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Popular Drum Teachers Near San Diego

David B.

Santee, CA
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Mike M.

San Diego, CA
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Charles W.

La Mesa, CA
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David B. Santee, CA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Theory

About Me

After graduating from Salford University, England with a Bachelors degree (Honors) in Music and Composing I worked for a short time as a commercial "jingle" writer, before moving to San Diego, marrying my dream girl, and opening my own music recording, teaching and production studio. From there I have been teaching lessons, recording bands and writing music for independent film ad video games for the last 6 years. Throughout this time I've been continually performing live in venues all over California.

*** Lesson Details ***
I teach both from a privately rented studio in Santee and from my home studio in La Mesa. Both are fully equipped for guitar, bass and drum lessons and even have recording facilities! In my lesson plans I try to combine theory and technique with practical application (that is, playing music and rocking out!).

A typical lesson begins with a warm up and review of last weeks' lesson, and then moves to a new concept or technique. Once this new idea is understood, we give it a practical application by using it a song the student is familiar with. We finish up by setting some homework and answering any questions the student my have.

My lessons are structured and goal orientated (I want my students playing songs they love as soon as possible to keep the inspiration and excitement going!) but I adapt each lesson plan to suit the student, accommodating different musical tastes and learning styles. Most important I keep the lessons fun and engaging - it's the best way to learn!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Fulling equipped, professional teaching studio.
Guitars, drums, amps, PAs, Pianos, Mandolins and much more!

*** Specialties ***
Very versatile both in preferred styles and my ability to adapt to students requests. Can cover anything from jazz to metal, or pop to blues, on guitar, bass or drums.

Mike M. San Diego, CA

Subjects Taught

Algebra, Arithmetic, Basic Math, Drum, Elementary Math, English, Geometry, Language, Math, Percussion, Phonics, Pre Algebra, Reading

About Me

This year (2013), I am celebrating my 25th year of playing drums professionally and my 15th year of teaching. I have loved playing the drums and making music from the first time I picked up a stick and connected with a drum. I have never wanted to do anything else with my life and I love sharing my knowledge about the power of making music and all the different ways that investing the time to learn an instrument can pay off in a person's life.

After playing in Jazz, Marching and Symphonic Bands in high school and studying privately for 2 1/2 years, I attended Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, CA where I earned my certificate in Percussion Performance. My time there expanded both my abilities and understanding of drumming but also gave me an understanding of the range of stylistic possibilities. With 20+ classes a week to keep up with my development was turbo charged! Favorite courses included Improvisation, Jazz Combo, Sightreading, Modern Drumset Styles, Latin Hand percussion, and Latin Drumset Technique.

Music has allowed me to travel to 40 of the 50 states. I have played a part in writing, recording and releasing 12 records and performed professionally over 1,000 times on a wide range of drums/percussion instruments. I have also been fortunate through music to meet many wonderful musicians and people from almost every culture around the world which expanded me socially and gave me an appreciation of both the universal nature of music and just how large and diverse the world is. I look forward to continuing to share all the skills, knowledge and inspiration that I have been fortunate to learn from so many great teachers along the way.

I also offer tutoring in Math and English through Take Lessons.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is individualized to meet the goals and expectations of the student. I am aware that often times study materials and interests change over time and that everybody learns best in slightly different way. Because of this I focus on remaining flexible and continually making adjustments to the road map, while making sure to still be headed toward a specific destination. I like to push a student when i know they can grow faster or work a little harder and I am also well versed in multiple techniques to encourage and inspire those who have the will to learn, especially younger children who sometimes benefit from a bit of extra patience or sharper attention to why they might be struggling. I am by nature a person who believes in the value of hard work and perseverance and I personally enjoy the satisfaction of mastering a skill that I didn't think I initially could. I do my best to inspire the same dedication in my students, but i also firmly believe that like any of the Creative Arts, making music (and especially playing the drums!) should ultimately be fun and doing it well and expressing yourself is its own reward.

I like to constantly read and stay updated on the latest study materials and techniques or teaching methods. As for books, i prefer the proven classics like Syncopation for the Modern Drummer, Patterns, Alfred's Drum Method Book 1, and Stick Control to teach the fundamentals, but I'll also use DVD videos, the latest YouTube sensation, drumming magazines and blogs, or recordings from the greats of the past and today. Whatever it takes to inspire and engage each student on their own path to drumming greatness!

*** Studio Equipment ***
I am working on having a big enough roster of students to afford a studio space of my own to teach out of, but currently i only offer the service of coming to the student's home or working together out of an otherwise mutually agreeable space (such as a couple local rehearsal studios which are maybe most appropriate for students 18 and above).

