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Popular Singing Teachers Near Wilmette

Camille L.

Chicago, IL
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Wendy P.

Chicago, IL
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Sally O.

Chicago, IL
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Camille L. Chicago, IL

Do you love to sing? Do you want to learn more about the basics and fundamentals and get ready for karaoke, the coffee shop, an upcoming performance, or even plan and prepare a solo recital? I would love to work with you! I think a goal-driven student is the most successful, but that doesn't mean you have to have specific performances in mind. Goals can be small and personal as well as big and public! Let's get together and SING!

About Camille

I love to teach! I have been so fortunate to have some incredible teachers who have truly inspired a passion in me and it is my aim to be that to my students. I've taught all ages from 3 - 73 and I believe that everyone has a voice! I strongly encourage my students to learn to read music and I am more than happy to teach them how! Sight-reading, ear training, and a basic understanding of music theory are great ways to enhance your singing by becoming a more well-rounded musician. Lessons should be FUN! I believe in building a strong foundation in healthy technique, regardless of which style of music you prefer. Proper breathing, posture, and placement are all important but these things can all be learned in a creative environment. Whether you are looking for regular, weekly ...


PhyllisG November 16, 2011
Fantastic instructor. Enthusiastic, knowledgable and compassionate to what the student wants to work on. Love her!!
BerylM October 28, 2011
Carolines grandmother

Caroline is delighted with her lessons and loves her teacher.Caroline told me Camille is lovely and very encouraging she is happy to go for her lesson each week.
HeatherL2 September 15, 2011
Great Instructor!

Camille is a great teacher, by far one of the best I have met in any field of music. I would recommend her to the novice, the intermediate and the well experienced. I would (and have) recommend her to family and friends.Camille manages to speak to me like the professional musician that I am without over complicating things so much that my head spins. She is appropriately critical while still being very supportive. This allows me to learn and correct my mistakes without feeling like a failure. She has answers to every vocal question I have asked thus far. Her instruction is extremely clear and in depth. She is always prepared for her lessons and on time for practices. Five stars!
Wendy P. Chicago, IL

Singing of all kinds begins with healthy vocal technique. Learning the correct warming up and use of the voice and breath is essential for a career in singing with any longevity. I use a combination of classical (bel canto) and contemporary styles of singing to bring out the best in each student's voice. We will work on breathing, range, voice blending, resonance, flexibility, projection and articulation. I am excellent at diagnosing and resolving vocal issues, as well as teaching students to connect to their material and sing with ease and expression.

About Wendy

I am a professional singer, songwriter and actor working in the Chicago area for many years. I have a B.F.A. in Theater/Voice from The University of Kansas and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago. I've been teaching private vocal instruction since 2003: I host the Singer's Salon in Chicago, a unique and supportive venue for singer's to become more comfortable performing before an audience. I also instruct workshops for vocal technique and performance. For the past 10 years I was the lead singer for The Red Apples, an acoustic roots band that performs an eclectic mix of rock, swing, blues, country and jazz. I also have a cabaret/art song project consisting or original material with composer Jaroslaw Golembiowski. As a singer and actress I have ...


Ron W. August 8, 2014
Acting · In studio
Verified Student
Wendy is well connected to the theater in scene in Chicago. She currently helping my son prepare for college theater programs. Her knowledge, experience and flexibility are very helpful.
Claire E. January 21, 2014
Professional, Effective, and Challenging Lessons

Wendy is probably the most professional and talented voice teacher I have worked with in my time singing. She was able to quickly diagnose and help me begin to address difficulties I was having, but was also very proactive in helping me find repetoire that I enjoyed and that meshed well with my voice and my musical interests. She is extremely knowledgeable about the mechanics of singing, as well as the interpretation of song, and really challenged me to think through my singing in a way I hadn't before. Thanks!
Julie S. November 29, 2013
I strongly recommend Ms. Parman for those looking to enjoy the process while making real gains.

Having taken both group and private lessons with Wendy Parman, I believe that Ms. Parman is an invaluable voice coach to casual and professional singers alike. She knows how to bring out the talent in her clients, and will helps bring out the best in each student through very personalized instruction. Along with a degree in music and vast performing experience, she brings sensitivity towards her clients as she individuates each lesson.

Through the lessons and workshops with Ms. Parman, I have seen a great improvement in my singing voice, the deepening of greater stage presence with ease, and I have grown in my confidence as a singer. She quickly got to know my vocal range and ability and handpicked songs and exercises that helped me develop. I got expert advice on expanding my vocal range and left each lesson with solid techniques I could use to practice on my own. She challenged me to push through what was in my way and I got results.

As her student, I have performing opportunities as she organized two events per month in a casual, supportive yet professional setting. (Singer’s Salon & Singer’s Spotlight) How else can you practice before a live audience and stretch in this area?!

I found her to be flexible with days and times for our lessons, as my schedule changes from month to month. And thankfully, she was willing to travel to my house or at other times we met in her studio.

I strongly recommend Ms. Parman for those looking to enjoy the process while making real gains!!
Sally O. Chicago, IL

Sally is a professional classical singer in the Chicago area. An Atlanta native, she holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Georgia State University and a Master of Music degree from The University of Arizona. A lifelong musician, she has experience in many styles including classical piano, classical voice, and Broadway-style voice.

Sally has been seen in numerous productions around the country, including Carmen, Candide, Annie, The Marriage of Figaro, The Wizard of Oz, Suor Angelica, The Grand Duke, and many others.

Lessons with Sally are always fun and engaging! No "mean music teacher" here! The skills that we learn through music study go well beyond playing an instrument or singing. Sally cultivates not only musical skill, but perseverance, working though problems, and self-confidence. Students will build their knowledge of music theory and sight reading through the repertoire. Vocal health is emphasized, but lessons are tailored to each students desires and ...

