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Popular Classical Guitar Teachers Near Pembroke Pines

Carla C.

Miami, FL
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Rene R.

Miami, FL
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Lucas A.

Miami Beach, FL
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Carla C. Miami, FL

Subjects Taught

Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

As a little girl, music was my first language. I started playing instruments when I was in preschool. I sang, played baroque recorder, and was constantly composing melodies and improvising. In elementary school I developed a fascination with the clarinet, which I believed, at the time, produced the most beautiful sounds in the world. I started taking lessons in 5th grade and continued developing my talent at magnet schools. I received an intensive performance training at New World School of the Arts high school, playing in the wind ensemble and orchestra, and participated in competitions throughout the U.S. Meanwhile, I learned how to play rock on steel string guitar and electric guitar.

Some years later, I was admitted to the music composition program at New World School of the Arts College. This rigorous program requires that all students become well-rounded musicians. Throughout my years in the program, I became skilled not only at composition, but also at piano, classical guitar, music theory, sight-singing, ear-training and music technology, to name a few. Not too long after my arrival at the school, I was designated by my professors as a school tutor for the music department. As a tutor, I gained experience teaching hard-to-grasp concepts and skills to music students.

After my first year at New World, I was one out of two composers to be awarded a full scholarship. My compositions were always among the most ambitious pieces written and have been performed at various venues including the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach. What makes my music unique is its incorporation world music influences and its collaboration with other art forms, such as dance. One of my most exotic pieces and performances to date is an Indian inspired piece called Puriya Dhanashree Fusion, written for the viola, the Indian sitar, the Australian aboriginal didgeridoo, and a Persian drum known as the tombak. Currently, I am composing music for a short film that juxtaposes footage of the Everglades with footage of urban Miami to convey an environmental message.

Apart from school-related projects, I also compose and perform music for live theater. I performed and composed the music for the Florida International University production of the play Arabian Nights in 2011. I have also composed and performed, on the clarinet, music for plays that raise social awareness. In 2012, I composed the music for a play about human trafficking recorded at WLRN studios and a play about the Holocaust, most recently performed at the Biltmore’s stage. I am engaged as well with extracurricular projects that stimulate artistic creativity among young students. For the past two years, I helped organize performances of Miami Dade College musicians and poets working with one another, many of whom had never performed music or recited poetry before.

As you can see my approach to music is holistic and comprehensive. Music can be a hobby, a career, a form of therapy, an agent for social change and awareness, a discipline, a lifestyle, or a combination of any of these things. My job is to find out what music is for you and then help you develop your interest and skills as far as you want to take them. So, let’s begin and enjoy together the beauty of music!

*** Lesson Details ***
All you need to begin with you is the yearning to learn and an instrument. I will provide copies of all the music you will need and will guide you every step of the way so that you feel in control of your progress. I intend to discover the unique way in which you understand music from the technical to the philosophical level. I am here to motivate you and to help you advance at a rate that you are comfortable with. I love teaching music and look forward to teaching whoever is interested in learning regardless of what level they are at, regardless of whether this is the first time they touch their new instrument or whether they have been playing for years.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stands, metronome, tuner, and music.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide copies of music, a music stand, metronome, and tuner. I bring with me an instrument for myself. I expect the students to bring their own instruments.

*** Specialties ***
For the clarinet, I specialize in classical, klezmer (Jewish), Middle-eastern, and Hindustani Indian genres. I also specialize in the general methods of underscoring plays and film for any instrument including the voice.

Rene R. Miami, FL

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Cello, Classical Guitar, Drum, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Reading, Singing, Songwriting, Spanish, Speaking Voice, Upright Bass

