):
Attitude is everything. Sure, Aidan Powell doesn’t have the virtuoso talent that these other kids possess, but you can tell he loves what he’s doing!

Richard Hoffman (3 yrs):
Richard Hoffman may not be the best piano player on this list but at three years old, he definitely has some talent. In fact, illustrating just how young he actually is, notice that he is still learning his colors, simultaneously with the notes. Very clever!

Melissa Venema (13 yrs):
While she is the oldest musician on this list, Melissa Venema and her brilliant trumpet playing are no less impressive. This video captures a 13-year-old Melissa, but her career started at the age of eight, when she was discovered and trained by Frits Damrow, a world-famous trumpeter.

Akim Camara (5 yrs):
Last but certainly not least is the amazing Akim Camara. At just five years old, this young musician was a featured instrumentalist in Andre Rieu’s orchestra for a special concert in New York City. As you can see, the crowd liked him before he even played a single note – then, when he began, they loved him.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of amazing young musicians and their instruments. Above all, we hope it has inspired you to pick up a new instrument or stick with the one you’ve already got. It’s never too early – or too late – to inspire a love of music.

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