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In a world of pointless status updates (“ahhh, cake”) and spammy get rich quick schemes (“learn about THIS teeth whitening secret!”), Twitter can actually be used for actual networking. It’s true. In fact, about a month ago, we were lucky to meet Jeremy Brieske, founder of gearpipe.org via Twitter. In a tweet, Jeremy proposed that “music education needs it’s own Twitter hashtag… #MusicEd” and we happily followed suit and started communicating back and forth.

Through communication and research, we learned that gearpipe.org’s mission is to “mobilize musicians and music lovers to donate to music education charities, thereby supporting and giving back to a new generation of musicians.”  As a music lessons provider, we strongly support this mission and wanted to give Jeremy props for creating such an awesome site with such a meaningful purpose.

Each month, gearpipe.org teams up with a musical instrument retailer and a musical education charity and donates a percentage of sales from gearpipe.org users to that month’s charity. They work with their retail partners to ensure the process is easy for the users and that all proceeds are donated to the correct charity.

This month, the featured charity is DonorsChoose.org and the retail partner is American Musical Supply. September’s charity was Little Kids Rock and the retail partner was Musician’s Friend.

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You can find lots of other neat things on the site as well including Jeremy’s bio and a blog & podcast page which recently featured TakeLessons CEO Steven Cox (shameless plug).

Be sure to check out our music site of the week, gearpipe.org, to see what they are all about. And if you know of someone looking to purchase musical instruments or accessories, direct them there for their purchase so they can give back to music education while stocking on supplies.

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