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Popular Speaking Voice Teachers Near Valley Village

Timothy C.

South Pasadena, CA
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Teri D.

Los Angeles, CA
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Mark H.

La Habra, CA
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Timothy C. South Pasadena, CA

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Opera Voice, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

With a BA in Music and Theater from Pepperdine University, and a M.M. and Graduate Certificate from the University of Southern California, Tim has been teaching voice professionally for almost a decade. While on a four year teaching fellowship at USC, Tim was named outstanding graduate of both the Vocal Arts Department and the Thornton Opera Program.

Tim is a member of the Los Angeles Opera Chorus, and has sung with numerous companies around the country, including Wolf Trap Opera, Mill City Opera, Fresno Grand Opera, Los Angeles Opera Outreach and Education, Jacaranda, Wild Up, Hollywood Master Chorale, and Aspen Opera Theater Center. Tim has also professionally produced/narrated over 40 audio books for

*** Lesson Details ***
I tailor each lesson to an individual student's current level of technical proficiency, goals for improvement, and desired repertoire. My teaching is based on the philosophy that each person possesses a unique and beautiful instrument, their voice, and through a series of technical exercises and new ideas, can learn to unlock their healthiest and most aesthetically pleasing matter the musical style or age of singer! The technique I teach is founded on the release of muscular control of the voice, the turning over of vocal production to air flow and articulation. It's based on the teachings and writings of renowned teacher and pedagogue W. Stephen Smith (The Juilliard School, Northwestern University, "The Naked Voice"). I love working with all different ages of singer in all different styles of music!

*** Studio Equipment ***
upright in living room

*** Travel Equipment ***

*** Specialties ***
I am especially comfortable teaching vocal technique for healthy singing, in classical, musical theater, jazz, and pop styles

Teri D. Los Angeles, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice

About Me

I teach students of all ages in a relaxed, encouraging, and fun way- but with the structure many beginners need to reach their goals and with the background of a professional singer! Students will see themselves making progress and reaching set goals! This encourages them to continue on their musical journey - becoming the very best they can be! We will also learn fun popular songs and look for opportunities to sing them. We will also learn many styles of pop singing as well -- from pop to rock to R&B to country & more! From beginners and just-for-fun singers to singer/songwriters to pros, each student will be able to learn the skills they need to sing from their heart and find their own true voice.

Teri has taught voice for over 15 years to all ages and all levels, led and trained various bands and groups for over 17 years. She is a club hit recording artist and premier LA vocal coach. Her vocals have graced full length CD's, cuts on various records, performances on TV and radio, and gained her a nomination for Best Female Vocalist, All Access Music Awards. She is the author of Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer: Take Your Singing from Good to Great, from Hal Leonard Publishing. Teri has a Master's Degree in Education and a Bachelors Degree in Speech Pathology. She studied music at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco including music theory, vocal technique and vocal performance, guitar and stage performance. She had a dance club hit in the 90's which garnered success on mix shows and dance charts across the country.

She specializes in getting the best out of her students -- giving them a solid vocal technique to let their natural ability shine. Her students will attest to her positive, relaxed and encouraging teaching style.

In addition to learning the basics, Teri can help students get their voice in shape for events, school projects/plays, auditions (American Idol etc...), a solo or band project, and more!

Teri offers flexibility with scheduling to accommodate students various needs including day/eves and weekends. Studio is in a convenient Westside LA location.

*** Lesson Details ***
Students can expect a fun lesson with vocal warm-up exercises, and lots of singing, in a supportive environment. Teri works out of her home studio, so students can work with microphones and instruments.

Voice lessons build confidence and enthusiasm, and help prepare children for performing in front of others. Singing at a young age develops vocal abilities, but more importantly develops a child's aural abilities (recognizing melodies, harmonies, etc.) as well as the ability to focus, take direction and be creative.

Performing / Recording / Vocal Health
Recording. performing and touring presents unique challenges to singers. By concentrating on breathing, vocal production and tension reduction, warm-up exercises, and range building exercises, these lessons help increase stamina, build vocal tone, and reduce the effects of vocal fatigue for those who sing long hours at a time.

Church / Worship Leading
Singing on praise/worship teams is an art form all of it's own. Lessons centered around this kind of singing focus on the areas of blending, tone, hearing harmonies, and keeping your part in a group. For the soloist / worship leader, lessons help in the areas of projection, tone, range, runs, and breathing.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have recording equipment and microphones, piano, guitar.

