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Popular Singing Teachers Near Oregon City

Benjamin Z.

Portland, OR
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Gay O.

Portland, OR
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Erin W.

Portland, OR
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Benjamin Z. Portland, OR

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Organ, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

Benjamin Z. began his musical journey when he was 11 with classical piano lessons in Chicago. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree (Piano; Jazz Emphasis) at Portland State University in 2011. Benjamin has studied and performed straight ahead jazz, western classical, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, experimental and electronic genres. He has composed and arranged for many types of ensembles including jazz vocal groups, jazz chamber groups (trios, quartets, etc), vocal ensembles and Big-bands.

As a piano instructor, he has experience working with students ranging from preschool to senior citizens in all skill levels. Previously he has worked with instruction of adult group-piano classes at Portland State University, coaching elementary students in after school music programs, group children'¬ôs classes, and working on an individual basis. Benjamin welcomes students of all ages, styles, and skill levels.

*** Lesson Details ***
As a teacher I offer a great deal of knowledge in many styles of music as well as a genuine motivation to impart the love I have for the piano. My journey through music has blessed me with experience in western classical, jazz, blues, and popular styles; all of which allows me to instruct students in whatever their musical goals may be. The lessons are always rooted in observing excellent pianistic technique and fundamental musicianship (ear training, reading music notation, etc). Finally, my students know me to be a patient instructor that consistently works to teach the material in a way that is accessible and relevant to the student's goals.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I would provide a metronome and some other miscellaneous supplies (pen, some sheet music)

The student should have a notebook to record our lessons in, a piano/keyboard to play and receive instruction on, and what ever music material I have assigned (course work, lesson book, etc). The keyboard should be 88-key and weighted. If the student is very young then it is not critical that the keyboard have weighted keys but it is still very preferable.

*** Specialties ***
Classical and Jazz music. I have studied many styles of jazz and popular music ranging from contemporary jazz, blues, funk, and rhythm & blues.

Western Classical Music. As part of my college program I have studied many classical styles: baroque, classical, romantic, and modern classical music.

Music Theory: Conservatory, Popular, and Jazz Styles.

Ethnic Musics: I have studied several native musics from the far and middle east (Maqqam, Indian Hindustani, Japanese folk musics)

Gay O. Portland, OR

Subjects Taught

Piano, Singing

About Me

I break into song before my feet touch the floor -- make a detour by the piano on the way to the shower. Starting my day with music almost guarantees that my day is more productive and is filled with joy.

My musical life started when I was 4 when my dad started teaching me piano. I played woodwind instruments from 5th grade through college. I started voice lessons when I was 16 (and wanted to get into the top high school choir). And then, at age 60, I asked myself what I most wanted to be excellent at, what would carry me through the rest of my life. I chose piano and found a top-notch teacher who took me back to square one and changed my musical life. Then--a few years later, I found a top-notch voice teacher who taught me to breathe, taught me to speak . . . and changed my life once more.

I want to share these new discoveries with YOU. I want YOU to have a chance at a part in a school musical. I want YOU to be able to stand up in church and sing your heart out. I want YOU to be able to sit at a piano and make up accompaniments for group singing or confidently play a solo for your friends and family.

My college degree is in voice. My master's degree is in choral music and elementary school vocal classroom music. I've been part of a summer stock music program in Montana where I sang in the chorus, played piano in the pit orchestra and the following year acted as vocal music director for 5 full-length musicals.

*** Lesson Details ***
There's no stress in studying with me. We'll go at your speed. But I will tell you, the better you get, the pickier I get! Perfection is unattainable -- it's the journey that matters. I use many different series of piano books -- Young Pianist's Library, Celebration Series, FJH literature. I love duets. For singers, I like show music. I use beginning Italian songs and art songs.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Has 3 acoustic pianos (2 grands & 1 upright); Conn theatre-type organ

*** Travel Equipment ***
I want an acoustic piano available in a student's home. Prefers this due to teaching method. Best to send in studio

*** Specialties ***
I am a student of the Dorothy Taubman piano technique. I teach classical piano, basic improvisation, vocal classical art songs, sacred music, musical theatre.

Erin W. Portland, OR

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing

About Me

I have a Master's in Vocal Performance from Portland State University, and over a decade of vocal training and performance experience.

I teach voice lessons to kids, teenagers, and adults.

My voice students range in ability from absolute beginner to intermediate with significant previous musical and vocal training. I have helped the beginning students learn to match pitch and read notes on the staff. My beginning and intermediate students learn to sing with purer vowels, increased breath support, and use a greater range.

I also teach beginning piano to all ages. I teach students as young as 5 as long as they are able to stay focused for the duration of a half hour lesson. Most of my piano students are in the 7 -10 range, but I have taught some beginning adults as well, as a supplement to voice lessons.

