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Popular Online Painting Teachers

Jisun K.

San Diego, CA
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Stephanie B.

Santee, CA
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Larry C.

San Diego, CA
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Jisun K. San Diego, CA

Subjects Taught

Abstract Painting, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Algebra, Algebra 1, Drawing, ESL, Flute, Korean, Oil Painting, Painting, Photography, Watercolor Painting

About Me


Stephanie B. Santee, CA

Subjects Taught

Drawing, Oil Painting, Painting

About Me

There is nothing better than the feeling I get when I step back from my easel and am amazed at what I have created and I believe that anyone can have that feeling for themselves. Visual art is a muscle that can be trained; all it takes is direction and consistent practice. I provide the direction and teach how to use the proper tools and applications for the medium and desired result. You provide the enthusiasm and passion to create the consistency.
Gone are the days of boring art class from school where you bring home an unrecognizable lump of clay for your mom. I believe that art lessons should be dynamic and fun. My lessons are tailored around your interests and I can use the styles you love to teach the fundamental lessons of line, color, chiaroscuro (using light and dark to create the illusion of three dimensions) and perspective.
If it isn't fun, why do it?

Larry C. San Diego, CA

Subjects Taught

Abstract Painting, Drawing, Graffiti, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

About Me

depending on the need

Sky G.

Brooklyn, NY
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John H.

San Diego, CA
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Jan L.

Norwich, CT
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Sky G. Brooklyn, NY

Subjects Taught

Baseball, Basketball, Oil Painting, Painting

About Me

I played basketball for multiple colleges and continue to play and coach whenever possible. I have extensive experience with children and teens but would love to coach adults that want a lesson!
I have been painting for years and sold my paintings but have found it is an expensive hobby. I love to share my knowledge and experience the beauty of art with others as well as enhance their abilities to create pieces they'll love!

John H. San Diego, CA

Subjects Taught

Abstract Painting, Acoustic Guitar, Drawing, Oil Painting, Painting, Songwriting

About Me

I was born into poverty in the mountains of West Virginia in 1971. My Grandparents raised me alongside six of their daughters and one son. A small house filled with 10 people meant that we never had much food or space. The environment to which I was born created a debilitating introversion that plagued me during my youth. To say I was "shy" would be a monumental understatement! Creating Artwork, coupled with my love of nature, gave me a voice when I had no words

In my late teens I found that by challenging myself to reach out when my introversion was closing me in, I could achieve things that seemed unimaginable to me just years before. College, travel, performing – they were all such impossible dreams. But those dreams just wouldn’t fade. At age 20, I was accepted to Berea College, in Berea, KY, a college where low-income students with promise can attend tuition-free. Art had given me a voice, and now it had given me a path to education.

Being the first, and only member of my family to ever achieve such a feet, I was determined to use my time in college to the fullest. And so I did! After my freshman year, I traveled to Florence, Italy to study Art and Italian Culture for the summer. It was a trip that would change my life! Prior to traveling to Italy, I rarely left the small region I was from. I had never seen the ocean. I had never been on a plane. All of that changed in the summer of 1992 when I swallowed my fears and grabbed hold of a dream.

While walking along the Arno River in Florence, I could practically hear Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo speaking to me, encouraging me (oddly, in English!). I could feel the Artistic energy that flowed from past to present and into me. I imagined walking the same path the great Artists had. I had never been so inspired to create. Painting, sculpture, printmaking, music, poetry, photography – all things creative called to me after that visit to Italy. I felt truly alive for the first time in my life. I had broken through that final shell of introversion - that shell that had kept me so safe and so sad for so long. All I could think was, “Thank you Leo, and thank you Mike!”

After college, and with a finite amount of time available outside of working in the environmental field, I left my Artistic side on the shelf, in favor of my musical self. For 10 years I focused my energies on three distinctive musical projects and rarely produced visual art outside of the occasional commissioned piece. That imbalance changed when my wife, Amy, and I moved from Kentucky to San Diego in early 2008. Once we settled in on the West Coast, I felt something I had not felt in quite a while: Artistic inspiration. I could have sworn that Leo and Mike were wagging their fingers at me, asking where I had been for so many years!

With my muse back, and the lovely, blue sky above me, I immediately thought back to what inspired me as a child: beauty in form, and beauty in nature. Having grown up around so many women and so many trees, it was only a matter of time before I combined them both into one. And the Art Nouveau style seemed a perfect way to do just that!

Through the years, I have come to realize one important thing about myself, no matter how many times I have ignored it: I was born to create. Born to create Art and born to create music. All those years I spent without a voice…and now I cannot seem to keep quiet! I created Harmon House Studios to allow me to explore all things creative...and the exploration is just beginning!

Jan L. Norwich, CT

Subjects Taught

Drawing, Meditation, Painting, Sculpture, Watercolor Painting

About Me

I was born to art. A pencil or crayon was my constant companion even as a young child. I loved and still love using colors well. Because I have learned to draw the human figure I can draw anything and make it look like it. But color is my favorite way of expressing myself. I love watercolors of all kinds including acrylics.
I am happy to teach you either in your own home or online via Skype. Painting and drawing are in some ways similar to meditation and I'll explain how and why and can teach you about yourself through your art. Because all our answers are ultimately inside us.

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