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Popular Saxophone Teachers Near North Bergen

Nathan C.

New York, NY
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Bill T.

Brooklyn, NY
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Matt L.

Brooklyn, NY
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Nathan C. New York, NY

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Flute, LSAT, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone

About Me

MUSIC lessons:

Having an experienced and knowledgeable instructor is important for improving at any instrument! I am trained with two degrees from Berklee College of Music, in performance and film composing--where I studied with some of the best musical minds alive. Whatever you'd like to get out of your music lessons, I can give that to you!

LSAT lessons:

My methods are very simple and very effective - when I was preparing for the LSAT, they were able to get my practice scores up into the 170s in just a few weeks - and all of my students see very visible improvement in their performance when they begin studying with me. I can make this test simple and fun for you, and as long as you put the time in, I can get you on the path to a perfect 180!

*** Lesson Details ***
Better bring a towel because you will sweat!! Just kidding. I like to keep my lessons as laid back and fun as possible - it's important that both you and me look forward to our weekly meetings!

I like to sit down with my new students and discuss whether they have any specific goals, and then devise a study plan that will enable them to reach those goals within a few months. No matter how elementary or how difficult, it's doable!

The sky's the limit - everyone started somewhere. You decide how good you can be, and I can bring you to that level!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music studio in home with seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Please own or rent your own instrument (with the exception of piano, which I have at my home).

*** Specialties ***
Extensive amount of expertise in jazz performance and theory, on any instrument.
Instrumental expertise on woodwinds (saxophones, clarinets, flute).
Have personally developed methods for training jazz and instrumental excellence.
As well, extensive experience in composition for various idioms, including jazz groups, various sized orchestras, big band.

Bill T. Brooklyn, NY

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Flute, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone

About Me

I began playing the saxophone as well as clarinet and flute at a young age. I studied the various woodwind instruments in his hometown of Buffalo, New York under instruction of some of the regions most renown players and educators. I earned my Bachelors degree in Jazz Studies at the Purchase College Conservatory of Music. While attending school at Purchase, I had the opportunity to study under a great variety of world class saxophonists and jazz artists such as Jimmy Greene, Eric Alexander, Steve Wilson, Jon Gordon, Todd Coolman, Jon Faddis and Pete Malinverni. Throughout my career, I've performed with such distinguished artists as Joey DeFrancesco, Randy Brecker, Bob Mintzer, and Cyrille-Aimee. I've performed in Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Linclon Center, Birdland, many other venues in the NYC and Buffalo areas and also played Reed 1 on the national tour of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein: The Musical. Currently I reside in Brooklyn, New York where I've been able to immerse myself in the great musical hub of New York City. Alongside being a performer, I am also an experienced educator and have worked with many students ranging from grades K-12 and beyond. Before moving to New York City, I taught privately and was also a faculty member for the Ken-Ton Summer Music program held in Buffalo, NY teaching saxophone, flute and clarinet lessons from 2009-2011.

*** Lesson Details ***
Every student is unique, therefore, lessons are designed to fit the student individually. My teaching style is molded to satisfy each students wants and needs. I also like to focus on developing proper playing habits. I see it as my job to help my students understand and develop the proper techniques to eliminate bad habits in order for them to be the best they can be on their instrument. Lessons are about having fun making music, learning, and improving.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Chairs, music stands and keyboard for harmonic discussions.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect the student to bring their own music notebook and their own instrument. They may also need to purchase their own lesson books when the time comes.

*** Specialties ***
I can help my students learn how to play in a variety of styles ranging from classical (solos, chamber music, etudes, etc.) to jazz (improvisation, harmony, etc.). Whether they're working on a song to play at school, a NYSSMA or All County solo, or just learning for fun, I will help them play to the best of their ability.

Matt L. Brooklyn, NY

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Flute, Music Recording, Music Theory, Saxophone

About Me

Matt, 36 years old, has enjoyed working and teaching as a professional musician for at least 15 years. He began studying music and playing the saxophone at age 11. He currently lives and works in the New York City area after moving there from Philadelphia in early 2001, after graduating from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1999 with a Bachelors in Music.

Throughout his musical career, Matt has performed and worked in a variety of capacities including as a composer and recording studio engineer. His main area of expertise is performing as a jazz saxophonist on alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones, and he regularly plays throughout New York City in restaurants and jazz clubs.

