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Popular Drum Teachers Near Washington

Keith J.

Falls Church, VA
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Fabio T.

Springfield, VA
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Raycurt J.

Washington, DC
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Keith J. Falls Church, VA

Subjects Taught


About Me

Keith is a seasoned world class drummer, a 3 Time Grammy Award winner as well as an Emmy award winning media producer; with a high degree of artistic and technical experience. He has over forty four years on-stage experience performing, developing and managing international artists. He has performed on stage and worked with world famous groups such as Starland Vocal Band, Billy Idol, Bob Seger, John Mayall, The Ventures, Buffalo Springfield Revisited (including Steve Stills and Neil Young), and many more!! Go to Keith's picture area to see pics of Keith with famous friends such as Van Halen!!

*** Lesson Details ***
You will learn to read drum music and/or write and play drum parts. You will learn snare drum technique and drum set skills. I have experience in the MUSIC BUSINESS, so students will learn not only about the MUSIC, but also about the BUSINESS should they have professional career related questions.

I have been around the world working with MAJOR famous recording artists touring out of Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

I teach 1/2 hour lessons and/or 1 hour lessons.

During each lesson, I give you plenty of material to practice over a week€™s time. WE WILL HAVE FUN.

Not many teachers in this area have my experience nor credentials. I love the drums more than anything and my enthusiasm should be evident during our lessons. Several of my students have gone on to major music colleges such as Berklee. One of my students is currently touring and working with Linkin Park.

When you take lessons from me, you will develop the skills to play in your school band with confidence, start your own band, or play at an advanced professional level.

I am great with young children as well as students of all ages. Additionally, I have experience with students requiring special needs.

I have all the patience in the world, remember, I was in your shoes years ago when I had a dream of learning how to play the drums !!!!


*** Studio Equipment ***
Large, private studio with all the equipment you will need to absorb the "pearls of wisdom" I will give you during your private one-on-one private lesson. Comfortable waiting room outside studio.

*** Specialties ***
Drum set technique, snare drum technique, reading studies. Rock, Country, Jazz, symphonic, marching band etc.

I teach both the MUSIC and the BUSINESS, for the aspiring or current professional.

Fabio T. Springfield, VA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Guitar

About Me

Fabio is an accomplished and experienced musician. Beginning with percussion at the age of 9, he has over 15 years rocking out behind the kit. He has played in many local bands and as well as some internationally. He is sought after for his wide variety of styles: Classic rock, Modern Rock, Alternative, Punk, Metal, Blues, Funk, and Latin. He is currently working on a Hard Rock project whom are finishing up some demos before they start gigging around the area.
Aside from drumming, Fabio has also been trained in classical and electric guitar, as well as Music theory, which he acquired while obtaining a BS Mechanical Eng/ and Acoustics.

*** Lesson Details ***
I believe it is important for a student to feel he/she is in a comfortable environment, which is why I tailor each lesson based on the student. I take into account not only natural talent and level of experience, but also progression and devotion. Whether the student is an adult looking to start a new and fun hobby, or a child with major aspirations to be come one of the greats, I can make sure either one gets the necessary instruction at a comfortable pace. Se Habla Espaol!

For beginning drummers, I like to start with fundamentals and light theory, and certain physical exercises (which help make the limbs independent of each other). I also like to get the student to familiarize themselves with the instrument. I start of with easy rhythms on a drum pad (usually from a beginners percussion book), and slowly work up to working with a high-hat, snare, bass drum configuration. Once you're ready for the fun stuff, we can start incorporating easy songs you've always wanted to play, and then start moving the difficulty level up and up. All in all I try to combine the fun that comes with playing along to the songs you love, with a strong foundation of fundamentals and theory which will help you progress faster but with ease. For students that have already had some experience either percussive or behind the kit, we can assess your level of experience and move from there.