*** Lesson Details ***
Voice students will learn to improve their technique through proper breathing, correct vowels, space, and resonance. I teach repertoire based on the students' interest, but I am well versed in song literature in English, French, German, and Italian, as well as opera, oratorio, and musical theatre. I can help you improve your technique for whatever style of music you want to sing.

Piano students will learn to read music, play with correct form, learn scales, and improve their musicianship skills. I teach out of lesson books (mostly Faber) to improve technique, but I want students to learn supplemental pieces that are fun for them as well.

I hope to share with you the same joy I get from making music!

*** Studio Equipment ***
My studio at home has a piano, my music library, a large mirror for aiding the student in observing their vocal habits.

*** Travel Equipment ***
For in home lessons, students will need to have a keyboard or a piano in a space free of distractions. Students should have a neat, three ring binder to hold all of their music.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in teaching classical art songs and musical theatre.

Jane Y.

Ridgefield, WA
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Lisa N.

Beaverton, OR
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Sarah C.

Portland, OR
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Jane Y. Ridgefield, WA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Piano, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

A Professional Musician, I am now happy to pass my skills and knowledge on to the next generations so that they may have ALL the fun and enjoyment of music in their lives, that I had in mine.

Having toured the East Coast Venues (NYC to Key West) for 30 years, and self produced 10 CDs, I have 3 EMMY AWARDS for soundtrack music for the EXPEDITION FLORIDA SERIES, Nature Documentaries. They were funded by the University of Florida, Museum of Natural History, and the Tourist Development Council of Alachua County, Florida.

Playing acoustic and electric six string guitars, electric bass guitar, piano and keyboards, drums, percussion and hand drums, I majored in Flute and Voice at UF and have spent my life immersed in and obsessed by the world of music.

I have played classical, rock, reggae, folk, jazz, swing, country, bluegrass, praise, gospel, afro-pop, ska and 80's music, and have toured as a solo act, a duo, a trio, and with a full 6 piece band, SKATTERBRAINZ, for 8 years.

I teach lessons and classes full time, and also perform LIVE and in person frequently in local venues for profit and community service.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons start with learning the names of notes, how to read music, a bit of music theory (time signature, sharps and flats) and how this translates to the instrument the child chooses. All instruments are taught by fingering first and then musical notes second. It is easier for the child this way, and he/she can be playing a song with both hands by the end of first lesson.

As the child learns the beginning steps of reading and implementing music, I encourage them to tell me what songs they like, and then try to find an easy one to start with.

So that while we are learning "real music" we are also having fun with a piece that your child enjoys and has "CHOSEN".

This way they have some discipline AND some fun!

As pieces are mastered, the same pieces can be redone on different, more difficult levels, so that pieces are always growing and improving.

Eventually the student can read music competently on the instrument, as well as hear and play by ear.

At higher levels I teach the ability to improvise and read music and chord charts in order to play professionally with other musicians. I also encourage students to get with other students and friends to have music "sessions." They can bring their musical friends to lesson to help learn songs for TALENT SHOWS or CHURCH or what ever their immediate needs or desires are. I can also record "Karaoke" tracks for songs they write or want to sing for talent shows/ auditions.

All lessons are custom designed for the student's abilities, tastes and goals. ALL LESSONS ARE DESIGNED TO BE FUN, and ENJOYED BY THE STUDENT as well as the instructor. I want both of us to have a great time in lesson and learn while we do.


*** Studio Equipment ***
Guild, Yamaha, Alvarez and Martin Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitars.
Crate and Roland Guitar Amplifiers.
Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar and Gallien Kruger amp.
Ensoniq Digital Synthesizers (SQ-2), and Peavey Keyboard Amplifier.
Yamaha PSS 480 keyboard
Casio SK-1 sampling Keyboard
Djembe hand drum,
Yamaha and Crate Sound Reinforcement PA Systems,
MacBooks (3), iBook and Motu Recording Studio w/Mark of the Unicorn: Audio Desk software.
Garage Band and Audio box USB interface
4 pc Tama Swingstar Drumset w/ Zildjian Cymbals
Recorder, tambourine, shakers, and Alesis Drum Machine.
Zoom H2 Portable Digital Recording device.
Behringer Headphone amp with five sets of headphones.
Shure, Audio Technica, and ADK vocal and condenser microphones.
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorders
Autoharp and Thumb piano

*** Travel Equipment ***
The Student is expected to bring a three ring binder to lessons, to hold all lesson materials, as well as any other required Instruction Books. Sheets will be provided with sheet protectors for your binder.

JR HANON for the Piano: Complete book 1 and excerpts from Book 2&3 $9
Hal Leonard Guitar Method COMPLETE EDITION (Books 1, 2 and 3) in one volume $15
Hal Leonard Bass Method $10

Please have new strings on guitars before the first lesson.

Please make sure your child has eaten before lessons, as we burn lots of calories!

FYI for allergic people: Cats in household. Studio Cleaned (vacuumed, dusted, aired out) daily. Air purifiers/Ionizer in studio.