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide my own copy of the material we are studying as well as a single drum or practice pad, sticks, headphones and metronome. Occasionally i may provide audio or video recordings of something we are studying or something inspirational for a particular student or to promote the possibilities of drumming. The student needs either the particular percussion instrument he or she wishes to learn (congas, timbales etc.) or , if it is a drumset student, i expect them (after a short introductory period) to be willing to commit to buying a drumset or they will not progress very much. A slightly more affordable option would be at least a throne(drum stool), bass drum and pedal, snare drum and stand, hi hiat stand, cymbals and sticks as well as their own copy of the book we are working from and a spiral notebook or equivalent way to track the lessons as well as log their practice time. Lastly i strongly encourage the use of a metronome or equivalent phone or IPad app for timekeeping if applicable. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile!

*** Specialties ***
I feel absolutely confident I can teach any style a student wishes to pursue on the drumset or any percussion instrument excluding mallet instruments (beyond beginner level).

Charles W. La Mesa, CA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Trumpet

About Me

As far back as I can remember, music has been a central part of my life. I grew up in a musical family; my father a drummer and pianist, my mother a woodwinds player, and my brother a bassist, I have been surrounded by music as far back as I can recall.

Upon graduating from San Diego SCPA, I became interested in recording and audio engineering, eventually working as 2nd engineer at Signature Sound in Clairemont, and main engineer at Proxy Music in Oceanside. This afforded me invaluable experience working with some of San Diego's finest musicians and recording artists.

In 2008, I attended Berklee College of Music on scholarship - majoring in Professional Music with an emphasis on performance and composition. In 2011, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Music.

Currently, I am an active music performer and teacher in the San Diego area. I often encourage my students to come out and see my concerts, or any other concerts of interest. I believe live music is the best source of musical inspiration!

*** Lesson Details ***
Students studying with me can expect to learn a lot about music in a relatively short time, and have a lot of fun doing it. My initial aim with any student is to find out what their goals are (i.e. favorite type of music, inspiration for playing etc..). It is important to me we are working on what YOU want to learn!

Below are some of the topics I cover in lessons, and what I consider to be some of my strong teaching points:

Drums/Percussion: Rudimental Studies, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical, Latin, Musical Theater, Improvisation, Sight Reading, Study of Great Drummers. I use a combination of books, charts, active listening and journal notes in lessons.

Trumpet: Technical Studies (Range, Dexterity), Sight Reading, Solo Repertoire, Classical, Jazz. Students can expect to study from a range of material, including Clarkes Technical Studies, Arban's, and Jamey Aebersold Books.

Piano: Jazz, Pop, Some Classical, Music Theory, Scales, Chords, Reading Melody, Chord "Changes," and Accompaniment. I use a lot of different material depending on the student's level and goals, including the Bastien series and the Berklee keyboard curriculum.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The home studio lessons take place in a music room in the home. The room includes a drum set, keyboard, amps, guitars, bass guitars and seating is available. Parking is on the street and driveway.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect the student to provide their instrument and all necessary equipment, along with their music and a quiet space for the lesson. If it is a private lesson on drums or piano at my house, I can provide the instruments.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.I have been in a number of professional playing positions, and am comfortable teaching styles such as Jazz, Rock, Latin, Classical, Show Music and more.

David W.

San Diego, CA
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Dennis B.

Chula Vista, CA
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Christina S.

El Cajon, CA
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David W. San Diego, CA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion

About Me

Not only do I love chess and running marathons, but I also have three degrees in drums and percussion (Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate). I have ten years experience as a performer (including playing drums on a Grammy nominated album) with orchestras, touring big bands (Jimmy Dorsey, Five-By-Design), professional productions (Carnival Cruise Lines, amusement parks), jazz artists, and rock bands. I have also toured solo as a classical marimbist. Although I have a strong foundation in rudimental and jazz drumming, I also have roots in West African drumming, Cuban and Brazilian styles, and polka.

I have taught percussion lessons, percussion classes for band directors, jazz ensembles, percussion ensembles, and drum lines at Kansas State University, The University of Southern Mississippi, The University of Wisconsin Stout, San Diego State University, San Diego Christian College, and the University of California at San Diego, as well as dozens of high schools. I love all things percussion related, including the history of the instruments and their performance techniques.

Although I was raised in Wisconsin, I relocated to my city of birth (San Diego) in September of 2010.