*** Specialties ***
voice, voice lessons, voice singing lessons, voice coaching, vocal technique, voice training, speaking (speakers), auditions, broadway singing (pop technique only), music theory, musical theatre, singing, speaking acting voice, acting, theatrical singing, adults, all levels, audition prep, beginner to advanced, breathing technique, children's basics, pro vocal technique, rock pop styling, stamina based breathing, theatre singing, voice actors, voice over artists, using your body as an instrument, getting students to record quality, building vocal tone, and assisting students in finding their own voice.

Mark H. La Habra, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Method Acting, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing, Speaking Voice, Theater Acting

About Me

Classically trained with years of performance and practical experience. I know how to help you make the music that you want to make. I am well-versed in nearly all music styles from classical to contemporary/pop. I am currently active in both piano accompaniment, vocal performance with the Pacific Chorale, and directing a very active north orange county community choir.

I recently completed my music credential and have graduate degrees in Education and Music.

I am especially gifted in teaching beginning piano, fundamental vocal production and dramatic presentation. I have extensive experience with the young and beginning acting student and can masterfully explain the dynamics of auditions and performing in the community.

*** Lesson Details ***
I focus on the individual student for curriculum and speed of progress. I utilize Bastien and other music curricula depending on maturity and ability. Within 3 months most students are performing simple songs successfully and within 6 months they have begun to master the more difficult 2nd and 3rd level. I believe in creating opportunities for the student to play in public and successfully perform by playing in small groups and bands. My acting students are taught through monologues and basic acting dynamics along with rehearsing through audition challenges and opportunities in the community.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Separate music room, grand piano, multiple keyboards available.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Professional piano keyboard and sound systems available.

*** Specialties ***
Piano - Foundations, jazz piano, Broadway, easy listening.
Voice - Foundations, breathing, operatic styling, Broadway.

David M.

Los Angeles, CA
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Jason T.

Los Angeles, CA
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Stephanie R.

Los Angeles, CA
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David M. Los Angeles, CA

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Recording, Opera Voice, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

An Ohio-born baritone, David has always had a passion for music and singing. Strongly influenced by the musical pursuits of his older brother, David began playing the piano at age six and was captivated by the school musicals his brother starred in, as well as by the musical Disney movies popular at the time. David also showed aptitude as a young singer. He was frequently chosen as a soloist for grade school productions, and he would often compete in OMEA adjudicated events, receiving the highest scores possible.

David's professional singing career began in high school after receiving recognition from singing the National Anthem at home basketball games, which were always highly-attended. He was soon being paid to sing at local holiday festivals and other community events, where attendance was often in the thousands. Notably, David won first place in both state-wide and international talent competitions for his performance of "If Ever I Would Leave You" from the musical Camelot.

David soon attended Northwestern University, where he was classically trained in opera performance over a five-year period. While at college, he was active in several choirs and an a Capella group on campus. He also started teaching voice at that time, offering instruction to friends who paid him for lessons. One of his students sang in a band, another played the piano and wanted to learn to sing better while playing, several wanted to sing better in church, and a couple others with more singing experience simply wanted to improve their existing technique.

After graduating, David played the role of Colline in the world-renowned opera La bohme for his operatic debut. In addition, he has performed songs in many different languages, including: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian. David currently resides in West Los Angeles, where he attends graduate school at UCLA, and continues to teach voice in his spare time. He is also preparing to release his debut solo album.

So what can David do for you? He has a love for singing only paralleled by his passion for teaching. As such, David feels right at home teaching his students a healthy vocal technique centered around their goals. Please see "Lesson Details" for more!

*** Lesson Details ***
David teaches in his home studio, or can travel to your home. He is also available to teach students nationwide via Skype!

David is a patient, friendly instructor who is understanding of his students' needs and is concerned about meeting their goals. He believes in helping each student gain confidence as a singer, because from this built self-confidence will come the enhanced ability to learn new technique and performance skills.

Classically trained, David specializes in opera and musical theater. However, he has also taught students interested in singing in many other styles, such as pop, rock, gospel, and soul. He believes that the foundational singing principles of posture, breathing, and support can benefit students of all ages interested in singing in virtually any style.

It is also important to David to teach a healthful, non-abusive, efficient technique of vocal production (which posture, breathing, and support allow for). He is as concerned with his students' vocal longevity as he is with their acquisition of an efficiently-produced, beautiful sound.

Sample Lesson:

David's teaching style consists of a situation-appropriate combination of vocal theory, exercises, and correction of vocal faults. David begins lessons with an explanation of various techniques, followed by a set of vocal scale exercises that both warm up the voice and exercise it to improve the many technical aspects of singing.