For beginning guitarist, I begin by familiarizing the student with the instrument, and some very basic theory and tuning. We then move on to simple patterns to get those calluses on those finger tips. Then we start with chord charts and strumming rhythms. Followed by the fun stuff, which is actually playing a song. I am very open to my student's tastes and encourage them to bring in songs they would like to learn, because I when someone is familiar with a particular song, it can be almost as if your fingers naturally know what to do. I can teach both electric, classical acoustic, and steel acoustic guitars. For students who are further along, I like to assess their particular level first, and go on from there.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Drums: I provide a full kit, with necessary extras to for accompaniment. A stereo for playback, some recording equipment if needed. Books and necessary copies, although I encourage students to purchase their own instruction books. practice pad and extra sticks, music stand
Guitar: Amps, pics, stereo for playback, recording equipment, mics for non electric/acoustics, music stand.

*** Specialties ***
modern rock, classic rock, blues, metal, punk, alternative

Raycurt J. Washington, DC

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Dance, Drum, Fiddle, Jazz Dancing, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing, Speaking Voice, Viola, Violin

About Me

Raycurt J. aka "Fiddla", Violin-Viola-Voice-Piano-Rhythm-Dance and Event Productions.

Music is the universal communicator, educator, healer, and conflict mediator.
We naturally expose our children to music and ignite their awareness toi stimulate learning practices within. As a hobby or passion we discover the connecctions to all the simiular disciplines, such as, science and mathematics.

How to keep time, the ruler of motion in music.
Learn the basics of the music language and idioms of Jazz.
How to create melody, the syntax of song.
inspiration of effective practice.
Basics of Improvisation or Composition.

Native of Washington, D.C. began at the age of seven on the piano. Singing in church choirs and the D.C. Youth Chorale.
Began instruction on the Viola in the D.C. Youth Orchestra program.
Attended the Duke Ellington Performing Arts High School in it's inaugural year.

"Live", performance and producer of classical music concerts , recitals and celebratory events.

Recordings with artists throughout the U.S. and Europe. Presentations of jazz and classical ensembles with rotating artists for hire. With a variety of genres of music a formidable Violinist and Singer/Entertainer.

He has performed with notables such as Stevie Wonder,
Natalie Cole, Bette Midler, and Carmen Mac Cray.
Akademisches Festival Orchestra, Leipzig, Kammerorchester de St. Laurentius, in Dessau, Germany.
National Gallery of Art Orchestra, and the
American University Symphony.
Howard University Community Orchestra
La Fete Musique.
MTA-Music Under New York

*** Specialties ***
Ear training a must! Natural call and response rhythm and melody. Movement through music and the physique.

Thomas A.

Burtonsville, MD
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Sean D.

Hyattsville, MD
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Alan S.

Manassas, VA
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Thomas A. Burtonsville, MD

Subjects Taught


About Me

I have been playing drums for 45 years. The last 16 years I have been playing and performing professionally with my band Black Widow USA. We have toured the US several times in support of our two internationally released CDs. For about 30 years of my time behind a drum set I had given drum lessons on and off. But because of my super strong passion for the drums and my desire to share my knowledge of the instrument I decided to start teaching on a more regular basis. Although I can teach most styles of drumming I have been a die hard rock and roller most of my life. With my main influences on the instrument being Carmine Appice, Don Brewer from Grand Funk, John Bonham, Ian Paice from Deep Purple and for double bass Tommy Aldridge. So I really specialize in the old rock and roll, classic rock, hard rock and metal from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, all the way up to today's rock, metal and pop music. I believe my years of experience are valuable in relating to each students musical interests ,desires and accomplishments on the drums.

*** Lesson Details ***
I make sure that I find out from the get go what each and every new student likes musically and what they want to learn and how far they want to go on the drums. Then I try to tailor all the lessons to each students interests and abilities. Making sure that it's fun for them in the process. This can't be work or a chore or they won't stick with it. But I will say I do believe that every beginning student who has NEVER sat behind a kit before should know and start with the fundamentals ( the building blocks so to speak) of drumming such as holding the sticks, proper stick control and technique, and how to execute some important basic rudiments and keep good time. Also I think learning to read some drum notation is important so you know and understand what you are playing when you play it, but can teach by ear also. I can also teach double bass technique if a student is interested in that.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Works space w/two drum sets, one double-bass and one single. Instruction material (books, CDs, videos). Seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
If necessary to travel to a students home, they should have a drum kit there or at least a practice pad to get started on. I will bring sticks, a metronome if needed and the necessary instruction books for the lessons. Also willing to travel to a students home if they are just getting started and need help setting up their kit or need help tuning the drums.

