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Popular Guitar Teachers Near Winnetka

Molly W.

Encino, CA
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Rob L.

Valley Village, CA
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Emerson W.

Woodland Hills, CA
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Molly W. Encino, CA

I teach young children using fun songs and games and the Suzuki method of classical guitar technique. I also teach adults and specialize in classical guitar as well as folk genres of Latin America and the Americas. I emphasize good posture, tone and musicality, and always a high level of enjoyment with the process!

About Molly

A lover of cats, kids, and music, I started taking Suzuki violin lessons at age six, finishing all ten books before the end of high school. I added guitar, guitar variants such as ukulele, cuatro, and tiple, and percussion during my Masters degree in Ethnomusicology at U.T. Austin and began teaching world music, piano, and theory at L.A. Trade Tech College in 2002. I performed for several years with the Cal Arts Balinese gamelan, Burat Wangi and moved to New York to perform with the local chamber pop ensemble Kotorino in 2008. It was there that I started teaching individual lessons on violin and guitar before moving back to my natal LA to take the Suzuki book 1 training with Liz Arbus. I have many years of experience performing in world and pop music ensembles and have a deep love for ...


Virginia C. January 21, 2014
Verified Student
A fan of Molly

Our kids ( ages 4 and 7) have been taking guitar and violin lessons from Molly in our home in Woodland Hills. I can not express how wonderfully skilled and professional Molly is, always arriving on time and prepared. She engages our children at their level and understands the need to incorporate play with the younger kids. Most importantly, Molly has an extra-ordinary way of showing kids how to love music while teaching them the foundations of music. We enjoy working with Molly and would love to have her teach music to our family for many years to come.
Ellen B. December 3, 2013
Wonderful musician and kind person

I've sung with Molly for a couple of years now, and she is a wonderful musician, a kind person, and a delight to work with. She knows how to keep things fun while also working to accomplish goals. She loves kids, loves teaching kids, and works hard to be sure that they love learning music. I can recommend her for teaching any instrument or music theory to anyone.
Elena D. November 5, 2013
Great with kids, calm, focused and fun

I have been working with Molly for 8 years, in her first music project "B is for Baroness", and recently playing and writing songs with her for the music project "Peach & Knife". She is an amazing and talented violinist, singer and composer, and being a beautiful soul, she is a great teacher, particularly with kids. Calm, creative and passionate about learning from everyone, her students as well and the professionals she encounters on her path.
I highly recommend her. I believe her positive and fun attitude can really nurture beginner students as well as more experienced musicians.
Rob L. Valley Village, CA

About Rob

Hey Everyone! I’m Rob!
I’m an instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience. I studied writing and received my
B.A. at the University of Florida and received a Certificate with a concentration in Songwriting and Performance at Berklee School of Music in Boston.
I remember so fondly learning guitar when I was younger. I sucked! But I loved it so much I played all the time. And in no time I was playing songs on the radio that I loved. As a teacher, I completely understand the learning curve and have tricks to help you out in those difficult times. Lessons with me are constructed from scratch and tailored to exactly what you want to learn. If you are training to get into a college program, or preparing for a show, or just looking to learn the instrument, I will bring ...


Jeff F. January 6, 2013
Fantastic Teacher, Fantastic Person!!!

Robby is a phenomenal guitar teacher and player. From Music Theory to basic chord progressions he has single handedly taught me how to play the guitar. He kept me challenged and engaged and wanting more at all times. I highly recommend Robby if you are looking to pick up a guitar for the first time or get out of a guitar funk after 3 years! You will learn a lot and pick up a friend along the way.
Emerson W. Woodland Hills, CA

I want to make sure my students have a good time learning guitar but I also want to make sure they learn a lot..! I always make sure to ask my students what they want to learn and what their favorite music is... after that, I figure out what type of lessons to plan out.

About Emerson

Ever since I received my first drum set from my family at age 8 I've been studying and playing percussion and drums. Immediately it became one of my passions in life.
In elementary school I expanded my musical circle and met friends who I still play music with today. I played drums for bands in elementary school, middle school and high school, including the school jazz ensembles and marching band. In my senior year of high school I joined Camerata (advanced boys & girls choir) as a tenor. I have also been part of various orchestras, concert bands, alternative, rock, jazz, and even metal ensembles with original music. Some of the notable bands I've performed with and/or still perform with are: Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra of California, San Fernando Valley Symphony, Los ...

Peter D.

Studio City, CA
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Tarzana, CA
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Daniel G.

San Diego, CA
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Peter D. Studio City, CA

I teach all the basics, as well as rhythm strum patterns, chord progressions, lead lines, scales, and also learning how to play songs - and don't forget improvisation!

About Peter

I have taught and helped hundreds of students - of all ages - to make learning music an exciting process, and helping them achieve their goals. I specialize in teaching piano, songwriting, composition, and music theory. I am part of a music production team that develops emerging artists in the music industry, as well as composes music for film and TV.

For more seasoned students, I help them to hone in on a musical path that best suits them, whether it be soloist, composer, accompanist, songwriter, etc: My teaching style involves technique, theory, ear training, sight-reading, music history, and performance, with the goal of creating solid, well-rounded musicians.

Over the last five years I have studied with various professors, both in the classroom and ...


Cary F. June 28, 2014
Piano · In home
Peter has been very thorough in his teachings with our children. He has given them well rounded/comprehensive lessons that has included music theory, rhythm and just a general understanding of the musicality needed to perform a song.

Being that I am a musician myself, that studied at the University of North Texas, I can be very critical of most musicians but especially teachers that work with my kids. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone that is looking for a teacher that teaches more than just notes on a page.

Cary Floyd
Jon C. July 18, 2013
Contagious Energy, Passion, Fun, and Creativity.

