What the iPhone 5 Means for Musicians

iPhoneThe duel between Android and iOS fanatics doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but Apple is certainly making headlines this week with the announcement of the iPhone 5, set for release later this month.

As technology improves and new products are launched, musicians of all types can benefit from the various music apps and programs available, bringing the world of music right to your fingertips. Want to quickly look up a guitar chord chart for A minor? There’s an app for that. Looking for an easy way to manage a busy schedule of music lessons and band practice? Yup, there’s an app for that, too. Who knew technology would take us this far?

Apple seems to be running the music-tech race at this point; with the iPhone 5 launch, the company now offers a total of six devices that run music apps. Music was also an underlying theme of the official unveiling event yesterday, featuring a closing performance by the Foo Fighters.

So, aside from all the hype, what changes to the iPhone model will really make a difference to the modern-day musician? Here are a few points to consider…

– Faster processor: Obviously, the newer A6 processor will offer faster response time, meaning quicker loading and less lag time for music-making apps (like the much-hyped gTar), samplers and games. And with the iPhone’s compatibility with LTE, music streaming overall will also be faster.

– EarPods: Apple has redesigned and rebranded their signature earphones as “EarPods,” promising better quality sound and a better fit in your ear. Can’t argue with better quality!

– Overall improved audio: EarPods aside, Apple has upgraded all of the audio for the iPhone, including the microphone and speakers. If you like using your phone to record your practice sessions, you’ll now have a clearer and richer sound to listen back on.

– Changes to YouTube app: With so many music fans using YouTube to listen to music nowadays, it’s only fitting that they amp up the features. Although the new iOS system won’t come preloaded with YouTube like it used to, the app available in the iTunes store will have enhanced social sharing and music discovery features, as well as more content available. The only downfall? You’ll have to sit through the advertising that Apple banned on its pre-installed program.

– Updated iTunes: The new version of iTunes is said to include an improved iCloud platform, a more user-friendly library interface, and a tighter integration with Facebook for social sharing.

So what do you think? Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 5? Which music app or program do you find most beneficial as a musician? Leave your comments below, or stop by our Facebook page to share with the community!

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