5 Things To AVOID For Aspiring Musicians

If you’re an aspiring musician, you’ve most likely researched all of the great advice to reaching your goals – build a strong network, and of course, practice! – but what are some things you should avoid?  While those are great “Do’s”, we found some great “Don’ts” on Audio-Sounds.com and thought it was important enough to pass along.  Check out just a few things to avoid here:

1. Stress. Yes, stress! Stress causes fatigue and fatigue is a no-no for a musician because it can affect your voice.  It can block your mind and hinder you from being creative.  Lastly, you can’t function very well under stress, and this means you can’t produce or process things normally.

2. Procrastinating. This is very important – a musician is all about inspiration, and procrastinating is not a very good habit to have when you suddenly get inspired.  When that creativity hits, get to work!

3. Not setting goals. Goals are what motivate people and drive them to wherever or whatever they want to achieve. By not setting goals you are asking for a career suicide.

4. Not doing anything to become known. If you are an indie or underground musician, you should start working on getting your name out there – every famous musician was unknown at one point!  Applying for gigs is one good way of promoting yourself.

5. Giving up. No matter how many trials and errors or how many unsuccessful song you have made, if you are a true musician, you will never give up.  Instead, you will strive to create a name for yourself and a genre of your own.

Readers, what do you think?  What other things are YOU avoiding along your musical path?

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