After these exercises, he asks the student to sing a portion of a song to get a feel for the student's aptitude in the different areas of singing technique. That will then direct the exercises and theory he focuses more heavily on. Then, after the student has had the opportunity to practice and improve their technique, he critiques their singing to help them lessen their bad vocal habits and build up their newly-learned technique. This process is iterative, and with time, practice, and positive feedback, the student will improve under this teaching methodology.

Sample Timeline:

After three months, the beginning student will have gained confidence singing under most solo and ensemble performance circumstances. With this confidence, the beginner will also possess a reasonably strong foundation in posture, breathing, and support at that time.

After six months, the student will likely feel confident enough with the foundations of singing to have gained proficiency in more technical, style-specific areas, such as a balanced tone, smooth transition between registers (range), resonance, and diction (pronunciation). The student will also feel at least moderately confident with emotional interpretation of the music.

After nine months, the student can expect to have gained proficiency in virtually all technical areas of singing for their genre of choice. After one year, the student will likely begin to master singing in their chosen genre, and after 15 months gain proficiency in an additional genre, if desired.

All this said, this timeline is not guaranteed because it will differ from student to student. Under ideal circumstances, where a dedicated student practices independently for at least one to two hours between scheduled lessons, they can expect to see these results. Learning any instrument takes dedication and motivation, and learning to sing is no different. The teacher is only able to steer the student in the right direction, but motivation and dedication must be put forth by the student in order to reach their set goals in a timely fashion.

Lesson Logistics:

David teaches students in his acoustically-treated recording studio. If he travels to your home, he cannot provide any equipment, but none are really needed in an in-home situation. And, the students need only provide themselves! In this unique instance, the human body is their instrument and all the required equipment to make music!

*** Studio Equipment ***
At his home studio, this is what David provides his students when teaching lessons:
- Professional-grade, soundproofed recording studio (STC 55)
- Auralex AudioTile acoustic foam
- Full-length mirror for students to view the posture and action of their bodies when singing
- Piano keyboard for warmup exercises and pitch-finding
- Studio monitor speakers and headphones for listening to accompaniments

*** Travel Equipment ***
Since most of the items David can offer for a lesson are large, he will be unable to bring them if he travels to your home. If they have one, students can provide a mirror and/or piano/keyboard, but these are not essential for lessons.

*** Specialties ***
(1) Opera Vocal Performance;
(2) Musical Theater (Broadway) Vocal Performance; and
(3) Most other genres/styles since they all require the foundational principles of posture, breathing, and support that David teaches;
(4) Public Speaking (Voice) since many of these foundational singing techniques apply to speaking in front of large audiences; and
(5) Music Recording and Production, including recording the voice and many other instruments such as drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, synth, and violin. Under this category, he teaches microphone placement and mixing techniques.
David's singing teaching methods are based most heavily on the vocal instruction he received from Bruce Hall and Dr. Robert Heitzinger when a student at Northwestern University. David also bases his lessons on the writings of James McKinney ("The Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults", 1994), Paul Mason and David Jones.

Jason T. Los Angeles, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice

About Me

Although I have years of experience doing many jobs in entertainment, Vocal coaching is my main focus.

Do you have trouble with pitch? Do you get stage fright? Do you swallow your sound? These are all symptoms of a lack of confidence. I can help you get the confidence you need whether you are auditioning for a major production or just want to sing your favorite Karaoke songs better.

A little about me and my journey:

Jason T. started his illustrious performing career at the tender age of five in day camp volunteering to sing œ"The Happy Wanderer" a capella for Parent's Day.

Mounting productions in his garage as a child, he convinced his friends to be in the show with only his father as a reluctant audience member who was toiling away at his work bench. Combine these garage productions with performances on the back patio and it was clear Jason always loved to put on a show.

In the sixth grade, he performed "œThe Impossible Dream" from "Man of La Mancha" with his red cape pinned to his shirt and wielding his mighty sword assembled from a yard stick and tin foil. At this point, his career in entertainment was firmly embedded in his heart and soul.

Double majoring in Vocal Performance and Education in college, Jason honed his craft performing in operas and jazz vocal groups all the while learning the business side of entertainment.

Joining the Six Flags Show Productions team, Jason performed in several seasons and then was hired as Musical Director for several more seasons at the park in Houston.

Jason created and was vocal arranger for a singing quartet, Entourage, which performed in many venues in the Houston area.