*** Lesson Details ***
As a teacher, my goal is to provide a positive hands-on experience. Each lesson experience is tailored to the unique goals of the student. I strive to create an environment where percussion is enjoyed and explored, teaching in an exciting, fun, and passionate mode. I am not strict, and have a strong sense of humor - although I do expect the students to practice. I have an extremely optimistic and energetic disposition! This has always served me very well in working with beginners, and my expertise can turn an advanced and experienced drummer into a true artist.

Required books and materials will vary based on the students goals and area of study. A beginner might be expected to purchase Alfred's Beginner Drum Method, a practice pad, and a pair of sticks. Depending on the student there may be no books at all!

While a high school drummer looking to advance in drum line or make drum corps tryouts might be working on more advanced stick control, rudimental combination, or solo literature, a beginning drum student will start with the fundamentals of stroke, rhythm, and rudiments. If the student is part of a school music program, or is beginning on mallet percussion, they will develop a strong foundation of scales, key signatures, and reading ability. After 6 months they will, among other things, be able to sight read beginner music, properly execute at least a handful of drum rudiments, properly execute a roll, and understand a little about the history of their instrument.

A student interested in jazz drum set might develop a highly advanced level of coordination, advanced concepts of soloing and timekeeping, or their understanding of the fundamentals of jazz music (or all of the above!). Often this occurs through guided transcription and listening.

Students looking to prepare for a potential college audition, or who are looking to become better well-rounded percussionists will be offered guidance on vibraphone, marimba, orchestral excerpts, solo literature, drum set, marching percussion, and hand percussion. These students are very welcome in my studio, and will find studying with me to be challenging, rewarding, and fun. Having auditioned students into college percussion studios and assisted in recommending scholarships, I know just what the folks on the other side of the table will want.

I consider it my responsibility to help encourage, motivate, and inspire as well!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Equipment at my studio includes marimba, xylophone, two drum sets, small percussion instruments, timbales, tambourine (orchestral), triangles, drum pads, snare drum, shakers, tabla, vibraslaps, cowbells, jam-blocks, bongos, cajon, and more!

*** Travel Equipment ***
If I travel to the home of a student, I expect them to have all necessary equipment (i.e. drum set, snare drum, drum pad, vibraphone, marimba. . . whatever the lesson calls for based on their goals and interests).

*** Specialties ***
Excellent drum set instruction, excellent marching percussion/drum line instruction, all classical percussion (including solo marimba, solo vibraphone, orchestral percussion), jazz drum set, jazz vibes, and solo multiple percussion. I have a fun and practical approach for young students, and I emphasize strong foundations in rudiments, stick and mallet technique, and music reading - although I adapt to suit the needs of every individual student. Advanced drummers will also find studying with me to be challenging and rewarding.

Dennis B. Chula Vista, CA

Subjects Taught


About Me

I have been playing drums professionally for over 15 years. My styles range from traditional jazz, to jazz/fusion, Latin, Brazilian, rock and funk. I have studied music at Diablo Valley College, Southwestern College, and UCSD. I am a founding member of the critically acclaimed James Abbuhl band where I drummed and co-produced the CD "Voyages and Homecomings". My focus will be to get you to play musically. The drums should fit the music, meaning that as a drummer, one should play what makes sense for the music.

*** Lesson Details ***
My lesson plans for the beginner will start with the basics: stick technique, rudiments of drumming, reading drum notation. For the intermediate to advanced we'll focus on what you want to learn while filling in the blanks with all styles of modern drumming. I am a very patient instructor that will make sure that you are comfortable and excited about drumming. My goal is to make you a solid musician that has strong timing, groove, and phrasing. Ultimately, you should sound like a drummer that you'd hear on a professional recording. Your progress will depend on your drive and dedication to your instrument. Let's make it happen today!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living space...for several people...drum kit... metronome

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide a basic drum kit if needed. Students should have sticks,practice pad, snare drum, and the desire to get a full drum set if they don't have one already.

*** Specialties ***
I teach jazz: traditional, be-bop, Brazilian, Latin, and fusion. I also teach rock, funk, and metal. I teach primarily match grip, but can instruct on traditional grip if necessary. My specialty would be jazz/fusion and rock/fusion as these styles allow for the most creativity and freedom.

Christina S. El Cajon, CA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion

About Me

I genuinely enjoy working with students of all ages and skill levels! Teaching is my passion and my profession. I am endorsed by Soultone Cymbals as well as TNR Products. I was also recently invited to judge the 2013 Guitar Center Drum Off in San Diego. I have 7 years' experience as a drum instructor as well as 15+ years experienced playing and performing in bands. My YouTube covers have received 30,000+ plays. In addition to this I instruct a Teen Music Program as well as two Elementary Level classes for young musicians in underprivileged areas of San Diego. Each year my private students hold a recital with a band of professional musicians to share their talents with friends and family in a fun, low-key environment.

