We’ve Got Your Back: Proper Posture for Drummers

drumsetAs a drummer, you may find yourself sitting for long periods of time during practice sessions and performances. And something you’ll find with experience is that remembering correct posture can make a world of difference – not only to your playing, but to your overall health!  Since your ligaments are your tools, your technique will take a hit if you end up with cramps or another injury.

Without healthy habits, drummers are susceptible to injuries such as tendonitis, tinnitus, blisters and other ailments. So before you let back pain “cramp” your style, keep these two important things in mind as you play: (1) Adjust your seat, and then (2) sit straight.  Here’s what we mean…

(1) Adjust your seat.

Your stool or seat should always be adjusted according to your height and build. Everyone is different, and there isn’t a “correct” height to go from, but you should be able to sit naturally without leaning backward or having to learn forward to reach the bass drum pedal. Your thighs should be slightly pointing downwards, helping to create a sense of overall balance. Your drum teacher can help you get a feel for what is natural and what will work for you.

(2) Sit straight.

When you’re seated at your drumset, take note if you’re hunching over and go back to step #1!  Your spine should be straight and upward, which will put less strain on your lower back. If you’re used to slouching, this may take some practice, but making sitting straight a habit will definitely help your playing.  When you’re leaning difficult techniques or rudiments, you’ll be glad not to have any aches and pain due to poor posture – trust us!

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