Peter has taught our oldest son for about 2 years and our younger for half a year. Both have enjoyed being able to quickly play recognizable tunes, and the oldest has progressed to playing more difficult and even beautiful pieces.

I appreciate Peter's flexibility to let the students find their style and begin developing their own preferences by letting them choose among numerous potential recital pieces. It builds their confidence and makes them feel like partners in the experience--the very opposite of the stereotypical stern piano teacher.

He also has a great sense of humor. So in any session with my kids I overhear him striking a nice balance between focus and firmness where needed, yet it's frequently punctuated with encouraging high fives and good-natured laughter. He sometimes bets them on whether they can meet a stretch goal and he seems perfectly happy to fork over the 50 cents (or whatever) when they can reach it.

I especially appreciate his preserving some time for composition to allow the kids to cultivate any creative impulses and more deeply understand the structure of music. My youngest broke into a frenzy of writing several tunes after hearing about Peter working on a composition with his older brother. I can't imagine this would have even occurred to him if Peter didn't create this encouraging environment to not just play music, but dare to write it. He sets a great example here by including his own creative works in the recitals, exemplifying both creativity and his strong playing.

Another benefit is the structure he brings with the master classes, and the informal recitals, building up to the more formal ones. The master class he patterned after a collegiate setting, an innovative adaptation to younger students that makes our guys feel like they're part of the greater music scene, where they can critique each other as peers with other kids under Peter's guidance. This gives them something to aim for with enough pacing yet informality that it doesn't overwhelm them, but keeps them progressing. This variety also creates different settings for our boys to learn and perform beyond the formal lessons at home. The master class has not only created a very stimulating learning environment, but has exposed them to a warm community of fellow students whom they sometimes meet separately, such as to prepare duets.

Recently he recognized our oldest son with a certificate for most improved, an example of the more formal type of acknowledgement that helps keep the kids motivated to keep trying. But what motivates them the most is Peter's enthusiastic and contagious energy and love of music. It's clearly his life's work and his creativity inspires.

Beware parents: If you have an interest or an inkling to play yourself, Peter's enthusiasm and encouragement may very well win you over to start--or get back into it. And you'll be glad you did. He's allowed me to resume piano by accompanying my son on duets. And he's indulged my many questions on how to play and lead my sons more effectively. As a result, I've experienced the greatest joy making music with my sons!

Thank you, Peter!
Elizabeth L. July 5, 2013
Great Teacher; Truly Inspiring

Peter has been teaching piano to my daughter for the past 8 months and Voice/Guitar to my son for over a year. He has a wonderful ability to engage my children while teaching them the fundamentals of music. We have had other music teachers but it wasn't until we hired Peter that my kids actually started looking forward to their lessons and practicing at home. I so appreciate all the effort he puts into his work, the weekly lessons and periodic recitals and master classes. He does a great job because he cares about music, his students, and sharing his passion.
ELENA D. Tarzana, CA

I teach young children using fun songs, games and classical guitar technique. I also teach adults and specialize in contemporary guitar. I welcome many styles of music, pop, rock, as well as folk genres of Latin America. I emphasize good posture, tone and musicality, and always a high level of enjoyment with the process!


Music is my life and my biggest passion. I've been a working musician and a teacher for several years and there's nothing more rewarding than sharing all I've learned so far with my students, to nurture their goals and aspirations and to make them aware of the great instrument they already possess.

Here's more about me and my education:
I was born and raised in Italy and have been singing since I was a child but started a formal training during my teenage years with a private coach. During college, while studying Psychology at the University of Florence, I attended 2 different private music schools in Florence and Bologna, since it was not possible at the time to study music in College. There I kept studying vocal technique, solfege, classical guitar and ...


Marybell E. November 10, 2014
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Elena is great! She help my daughter feel comfortable and she is learning so much from her lessons.
Frank V. September 23, 2014
Singing · In home
Our kids love Elena, my wife and I have know her for a few years. She has taken our two boys from no musical ability to being able to sing beautifully. Now they love doing it, they have some opportunities to sing at school and the oldest (14) keeps talking about having his own band when he grows up! I didn't know she did guitar lessons as well, but another friend of ours started taking guitar lessons (in her 40s, I should add) and she's enthusiastic about it. Teaching is a gift that Elena certainly has! We highly recommend her.
Veronica C. September 9, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio
As someone who has taken guitar lessons on and off for the past 10 years it was very refreshing to have a teacher like Elena. She provides great instruction, patience and enthusiasm for her craft. I enjoy the lessons and see an improvement in my playing. I highly recommend her for beginnings and for those looking to enhance their skills.
Daniel G. San Diego, CA

FUN!!! Learning guitar should be fun! I teach electric and acoustic guitar in a fun way. The exercises that I have you do are not boring, they are actual songs that you get better and better at playing.
I mix up the lessons and your practice with a combination of scales that can turn into instant leads, cords and the combination of cords that make up a family called a "key". I teach a variety of strum and picking patterns and styles, from folk to reggae to rock. The latest thing in playing melodies is tablature, I teach that, but I also believe that you need to be able to play regular notes as well. Best of all, you do not have to be a great lead guitarist to be a star, and if you want to sing while you play I can definitely teach you that!

About Daniel

I am willing to travel to you all over San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Music should be fun and lessons should focus on what you want to do with your improved abilities. Some students want to sing better in school choir or musical programs. Some are trying to sing or play guitar for Church or Synagogue. Others have their eye on Disney careers, rock/pop bands, in short being professionals. What is your dream? I will help you move closer to reaching that dream!!! I am a graduate of USD with a B.A. in Philosophy. I also hold a Masters degree, Teaching Credential Curriculum from Chapman University, Doctoral Studies at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. I studied voice, guitar and piano classes beginning in grade school, high school, college and ...

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