Inspiration: We’re sharing ours with you. Who are you sharing yours with?

Be InspiredThe following post was submitted by one of our team members, Chris Waldron. Chris is one of our Directors here at TakeLessons and is truly an inspirational leader. Chris spends a great amount of time working with all of our music teachers to keep them informed, excited and motivated to be the best teachers they can be. We always value his encouragement and drive in the office and now it’s time to share a sample of it with all of you!

Chris writes:


When using Google to search for the term “inspiration,” 92,300,000 searches come up.  When I search oxygen, 70,700,000 results come up.  If these results were an indicator of importance, that means inspiration is more important to us than oxygen.  Obviously in the real world that is not true.  However, as humans we have a strong attraction to things that inspire us.

The first time I felt inspired to achieve success in life happened during my college years.  I was paying for my own school as a knife salesman.  My sales were not spectacular and I had not yet learned the art of selling.  I had a book suggested to me The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman that I think changed my perspective on life.  It drove me to look beyond my obstacles and to remain inspired even when faced with adversity.  To this day I continue to take this approach.

The reason why I am sharing this with you is because all of you have the opportunity and the responsibility to inspire others.  Recently I attended a Pearl Jam concert where Eddie Vedder invited his original music teacher on stage to jam with them.  I thought that was awesome of him to show appreciation for someone who influenced his life.  Most students will not make it to the level of success that Eddie Vedder has, but that does not make them any less important as students.  Dreams are important and I encourage all of you to remember back to when you were first introduced to music and what a profound impact it had on you.  Share that feeling with a new music student or friend and if you personally teach music, remind students at the beginning of a lesson why they are there.  Have the vision and the commitment that they maybe don’t have for themselves yet.


See what we mean? We are so lucky to have someone like Chris on our team. Thanks to all of his encouraging words, it’s no wonder the TakeLessons team is so  happy, hardworking, driven, enthusiastic…we could go on for days!

Don’t you think we look inspired??

The TakeLessons Team

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