About Me

Knowing at the age of 5 that music was my life, by being brought up surrounded by praise music and gospel, my early exposure to music helped me to find every Instrument and style just my thing! I wanted to play everything and learn all aspects of music. I started with singing in the children's choir and then developed into piano and music theory. At the age of 12 I began to learn classical guitar, and at 15 took on various styles like Flamenco, Jazz and Rock. I graduated from High School having played in the school band achieving recognition In national Institutions Like IAJE (International Association for Jazz Education) and state band finals. I was also composing from a very early age, and at 18 released my first album (self-titled) which can still be heard and purchased today through various music outlets, since i have released over 15 albums with various ensembles and bands. In college I already knew from my previous experience that I wanted to teach and pass on the joy that music brought to my life. I studied Music Theory and Jazz and finished my degree in Music Education. I have been teaching all in all for about 14 yrs. And I have enjoyed every minute I have spent with my students learning as much from them, as them from me. I am looking forward to meeting new and eager students who really want to bring their inner music out to share with the rest of us music aficionados! and develop their skills to the peak of their abilities.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching method ranges depending on the student. I believe in my experience that everyone learns differently, therefore everyone develops at their own pace. I try to find key strengths in each student and expose this to their advantage, using their abilities to further develop their skills, this method has shown the most promising results and students usually find themselves playing and performing just a couple of months after their first lessons. Part of my method involves a lot of performance and recital opportunities to help break any fears and inhibitions a student may bring with them. Music is about sharing, so an early exposure to this method helps to strengthen and stabilize a core acceptance of a students style and path, giving them and those close to them a very clear picture of their development and achievements.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Has all instruments at both his home and college studio

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide lesson material, song charts and a progression scale. I require student to have an Instrument and recommended technique literature.

*** Specialties ***
My classical training began in High School with Influences in Segovia, and Romero I studied classical for 4 yrs. and trained in Jazz and Improvisation with performances In Big Band and group ensemble. Also sang and played in the school gospel choir.

Lucas A. Miami Beach, FL

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

Greetings! I hope to be of great guidance in your musical journey.
Throughout my music career, I've had the chance to learn from some very remarkable master musicians of many styles.
First picking up the classical and electric guitars at age 13, I began to play classical guitar for my middle school's guitar ensemble, as well as electric guitar for the school's Rock Ensemble. I also played clarinet and alto sax for those two years, but it was very clear to me that guitar was my passion.
Under the direction of the legendary Doug Burris at MBSH, I completed his 4 year classical guitar program in 3 years (I graduated a year early), and was a member of the classical guitar quartet as well as the school's famous Rock Ensemble (est. 1972). I got to travel across the country to compete in several music festivals and evaluations since; achieving many awards and acknowledgements.
Since my first guitar course, I was tutoring the class. This, along with my passion for music, guitar, and teaching drove me to eventually become a private guitar teacher at age 15. I have since taught all types of students, with great results. In addition to teaching private lessons, I also have a website with short text/video lessons on guitar licks and techniques.
Primarily a rock/metal/neoclassical/shred guitarist, I specialize in electric guitar (6 and 7 string), but am also available for beginner classical guitar and electric bass as well as general technique/theory lessons. Though primarily influenced by virtuoso shredders, I consider myself a very open minded musician and appreciate all styles of music. Whether you're a beginner just learning your first scale or have been playing for a while and want to get to the next level of understanding and performance, I can help!

-Custom Carvin DC727 7-string electric guitar
-Limited Edition Spector Legend Professional 5-string bass
-Raimundo Classical guitar
-Takamine Acoustic guitar
-Peavey 6505+ combo guitar tube amp/several practice amps
-Effects pedals
-FL studio producer edition w/Slate drums

Walter H.

Pompano Beach, FL
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Dirk T.

Pompano Beach, FL
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Melody H.

West Palm Beach, FL
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Walter H. Pompano Beach, FL

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, Classical Guitar, French Horn, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin

About Me

Professional guitarist/vocalist since 1976. Performed in Rock bands, Show Bands, Calypso bands, Jazz bands, and, yes, Wedding Bands. I have performed as a solo guitarist for wedding ceremonies, art shows, and other private functions. I have also performed on the trumpet and saxophone in bands, and on the violin and cello for wedding ceremonies.
Private guitar and bass instructor since 1984; Orchestral strings instructor since 1988.
My students benefit from my professional experience in that they focus directly on what is necessary as a performer and don't waste time on strictly theoretical exercises.