*** Specialties ***
Mostly specialize in beginner to intermediate ages 7 and up teaching rock ( which includes old rock and roll from the 50's, blues), classic rock ( 60's and 70's) , hard rock and metal from the 80's all the way up to today's rock, pop and metal music. Believe it or not, it's all tied together. Let me show and teach you how.

Sean D. Hyattsville, MD

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Music Recording, Percussion

About Me

I love jamming, teaching, instructing, practicing, learning new songs, and I am always up for a challenge!

So about me,
I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH. My Father started playing the drums at an early age and started teaching me when I was about 12 years old. I've had over a dozen private instructors and grew up playing drums starting in Middle-school, through High-school as a "Band GEEK". In 7th grade I started playing with the school jazz band and readily learned "proper technique". In 8th Grade I was a "Ninja", or a "helper" for the High-school Marching Band. My freshman year I finally was apart of the drumline. Starting off as a Bass Drummer I made my way to the Snare line by my Junior year. In the High-school district (Mason, OH) we traveled around the country winning awards for the Winter Percussion Ensemble, and also played for MEPA, winning 7th In the World as a the (7th) best Drumline Ensemble out of thousands.

Also during High-school and after graduating I played with 3 different local bands (as a drumset player) covering metal, jazz, fusion, rock, progressive rock, christian rock, samba, funk, and various independent artists; and learning to mimic their playing styles; Terry Bozzio, Akira Jimbo, Marco Minnemann, Mike Portnoy, Vinnie Paul, Dave Lombardo, Dave Weckl, to name a few...

After Graduating High-school in 2002, I started to study Music Education in Three different colleges. Moving to Portland, OR I started off by studying "General Music" at Portland Community College Cascade, then transferred to Portland State University majoring in Percussion. After a full 2 years of both colleges I transferred to California State University Northridge to continue my studies in Percussion. While studying in school I was taught in Voice, Ear training, Sight reading, Harmony, Music Theory, Piano, and all Percussion instruments.

While living in California I played with a couple different local bands practicing, recording and also performed at the "Viper Room" in downtown Hollywood (owned by Johnny Depp). I also played as a back up drummer for a local Open-Mic night club in downtown Hollywood from 2007 through 2008.

In 2009, I moved back here to Portland, OR to reconnect with local Percussionists and to expand my interests as a drummer. I currently have a studio practicing and recording area in my apartment which allows me to post videos online and teach at my own leisure. Check me out! Thanks for your time!

*** Lesson Details ***
I currently am giving drumset lessons; where there is a bit variety of: ear training, rhythmic dictation, percussion, and metronomic time signatures while also learning how to read music!

Want to be able to learn how to back up an entire BAND? OR do you love to drive a BAND? OR do you just want to be amazing at drum solos? While also learning how to push yourself to the limit in all kinds of drumset styles? I am the one that CAN and WILL HELP!

Music is an expression, all it needs is someone to help them find it within themselves, and I am confident I can help you.

I provide step by step instruction and can teach you what you want to learn. I am patient and understanding. Music isn't about messing up and quitting, its about staying consistent and pushing yourself through boundaries and limits you never knew you had in you.

Some people say you have to have talent, but the reality is anyone can be taught its all about the right instructor.

Drum lessons:
I teach from Beginners to Advanced.
Learn to play with music, learn to read music, or just learn to hear it and play it!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Alesis DM10 Studio Kit

*** Travel Equipment ***
Percussion Mallets. Metronome.

*** Specialties ***
Drums and Percussion: Beginner. to Advanced

Reading Music. Time Signatures. Listening, and Playing by Ear. Technical Musicianship. Teaching from a few main books. (Ultimate Play-Along by Carmine Appice) (Garwood Whaley: Fundamental Studies For Mallets) (Bart Quartier: IMAGE)... just to name a few books.

Alan S. Manassas, VA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Percussion

About Me


Formal Study:
Associate in Arts Degree from Suffolk County Community College Long Island, New York and United States Air Force Band Careerfield at Scott AFB, Illinois and March AFB, California

Private Study:
Pete Heywood (Fifth Avenue Band- Reprise Records), Al Miller ( Cab Calloway), John Kasica (St. Louis Symphony), Bob Luther (Fairchild) and Bobby Dominguez (Russell Ferante of The Yellow Jackets).

