Soup’s Up! How to Turn Lunch Into An Orchestra

CNN reported this week that for the first time in history, digital music sales officially surpassed physical sales in 2011.  Anyone surprised?

The role of technology in the music industry has been continually expanding, and it seems like we’ve been heading in that direction for some time.  Even if you still prefer to purchase the physical CD, it’s hard to ignore the growing market of music apps and music sharing websites – not to mention artists like Radiohead and others who jumped on the digital download bandwagon.

If you’re on technology overload, however, maybe it’s time to slow down a bit.  Head to your local Farmer’s Market, pick up a few vegetables, and you’ve got yourself an orchestra.

Yes, the idea sounded crazy to us too – until we heard about Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra.  This group takes creativity to the next level, forming their instruments by drilling carrots into recorders, zucchinis into trumpets, and much more. According to their website, past instruments have included carrot, leek, celery root, artichoke, dried pumpkin, and onion skin.  If you’re looking for a saxophone, their “cucumberphone” fills the part, consisting of a hollowed-out cucumber, a red bell pepper on one end, and a carrot forming the reed.  Since each instrument only lasts one day, the musicians gather before each performance to prepare their masterpieces.  As an added bonus, the audience gets a bowl of fresh vegetable soup after each concert. Sounds delicious to us!

Take a look at the video below to see these musicians work their magic:

Readers, what do you think of these musicians – crazy, or genius?

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