*** Lesson Details ***
When students take lessons from me I take some time to get to know their reasons for wanting to play the instrument and who their favorite artists/bands are. That way I can gear the lessons towards their interests which keeps them motivated and helps them relate what they're learning to "real-world" music.
I try to make the learning of music and technique as much fun as possible using challenges and games.
I base my lessons on a research based curriculum called "Jump right In" where students will eventually learn to "hear" the music they are reading the same way one hears the words they are reading in a book. Then, based on their age and interests, I use whatever instrumental technique books I feel are best suited for that particular individual.
After 3-6 months guitar students should be able to read and play basic chord progressions and simple single note melodies both by ear and by using standard music notation. This will mostly be in first position.
Similarly, Bass students should be able to read and play bass lines that fit basic chord progressions, and be able to play simple single note melodies in first position.
String students should have basic control of the bow and be able to read and play simple melodies by ear and by using standard music notation on at least 3 strings in first position.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I provide an amplifier, sound system, chairs, music stands, Keyboard with rhythm section, and a computer with a vast selection of music for listening and performing.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide supplemental materials, my own guitar and music stand and an Mp3 recorder to record lessons.
I expect students to purchase a method book, their own instrument, a music stand and a tuner.

*** Specialties ***
I am familiar with most band and string methods as well as the Gordon/Grunow "Jump Right In" method.
I perform in all styles from Classical to Calypso and everything in between.

Dirk T. Pompano Beach, FL

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Singing

About Me

Mr. Dirk T., Music Instructor
Dirk T’s love for music began at a young age. He received private music lessons from the age of ten and his interest in music only grew from there. He was awarded music scholarships from the Fountain of Pembroke Pines Certificates of Achievement and later received his Bachelor of Arts in music in 2001. He has studied with musical greats and opened for some of the biggest gospel artists. 1990-2001 Cardinal Hayes H.S New York City , Notre Dame S.S Graduated O.S.S D Ontario, Canada, Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto, Canada Graduated July 28, 2001 Bachelor of Arts in Music Specializing in Church Music) Florida Memorial University, Miami, Fl Continuing Education, Florida Atlantic University. Mr. T. has been awarded Certificates of Achievement from FMC Dean’s list and President’s list, Prayer Tower Foursquare for work with youth choirs. Honors – Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Florida Memorial University with a GPA of 3.9 and a Cumulative GPA of 3.8.

Mr. T. has had much musical success throughout the years. He has played jazz piano professionally in Miami, as well as being apart of the FIU Jazz Program. He also taught at Music America, a private music school in 2002-2006. He was also a Minister of Music of Prayer Tower Foursquare Church from 1998-2004. He has recorded two singles “Not Another Day” and Get Your Praise On” with RWCCI Choir and opened for gospel artists Byron Cage and Mary Mary with the RWCCI Choir. Mr. T. has also opened with RWCCI in the Bobby Jones Gospel Retreat.
Mr. T. taught music at schools such as Larkdale Elementary and Eagle Charter Academy Middle school where his duties consisted of teaching music in ages ranging from Pre-K to 7th grade. He has taught an average of five hundred students each week and instructed instrumental music in the middle school marching band. He is certified to teach grades K-12 by Broward County School and is now the Vice President for the Lauderhill Multi-cultural Arts Center, where the mission is servicing communities in the Arts and Entertainment field.

Mr. T's expertise and career tenure has been related to classroom management, meetings, certifications programs and continuing education classes as well as documentation of incidents, accidents and curriculum. He has taught FCAT skills in reading and writing as well as tutoring in different capacities over a six year period. He has also evaluated students in tests and portfolios and arranged seasonal concerts and performances. Mr. T. has also supervised after school program groups and instructed instrumentals and vocal methods. Mr. T. says, “I gladly welcome the opportunity to be a part of is a company that seeks to empower individuals and allow them the opportunity to cultivate their talents and gifts in a real world atmosphere.”

*** Lesson Details ***
I am generally an easy-going individual with high expectations for my students, but realistic ones. I try to cultivate a relaxed atmosphere in my lesson time in order to give the student the opportunity to express themselves better. High pressure situations are often a detriment to growth when placed in a learning environment. Students will have enough pressure when they perform whether they place it on themselves or others do. I not only train my students to deal with their abilities. I try to inspire them with belief in their own ability to succeed within themselves.