About Sally

Sally is a professional classical singer in the Chicago area. An Atlanta native, she holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Georgia State University and a Master of Music degree from The University of Arizona. A lifelong musician, she has experience in many styles including classical piano, classical voice, and Broadway-style voice.

Sally has been seen in numerous productions, including Candide, Annie, The Marriage of Figaro, The Wizard of Oz, Suor Angelica, and many others.

Lessons with Sally are always fun and engaging! No "mean music teacher" here! The skills that we learn through music study go well beyond playing an instrument or singing. Sally cultivates not only musical skill, but perseverance, working though problems, and self-confidence. Students will build ...


DimpleB March 6, 2009
She is a very nice teacher

Serena P.

Chicago, IL
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Tasha K.

Evanston, IL
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Tricia S.

Skokie, IL
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Serena P. Chicago, IL

Any type of singing you've been hoping to do, I can help. Whether you're singing at your friend's wedding, auditioning for a vocal ensemble, or just want to rock at karaoke, I'm here!

About Serena

Now teaching in-person singing and acting lessons in Chicago, as well as online to anyone in the country!

Serena is originally from the New York City area and has been acting, singing, dancing, and playing piano since she was young. As a teenager, she attended the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan and went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. While she was there, she realized her love of teaching when she tutored struggling piano and music theory students.

In Chicago, her credits include: The Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Comedy of Errors, Macbeth, Jersey Shore: The Musical, Jack and the Beanstalk, Theatre of Women 6, Pirates of Penzance, Change the Night Owl, and two solo cabarets: ...


Jordan J. August 11, 2014
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
I've been singing in choirs for over 6 years and was looking for a way to get into singing in college, and I found Serena by a lucky chance and have seen her weekly since January - not only have my vocal skills and techniques improved considerably since then, but I've become a lot more confident in singing other genres.

Serena is a fantastic teacher and is very flexible with availability - she always tries to make the lessons work on your time, and as a full-time student juggling two jobs, that was exactly what I needed. Every lesson is great - it's a healthy mixture of singing, genuine conversation, and discussion of techniques and ways to become better at something I genuinely enjoy.

I would definitely recommend her to beginners and returning singers alike - she is extremely passionate about what she does, and it really pays off when you can confidently sing a brand new piece after having worked on it for just a few lessons!
Ruth J. May 10, 2014
Broadway Singing
Verified Student
Excellent Teacher

Serena has been an incredible influence on my 11year old thespian. She is always on time, positive, and she clearly communicates any changes or needs in an effective and timely manner. My daughter has improved significantly from her time with Serena and I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Kelly B. April 7, 2014
Verified Student
A patient and skilled instructor

I was so nervous about taking up piano again. My experience as a child had been less than stellar. Serena was exactly the instructor I had hoped for - she quickly assessed my ability and was able to adjust her teaching style/lesson accordingly. I was a bit nervous at first, but her patience helped me relax and enjoy the lesson.
Tasha K. Evanston, IL

learn how to use your voice, match pitch, and produce a variety of tone colors through the use of breath control and resonance.

About Tasha

Tasha is a classically trained soprano who enjoys singing and teaching all styles of music. As her student, you can expect lessons to be fun and stress-free. Tasha loves nothing more then helping people sing better and form a new love of music through singing. She will teach you fundamental singing techniques as well as how to blend drama and performance into your singing to create a rich creative experience. Tasha holds her M.M. in Voice Performance from Indiana University and her B.M. from Northwestern University.

*** Lesson Details ***
Tasha tailors her lessons to suit the needs of each individual student. Open communication is a key part of being in her studio. Ask questions. Tasha also believes that singing should always be fun. In fact, the better you get at singing, the more ...


Ben L. December 5, 2013
Excellent Voice Teacher

Tasha is by far the best voice teacher I have ever had. She makes even complicated music feel easy and fun. She also helped me make a recording!
Megan K. December 1, 2013
Verified Student
Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

Tasha is the best voice teacher I have had the opportunity to work with! She truly understands how to teach music - theory, performance, and voice. She is very willing to work with all schedules for lessons and dedicates herself to her students. I look forward to my lesson every week because of Tasha!
Tricia S. Skokie, IL

I am a mezzo-soprano who studied Classical and Mexican Folk voice styles. I have sang on many recordings starting in the early 80's both in English and Spanish. I like to teach my students how to produce a full volume, discover their voice, learn how to breath properly, have self-confidence, and love singing. Everyone can sing, some better than others, but the key is to discover what instrument you have and learn how to use it!

Celia Revere
Former Student

"Tricia is an awesome teacher, whose class I loved going to each week for many years. Learning from her at a young age inspired in me a lifelong love of singing and introduced me to wonderful music that I would not have otherwise been exposed to. Her fun and engaging instruction also gave me a basis for music theory and performance skills that have continued to serve me well throughout the rest of my musical and general education. I would highly recommend her classes."

About Tricia

Tricia S.
Founder of CATS-Creating Arts Together With Songs

Multi-instrumentalist/ Mezzo soprano/ Songwriter/ Music Integration Educator/ Performing & Recording Artist

Tricia S. a Chicago transplant originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, is the founder of CATS-Creating Arts Together With Songs, a music company for families teaching world music and music integration through performance, custom classes and residencies, and private lessons.
As an educator, Tricia S. worked with the Old Town School of Folk Music for seventeen years teaching Bilingual Wiggleworms, Coro de Las Americas, Latin Rhythms, Estudiantina, Romantic Songs in Spanish, Beginner Guitar in English and Spanish, and more.

Tricia also worked with Ravinia Festival's Outreach Discovery Program for over ...

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