Donati Orchestra, Jazz Street Station/5th Ave Band, Glasshouse (on the Spirit of Washington), Our Pleasure Top 40, NightShift, 3RDegree and presently now with Syncopated Nation.

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: *Appeared on "Merv Griffin Television", "Bob Hope Celebrity Dinner Show", "Caesar's Palace Las Vegas" and "Playboy Jazz Festival Los Angeles".
Performed under the baton of Henry Mancini ( TV & Movie Composer/Arranger: Peter Gunn, Pink Panther), Peter Matz (CBS Records Barbara Streisand/Chicago) and Mort Lindsey (Merv Griffin Show)

About In Home Drum Instruction:
We provide drum lessons in the convenience of clients™ homes with a registered business license since 1994. Top references given for quality instruction. We guarantee that the rate will never increase, ever!

Knowledge that the student is able to approach any style of music with confidence and take this with them into any area of study and performance.Taught students from elementary - high school for at least 6 years who were 1st or 2nd chair in their respective band programs and continue in music as a major or at least minor throughout college.

There is an art to drumming. It is an instrument heard in many styles of music. Students grades excel when studying any given instrument from the discipline of daily practice.

Satisfied a need for people whose family schedules were too complicated to have lessons outside their own home since 1994.

We offer beginner to advanced lessons. The styles we cover include:
Fusion, etc.

Lessons are built to be fun! Call or e-mail to find out more information.

Alan S. of
In Home Drum Instruction

Brands I professionally utilize:

Vic Firth Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, Gretsch / Pearl Drumsets, Zildjian / Sabian Cymbals, Lp Jamblock, etc.

*** Lesson Details ***
My interest as instructor is to always give the best lessons possible. In order to achieve this, "attendance" is a very important part of attaining this goal.

Lessons will "not" be pro-rated in cost due to students' absence for any reason (except family emergency). If instructor is unable to arrive for lesson, then adjustments will be applied.

"No long term contract" ...however, a "2 week notice" is required prior to "final lesson" when stopping lessons without additional charge.

If local roads are impassable due to severe weather conditions, lessons will be conducted over Phone or Skype during same scheduled lesson time on day in question.

Alan S.
In Home Drum Instruction - "Have Drum Will Travel" :)

*** Studio Equipment ***
5-piece Gretsch Drumset: Pearl free floating piccolo snare drum, power 10" & 12" mounted toms, 14" power floor tom, and 20" power bass drum. Mixture of Avedis Zildjian 20" medium ride cymbal, Avedis Zildjian 16" medium/thin crash cymbal, 14" Scimitar high hat cymbals, 12" Sabian Pro 8 cymbal, 12'" Wuhan china cymbal and LP stealth jam block.

*** Travel Equipment ***
5-piece Pearl Drumset: 6 & 1/2" metal snare drum, 12" & 13" mounted power toms, 16" power floor tom and 22" power bass drum. Mixture of 22" Avedis Zildjian medium ride cymbal, 16" Avedis Zildjian medium thin crash cymbal, 14" Avedis Zildjian high hat cymbals, and 21" Italian (dark) sizzle cymbal.

*** Specialties ***
Cover many styles including: Concert Percussion, Jazz Independence, Chart Interpretation for Big Band, Rock, Latin, Funk, Fusion as applied to drumset. Studies also available on Polyrythms and odd meter.

Percussion and Drum Lessons in Washington, DC

By Dan T. - DC Drums Teacher

Percussion has always fascinated me. During snack time as a child, I would trade rhythms with friends on table benches. When running laps for soccer practice, I would churn my body’s energy to the texture of wind through the trees; rhythms defined by awareness of immediate surroundings. This isn’t a specialized skill. As individuals, each person has a unique understanding of the world, and therefore, everyone has a personal background that can be brought to a collective foreground. That foreground is rhythm. The expression of that rhythm is percussion.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to express one’s rhythms; there is only expression. As a percussion instructor teaching drum lessons in Washington, DC, I find common ground on which I can ...

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