5 Impressive YouTube Drummers

Last weekend, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl received a pair of drumsticks that no other drummer has owned before – the World’s Largest Drumsticks, actually, clocking in at 23-feet, 900-pounds each. The music world is no stranger to setting Guinness World Records, and come on… who wouldn’t want 900-pound drumsticks?

Grohl’s achievements got us thinking about the best drummers of all time – Carl Palmer, Buddy Rich, John Bonham and tons of other musicians have made a huge impact on the industry. But what about the up-and-comers, the unsigned and unknown (until now)?

Inspired by the most recent upload of this talented 6-year-old rocking out to the Foo Fighters, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best YouTube Drummers out there. Enjoy!

1. This guy below, Cobus Potgeiter, is definitely a YouTube star if we’ve ever seen one. His videos have amassed millions of views, and he’s shown off his impeccable talent over popular songs ranging from Avenged Sevenfold to Michael Jackson to Skrillex.

2. Who needs an actual drumset when you have buckets and an empty street?

3. Annoyed that your drumset isn’t portable enough?  Try this one on for size.

4. The next time you’re struggling with mastering a rudiment, think about this guy, rocking out with no hands. Definitely impressive.

5. This 3-year-old has a long career ahead of him. Keep it up!

Readers, what other YouTube sensations did we miss?  Share your favorites with the community – leave a comment below, or stop by our Facebook page to leave a link!



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