*** Specialties ***
Jazz standards, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Bluegrass and Country!
Ska, Blues, New Age/Ambient, and Best of All ~ Compose Your Own!

Lisa N. Beaverton, OR

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I have been a guitar and voice instructor for over 15 years, and piano for 3. I am also in the testing stages for violin and ukulele. I really love this job! I had a real hard time learning guitar when I was growing up because of an accident to my left arm, but I wanted to play so much that I was able to overcome it. Because of this, I think I have learned to be a very patient teacher. I see students who get frustrated and think that it's too hard to play the guitar, but I promise you my program is fun and simple. I can show you the steps to success. I have taught over 500 students in a variety of cities from Minneapolis Minnesota, to Los Angeles California, and now Portland Oregon. I have had individually and group taught over 28,000 lessons in that time, so I have dealt with every kind of person including those with disabilities. I am currently obtaining my Masters in Music education and Psychology from Marylhurst, and I have taught every age from 5-70. I am also a performer, and I own my own music publishing company through ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers). I currently teach Piano to level 3, so if you are a beginner, you will love my new program. Music is my life, I can help you make your dream of playing guitar, piano or singing come true. You can do it!

* I hold recitals twice a year in May and November.

*** Lesson Details ***
The thing I have learned over the years teaching guitar is that everyone learns differently. I have taught in family situations where there are two or three siblings learning at the same time, but each sibling learned the skills that are unique to them. Some students are better at playing rhythm, some students are better at lead, some students are better with barre chords. As long as you are enjoying playing the guitar, you will be able to grow in every area at your own pace. Music should be a fun and rewarding experience. My lessons usually include songs that you like to play and are at your level of playing ability. We can play as a band too. When you are ready, I love to bring out the drum machine while you play guitar and I play the bass notes, giving you the feel of a live group situation that can make learning at your lesson more fun.But if that's not for you we can just play guitar together too, whatever makes you feel the most comfortable is how you will be able to learn the best. Tell me what you need I am always here to help you.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Amplifiers, Chords, Microphones, Guitars, Piano

Private Cancellation Policy
Effective 1/1/2014, all lessons scheduled with Lisa N., Take Lessons instructor for piano, guitar, bass, and voice, will now have new reschedule and cancellation requirements. These requirements are that no lessons may be cancelled, only rescheduled. If students cancel the remaining lessons they have paid for, they must make them up or they will be forfeited. If a student misses a lesson due to sickness, vacation, traffic, or emergency, the student will have the lesson marked as missed, but will be allowed to make up the lesson within the month. The student must make up the lesson on a Saturday, unless other times are available for reschedule throughout the week. Check with the instructor for flexibility in scheduling, as every effort will be made to accommodate the situation. There will no longer be a 24 hour cancellation policy as all lessons will be marked missed. The teacher will give the same consideration due to emergencies, sickness, and or classes, and if a student shows up at the studio and a lesson cannot be given by the teacher for any reason, the student will not be charged and an additional free lesson will be given for the inconvenience.
Thanks Sincerely Lisa N.
Take Lessons Instructor

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.Beginning to intermediate Guitar Voice and Bass lessons, beginning Piano.

Sarah C. Portland, OR

Subjects Taught

Accordion, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing

About Me

I teach vocal technique to recording artists, singers interested in starting or
joining bands, people looking to do musical theater, do some opera, and anyone
who just wants to sound great around the campfire.

My students learn how to embellish the things they like about their voices and
make them sound unique, while at the same time defeating tension and poor vocal
technique. I also work on shaping the whole performer, from stage presence to
microphone control.

My instrumental students work on both classical and modern music. If you are interested in learning how to read music, chords, charts, compose or just learn some basics I am happy to help you with that.

Optional recitals are held two times a year.

I have a Bachelors of Music, Vocal Performance at the University of Oregon
and have been teaching voice since 2002. I have sung in The U of O Opera
Ensemble, Eugene Symphony Chorus, The Oregon Bach Festival Chorus, The Dahoo
Chorus, Emily Post and Opera Theater
Oregon. I have featured with The
Salon ensemble, Trashcan Joe, The March Fourth Marching Band, Sophe Lux, and
The String Cheese Incident

*** Lesson Details ***
I tailor lessons to my student's individual needs and musical desires. I
attack lessons from a classical background of correct breathing and body
control, and from there add the inflections of rock, pop, jazz, indie, metal,
musical theater, etc on top of your voice in a way that you will be able to
sing for years and not hurt yourself.

I believe lessons should be fun and encouraging, other wise there is not
desire to continue. I understand that learning how to sing, just like learning
any new instrument can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a piano and guitar in my detached studio, this ensures being able to make new sounds and not have to worry about people overhearing anything.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect student to have a small keyboard or piano.

*** Specialties ***
My degree was specialized in opera and art song. However my niche in Portland has been teaching people in rock bands. From Indie, blues, jazz, to metal, and pop. I also an extremely proficient in classical forms such as opera and art song, and teach some musical theater.

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