He was invited to join the Glen Hunsucker Performance Team and worked as a vocalist and dancer backing up the most popular singer from India, Asha Bosley. The show traveled all over the U.S. and Canada for over three months. It was a grueling schedule moving city to city every day, but the knowledge he gained about production logistics was invaluable.

Taking an opportunity to move to Los Angeles from Houston, he was hired as an Assistant Talent Manager at Universal Studios Hollywood. He quickly moved up the ranks and was promoted to Senior Talent Manager/Vocal Supervisor as part of the team who auditioned, rehearsed and supervised the live shows in the park as well as back-lot productions. This was valuable experience as every possible challenge presented itself during his tenure with the company. Dealing with unions, yearly budgets, creating new shows and characters were just a few of his responsibilities.

Jason was the first Talent Manager to be asked by the President of Universal Studios Hollywood to re-write, stage and re-open a show, "The Blues Brothers" in the park. The show runs daily in both the California and Florida locations.

After leaving his post as Talent Manager, Jason was fortunate enough to join the team at Bob/Gail Entertainment and performed with them singing, dancing and doing character work in productions all over the world. The group even performed alongside Michael Jackson and Billy Joel for the Sultan of Brunei's 50th birthday party in Brunei.

Working with the Executive Producer of Entertainment Plus+ Productions, Jason was the lead vocalist and a dancer performing in and helping produce many industrial shows and events in California along with several of Steve Winn'™s companies in Las Vegas.

Paramount Studios came knocking on Jason'™s door to use one of his other skills to do hair and make-up for a kid'™s movie. He was responsible for turning one of the actors into a wizard with hair and make-up for the dining hall scenes in this movie. Little did he know what this "kids"movie would turn into for the studio and J. K. Rowlings, the "œHarry Potter" phenomenon. Working on different aspects of entertainment helps to round out Jason'™s entertainment knowledge.

He worked on several other independent films and TV shows including "Sinatra, the Mini-series" starring Olympia Dukakis, among others as a member of the production team and also a Night Club Patron and Dancer in the series.

Jason created and produced many production numbers at the Queen Mary Show Lounge in Los Angeles. Building costumes, props and wigs along with re-designing and building the new stage confirmed his love for this genre of entertainment.

While living in Texas, he was a Producer and Judge for the Texas Star Talent Competition.

Since re-locating back to Los Angeles, Jason has produced several shows and events including Brazilian Summer Beauty and Jeff's Variety Comedy Show.

*** Lesson Details ***
The best way to achieve successful progression in the learning process is to have the best relationship between teacher and student.

I commit to focusing all my energy and attention to each student and ask for the student to make the same commitment to doing their best in the lessons and practicing at home. I also promise that we will have fun in the process.

I start out with a consultation to discover what each student's goals are in the entertainment field or just on the Karaoke stage. From there, I explain how I will build a foundation of correct technique for singing and speaking which will successfully translate to any genre of performance.

Whether the student wants to sing R&B, Jazz, Pop, Country, Opera or anything in-between, these skills will allow the best outcome for a long and successful career in entertainment.

I tailor each student's lesson to their individual needs with patience, support and enthusiasm.

After one to two months, the student will start to feel more confident and comfortable with correct techniques in singing and speaking and be ready to shine on stage. Of coarse, the progress continues with each month learning more tricks of the trade to call upon when needed.

*** Specialties ***
I can teach all levels and genres of voice except advanced opera. I can teach beginner piano lessons.

Stephanie R. Los Angeles, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Opera Voice, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

Stephanie has been singing and studying voice since she was a child! She holds a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Stephanie has been lucky enough to study with some of the top teachers in the country and brings the experience she has gained directly to you!Stephanie is proud to share her student's vast array of musical successes.ƒ‚‚  From being cast on GLEE to being accepted into prestigous performing arts academies to conquering the Karaoke scene Stephanie's student's continue to motivate and inspire her!

*** Lesson Details ***
Music brings me immense joy, especially singing and I want the same thing for you!
We start each lesson with proper breathing technique, the cornerstone of all vocals. We move on to vocal exercises to condition the voice. Then we work on the songs that you are eager to sing!

I will use a piano when doing vocal warm ups and conditioning exercises. Whenever possible, I like to procure a recorded accompaniment for the songs we are working on. This frees me up to concentrate on listening to you sing, rather than my own playing. Students that play other instruments and accompany themselves when performing (such as a guitar) are encouraged to bring that instrument to their lessons.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Studio has piano, area for parents to wait

*** Specialties ***
I believe that the speaking voice and singing voice are non-exclusive and spend time working with breath control, proper breathing techniques and voice support for both spoken and singing voice lessons.

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