Matt's area of expertise in teaching is beginner to advanced studies on the saxophone, beginner to intermediate studies on the flute and the clarinet, music theory, and jazz improvisation for any instrument. Whether he is teaching saxophone, flute, or clarinet, his teaching approach places emphasis on giving the student an in depth understanding of his or her instrument. He puts the utmost importance on explaining advanced concepts in the simplest of terms in order to insure that the student fully comprehends the objectives of each lesson. Such concepts that he covers regularly and places importance on are sight-reading, ear-training, and creativity.

As a regularly performing musician in New York City, Matt can be seen every Sunday night from 7 pm to 10 pm at Ba'sik (a new and very popular bar in Williamsburg Brooklyn, just off of the Graham ave stop on the L train) where he leads the open jazz jam session. A few of his adult students have even been able to reach a level in jazz improvisation that they've been able to come out and sit in with the band.

In addition to teaching woodwind instruments and jazz improvisation, Matt also has experience teaching Sibelius music writing software, and audio engineering with Pro-tools LE and Logic Pro.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the NYC area is very different geographically from other parts of the country, especially in terms of transportation, I may appear outside of your area in terms of where I am available to travel. If you are very interested in taking lessons with me, but you are outside of my travel zone, please feel free to follow up with a Takelessons counselor and have them contact me personally to see if we might make an exception. I am available to travel to virtually all areas of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan as well as Jersey City and Hoboken. if my location in Williamsburg Brooklyn is not convenient for you, and you are unable to have lessons in your home, then there is also an option where I can most likely find a very affordable teaching studio in an area that is more convenient for you that we may rent by the hour and split the cost for your lesson.

*** Lesson Details ***
Matt believes that any student, regardless of age or experience level, learns best when engaged in an activity that he or she understands and enjoys. Part of his success as a teacher can be attributed to his willingness to take into account every student's particular musical interests and strengths, and in tern, he teaches directly to those areas. For instance, in the initial stages of developing a student and teacher relationship, Matt requests that the student compile a "wish list" of approximately ten pieces of music that he or she would like to be able to play. This list may include pieces in such genres as classical, jazz, and popular music, just to name a few. It is through this list that the student can begin almost immediately learning exactly what he or she likes, and by default, Matt can then teach the student all of the technical components needed to perform on his or her instrument, as well as determine the specific areas where the student needs to receive more focused instruction. More importantly, this "thinking outside of the box," customized approach provides a fun atmosphere and enables the student to enjoy learning the art of playing music by not being solely dependent on instructional booklets which many students, regardless of age and experience, find boring and tedious.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Additional saxophones for students who do not currently have a saxophone to use during a lesson. Recording equipment, including software and microphones. Mac book pro with music writing and recording software. Full 88 key keyboard.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Additional saxophones. Macbook pro with recording and music writing software

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25
lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from, music theory, home recording, saxophone, clarinet, flute,
all styles

Jerry Y.

Cranbury, NJ
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Aaron H.

Brooklyn, NY
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Yuki Y.

Bloomfield, NJ
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Jerry Y. Cranbury, NJ

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Flute, Music Theory, Saxophone, Trombone, Violin

About Me

I've been playing and loving music for well more than half a century, now. I got started in second grade when my grandpa brought home a little violin one day, and I've been at it ever since. I was fortunate to take lessons for more than ten years with Carita Page, a teacher who was very warm, encouraging, and caring. I do my best to pass that on to my students in addition to the technique of playing and the theory of music, fascinating as those are.

I feel that playing in groups is very valuable experience for students and gives you a side of music that private lessons alone cannot. I encourage students to look for opportunities to do that. To help provide those opportunities I organized the Cranbury Scout Band, one of very few continuously-operating Scout bands in the country, which I have directed for more that ten years now. I've also been on the staff of several Jamboree Scout bands.

*** Lesson Details ***
Every student is a different individual and learns in different ways. I try to make lessons as interesting and as useful to each student as I can, and include different things based on your interests and capabilities. Most students find duets are fun, so I include them often - both duets with the same instrument you are studying and duets with other instruments as well so you can learn the sound of such combinations. I encourage you to "play with your ears" as well as your fingers, to become a critical listener to your own performance and to decide whether you sound the way you want to sound.

I encourage students to try different things to become a more rounded musician. This might be something closely related - a flutist trying the piccolo or a clarinetist trying the bass clarinet. Or, it might be further afield - a flutist trying the guitar or a violinist learning movable Do and solfeggio singing. Every aspect of music is good to know.

*** Studio Equipment ***
My music studio is in a separate building - actually a renovated barn about two centuries old. The studio contains a piano and all the other instruments that I teach, and is roomy enough not only for private lessons but for musical groups up to about ten. I have many other resources there as well, including files of music, a small music library, and a computer that we can use for many purposes.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students need their instruments, music, and stands.
I bring my own instrument.