I expect three things from students.

1) That they have the right attitude to accomplish their goals

2) They are prepared to learn the material taught to them and practice

3) They enjoy the lesson and have learned something different from the time they started the lesson.

Three things that students can expect from me.

1) I will always encourage them to succeed in their talents

2) I will do my best to point them in right direction.

3) I will expect them to progress forward each lesson.

After 3 to 6 Months students will have confidence in their ability to play their instruments in front of family and friends.
Students will be " concert ready" to share their gifts with the public.
Students will have the ability to teach themselves new things while still being guided by a teacher who will cultivate their progress.
Students will be able to compose, perform and write their own music if they choose to do so.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I would expect students to have an open area to be able to teach as well as an instrument and stand, and metronome and a seat or chair A music note pad for future lessons. I would bring my instructional materials.

*** Specialties ***
Classical guitar, blues,heavy metal rock,jazz, gospel on the guitar as well as bass jazz, r'nb. On the piano, classically trained as well as played jazz professionally. experience in gospel, r&b and the blues

Melody H. West Palm Beach, FL

Subjects Taught

Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting

About Me

I started music at age 5. My parents were both professional musicians.My father was a professional jazz piano player and my mother a classical guitarist. So it is in the blood. I played a few instruments but my favorite guitar and piano. The bass is cool too. I went to Nassau Community College for Drama/Music I toured in theater groups and also was in a few bands while living in NY. I could not make up my mind so I did both. I love both ! I left NY to come down to So. Florida in 1991 due to my father's passing. Since I was new to the area I starting performing regular basis and became well known in the music community.I also went on a song writing spree which was good! I was able to do dinner theater in between the music. I met these two guys now my friends and music teachers from going to the open mics. They encouraged me to go out and start teaching and do what I was supposed to do. How it happened ? I placed one small ad, got a call and from there it grew into over 80 students.I just was referred to everyone it was a chain reaction.
In between teaching I was also in a duo and made time for the touring, local gigs, etc....released 3 CD's.
I was very busy that I decided to open up my own facility to handle the flow of students. I had my business for 9 years. I decided to close it down.
I produced a lot of talent from there.songwriters with published songs, singers with contracts, bands like the guitarist that played in Hey Monday. Students that started with me at age 5 and stayed for years. A lot are off to college or done with school grown up sort of. When they bump into me and say hey Ms. Mel I'll never forget you teaching me music lessons or do you remember this or that or I loved that band class you did. You changed my whole life. I really appreciate it and I did make a difference in their lives.

*** Lesson Details ***
Practice yes that is the question... ok I am not mean and I am not too laid back but if you do not do what your supposed to do be prepared to work. If you do not understand it we will do it until you get it. Remember you bugged mom for the lessons and here you are so it is important that you practice. Cut down on video games and TV. I expect you to be ready to go when you get there. If you want to be a rockstar
Little ones mom's I love when you sit in because I am teaching you as well. You will be helping your child practice during the week until the next lesson. For the guitar they will complain of hurting finger tips I cannot do anything about that it comes with guitar playing. Same for piano except the fingers will not hurt.
After 3 to 6 months for the older student I expect all 6 strings to be complete and chords and strumming on guitar and learning songs of your choice.
Piano - Sight Reading and being able to play with 2 hands in the key of "C" with ease.
this will happen with practice, And learning songs of your choice.
Small ones as much time as they need depends upon how long it takes for them to learn it and how much time mom can help practice.
I do make it fun and any student should not feel like they have to get sick before they go to their lesson.

*** Studio Equipment ***
music studio one room w/ upright piano seating for parents , amps, accessories strings, pics the stuff that you might forget or need.

*** Travel Equipment ***
their own instrument their books

*** Specialties ***
beginner classical/intermediate guitar
folk style guitar
blues beginner/intermediate
theory beginner/intermediate/advanced note reading
piano beginner /intermediate young beginner young adult to the older adult this goes for piano

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