Studies show that participation in the fine arts helps children become more confident, better able to work in groups and finish projects, and that children are more likely to go onto college and select careers that will provide them the most opportunity for financial success. With the arts so overwhelmingly missing and underfunded in our public education system, private music instruction is one of the most easy accessible options for exposing your child to the arts.

Even adults benefit from the stress release, mental focus, and achievement-orientation of music lessons. Music education is a life-long beneficial pursuit-- I have it to thank for much of my own personal confidence and success!

My teaching style is based around the nurturing of one's own voice, style, and personal development. Also, I love to rock out!!! My students are encouraged to develop a full-bodied, groove-based ROCKIN sound on the drums. You will be playing songs from bands like Weezer, AC/DC, Green Day, White Stripes or other popular tunes you like in a matter of months. For the experienced player, my curriculum can take you as high as taking apart Neal Peart's solo in Tom Saywer, to brutal progressive and double bass metal, or copping moves from the greats such Steve Gadd, JoJo Mayer, and Dennis Chambers. Whether you're interested in playing casually, or seriously pursuing a music career, I am here to support and offer advice while pushing you to your personal best! Call today!

*** Lesson Details ***
My lessons are structured around RESULTS. This means that after each and every lesson, you should be one step closer to your musical goals. For this reason, I build my lessons from both technical and applied aspects€”sure, you can play a particular exercise in practice, but can you apply the technique to a song or a groove? I never lose sight of the desired end result€”to perform well and communicate with others.

The expectations of the modern drummer are higher than ever before. I strongly emphasize things such as 4-way coordination, efficiency of motion, and fundamental rudimentary & technical knowledge. As drummers we are expected to be able to carry different patterns and even different dynamics (volume) across multiple limbs at the same time. I have developed many of my own unique tricks and techniques for overcoming these €œtongue twisters€ that the body uses to resist this. Also, conservation of energy and efficiency of motion are key€”they allow us to execute complex musical passages while using the least amount of energy. This way you don€™t €œgas out€ halfway through your set, and you also relieve potential strain on key muscle groups and tendons. Form and breathing are critical, and these are areas that are all given due attention in my curriculum.

Another often-overlooked area in lessons is, surprisingly, maintenance! Being a drummer is kind of like being a mechanic some days. We have a lot of tiny moving pieces and parts of our instrument that can be overwhelming to figure out at first. I am always sure to cover the correct ways for setting up, tuning, cleaning, and maintaining your kit, and I include helpful hints for not letting your drums become a big jumbled mess while loading out to shows or practices!

Throughout the course of our lessons you can expect to take a journey into the styles and techniques that mean most to you, as we will explore the ideas that are most interesting and appeal most to you. I teach from my experience, but I€™m here to help you create yours. We can work on songs from your favorite artists, rudiments and rolls, creating fills and beats, and even help you to join or form a band of your own.

I strive to provide a musical foundation that will far outlast our time together, so that you end up with a fundamental understanding that will help you to blaze your own trail in music, just like I have. This is truly the mark of a job well done on my part!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Private Studio - (2) Drumsets, Metronome, Practice Pad, Double Bass Drum Monitor, Stereo Isolation Headphones

ARTS Studio - (2) Drumsets, Metronome, Practice Pad, PA, Stereo Isolation Headphones

*** Specialties ***
Metal - American Heavy, Djent, Hardcore, Metalcore, Screamo, Deathcore, Black, Post, Progressive
Funk - Fusion, Latin, Jazz
Rock - Alt, Pop, Prog, Classic, Punk, Post, Indie

Beginner Rudimentary / Symphonic Percussion (for band students)

San Diego: A Great Place to Teach Drums

By David W. – San Diego Drums Instructor

Although I was born in San Diego in 1981, my family moved to Wisconsin when I was very young. Since that time, I have been fortunate to enjoy a successful career as an orchestral percussionist, a jazz and rock musician, a scholar, and a teacher of all things drum and percussion. I moved back to the West coast in September of 2010 to write my (now completed) dissertation.

I love teaching percussion and drum lessons in San Diego. The weather is beautiful, there are many excellent venues for live music, great orchestras, and no shortage of people interested in learning to play! San Diego also serves as a fine base of operations for my career as a performer. Although I'm in San Diego today, yesterday I was playing xylophone in Mississippi at a ...

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