*** Specialties ***
Marching Band,
Ethnic (such as Jewish, Irish)

Aaron H. Brooklyn, NY

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Flute, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone

About Me

Saxophonist/woodwinds/Keyboards/Vocals -

Originally from Porterville, California, Aaron graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA in '05. He was a recipient of the Charlie Parker Award for woodwind excellence as well as World Scholarship Tour recipient. Notable artists Aaron has performed with include Me'Shell N'degeocello, Michel Camilo, David Tronzo, Tiger Okoshi, George Garzone, Bryan Baker, Matthew Stevens, and Joe Lovano. He has studied with notable teachers and performers such as Joe Lovano, George Garzone, Hal Crook, Dave Santoro, Joanne Brakeen, Frank Tiberi, and performed at The Monterey Jazz Festival and Next Generation Festival in Monterey, CA (Bryan Baker Quartet), The North Sea Jazz Festival, Tri-C Jazz Festival, and venues all over New York and New England.

Inclined towards progressive jazz, modern classical, cutting edge rock and electronica, I am comfortable teaching in most any style and idiom. My wide range of influences has given me the background to educate at any skill level, at any age, and I have a high success rate with children of all ages.

*** Lesson Details ***
In addition to stressing proper instrumental technique and fundamentals, I also like to establish and introduce the student to the theory behind the music, as I find this broadens their overall understanding of not only their instrument, but music in general. I use ear training very often as well. I am particularly adept at teaching improvisation in the jazz idiom, while encouraging students to use their theoretical knowledge when learning to solo and improvise. I also teach composition using the same topics, as they go hand in hand very well. I often incorporate the use of electronic music programs and computers in my teaching, if applicable, as well as sound recordings for demonstration. I am not strict when it comes to practice regiments, as I understand that every person is different, but I am firm in requiring that a student follow my suggestions in terms of technique and fundamentals. I will not force a student to play a particular style or piece, so I try to gather their interests and pick material with them that is in line with their likes.

*** Specialties ***
All Saxophones, clarinet, flute, piano, bass clarinet, music theory, improvisation, all performance techniques, instrumental proficiency (classical and jazz/contemporary)
All levels.
I specialize in teaching improvisation and the theoretical and concepts involved. I also specialize in composition and the application of theory and musical "tendencies" in order to be a complete musician.

Yuki Y. Bloomfield, NJ

Subjects Taught


About Me

My Experience
-8 years teaching experience
-studying the saxophone/music for 18 years, gigging for 8 years
-honors in Bergen County Band, Regional Band, Regional Jazz Band, All-State Jazz band
-Performed with Tom "Bones" Malone, Darmon Meader, Marvin Stamm, Conrad Herwig, Kristin Korb, Ralph Bowen
-Studied with Jeffrey Haas, Mark Friedman, Eric Alexander, Ralph Bowen, Andy Fusco, Mike Richmond, Conrad Herwig
-Attended Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University for Jazz Performance

Lessons will focus on the obvious matters of technique and theory but also will be stressed on the musicality and "feel" of your instrument as well. After all, music stirs the soul and so I believe learning the craft must be done with curiosity and spirituality as well! You will learn everything from the fundamentals to classical music to jazz improvisation and rhythm and well anything you would want!

I am NOT looking to simply be your one-on-one musical drill instructor. I am a very open and sociable person and I tend to develop strong relationships with my students. I love to have a laugh, connect with people, but I also take music and teaching it very seriously, and so if music and honesty is what you seek, I would love to study it with you!

*** Lesson Details ***
The things that I can guarantee you are my honesty, progress, friendship, and my utmost to try and enrich your life with the world of music. HOW you progress and how quickly you do so, is entirely up to you; a teacher/student relationship goes both ways.

I am a very engaged and involved teacher, meaning that I will be listening to everything, keeping detailed logs and playing my horn with you as much as possible! Depending on your level and commitment, we will do everything from studying the repetitive fundamentals, jamming together with some records, honing technique with classical pieces, and even just sitting and listening to the masters.

I will have direction to my teachings, but I also encourage students to speak their mind about anything. That way I can learn more about you and the things you wish to accomplish personally! With that said, you will be pushed, as I believe that is my sole responsibility as a teacher; to get the BEST out of you!

*** Specialties ***
Jazz, Classical, Funk, Soul and R&B, Pop, Music Performance

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