3 thoughts on “Preparing for a Drum Audition: Cruise Ship Musician Gig

  1. Hi. I am wanting to make an audition for Cruise Ships, so I need to ask you which books or material can you recommend me for improving and fastening sight reading? (I have already some big band playing experience, but I need more speed-reading).
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Martin,
      Hmm, good question! I’ll reach out to Andrew, our drum teacher who wrote this piece, and will post his recommendations when I get them.

  2. Hi Martin!
    Playing in big bands, which typically use charts, is the best way to get experience. As far as drum books, I would highly recommend the Groove Essentials books by Tommy Igoe (both volumes). These offer real world charts and play along in many styles and I use them often in lessons. Good luck!

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