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Popular Music Performance Teachers Near Matthews

Charlie P.

Charlotte, NC
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Ryan B.

Mount Pleasant, NC
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Grant D.

Charlotte, NC
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Charlie P. Charlotte, NC

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

I have been passing on what I've learned in my own studies, personal and privately taught, to help new students get the strong foundations for becoming the best musician they can be. I've been playing since age 6 (now 44) and performing since 18. I started with Classical guitar, then Rock and Jazz. In all my years of study, I've learned how to teach and how NOT to teach. I have had many years of private lessons. I've written, recorded and performed for over 20 years. My wife and I even do voice over work on occasion.

*** Lesson Details ***
Students have become friends and I've seen many go on to become performers, songwriters and teachers. I also use a wide range of materials when teaching like DVDs, CDs, and computer 'play along' tracks. I love teaching, seeing people smile and enjoy making music. Music is like painting : I try to show students as many colors as I can and encourage them to create something of their own which others can enjoy as well.
I sometimes learn FROM my students as they present something they wish top learn but I must first figure it out before showing them how to play it. It's very give and take when I teach.

*** Studio Equipment ***
studio on second floor for lessons; chairs and equipment available; books, metronomes, music stands, cd players, cables and amps; acoustic & electric guitars.

*** Specialties ***
Rock and Jazz and appreciation of Classical
Expose students to music they normally don't listen to.
Guidance through improvisation and creative process.

Ryan B. Mount Pleasant, NC

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bluegrass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Country Guitar, Ear Training, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

First and most importantly, I'm a 40 year-old dad to two great little boys and a husband to a fantastic wife - but before I was either one...I was a rocker.

I got my first guitar when I was 15 years old (I had wanted one for 5 years but my sister cried too much about piano lessons so she blew it for me - but that's another story), and started taking lessons from a fantastic teacher shortly thereafter. By the time I was 18, I moved off to college, where I proceeded to focus all my attention (much to my parents' dismay) on playing and forming a band. My parents got kinda mad, but I put together that band - which lead to a bigger, better band and a record deal. I spent my early and mid 20s touring, making a record and getting so close to rock stardom that I could taste it - but it wasn't meant to be.

I moved home, got married, got a "real" job, had kids and did everything society "tells" you to do - but something was missing. About a year ago, I figured out what it was; sharing music with other people.

I've been teaching for over a year now, and I'm having a ball. The joy of seeing a new guitar player string 3 chords together is just as exciting to me now as playing a great song on stage was way back when. I'd love to have the opportunity to share that feeling with you too!

*** Lesson Details ***
We'll spend our first lesson getting to know each other. Music is all about the connection you make to the sounds you hear - and since we'll be making lots of those together, we should learn a little about each other. I'll discover how much (if any) musical experience you have, and determine a proper starting point for your education.

Like other instructors, I'll teach you chords, scales, rhythm and theory - but I'll do it in a way that's fun and exciting for you. Part of getting to know you is finding out what kind of music you enjoy. Do you like pop? Rock? Metal? Country? I use songs to illustrate the lessons each week, so I'll do my best to find music that you'll enjoy playing. There will be times where our song of the week might not be your cup of tea, but hopefully I'll be able to show you why that song's important, and maybe even broaden your musical horizons.

At the end of each lesson, you'll head out with new sheet music, links to videos of the original songs, and any other supplemental material you may need. By the end of the first month, you should be playing songs!

*** Studio Equipment ***
1991 Gibson Les Paul Standard
1986 Fender Stratocaster
2010 Ovation Celebrity Acoustic
2013 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Acoustic

Vox AC30 212 Combo Amp

*** Specialties ***
Pop, rock, metal, singer/songwriter, acoustic

Grant D. Charlotte, NC

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I have studied and practiced in jazz, classical, blues, rock, and sacred
musical styles and have the experience and ability to play or teach others at any level. I play piano, saxophone, and sing professionally but have played clarinet, trumpet, tuba, and guitar as well. Additionally, I have the leadership and business experience to coordinate ensembles for various musical environments to provide the best teaching methods passed on from some of the top doctorates and world class teachers.

*** Studio Equipment ***
5'11' Kawai Grand Piano
Selmer Mark vi Tenor, Alto Saxophones
Fender Rhodes
Buffet r-13 Clarinet
Roland G Fantom
Korg Triton
Fender 5 String Bass
Roland 700 GX 88 key weighted
Yamaha yas 63 alto sax
Full Pa with microphones

*** Travel Equipment ***
They will need a piano, keyboard or saxophone. I only will do hour lessons paid monthly w/travel charges weighed in if taught outside my studio or home.

*** Specialties ***
classical, jazz, blues, gospel, traditional church, contemporary church, rock, pop, r&b, country, dixieland,

Michael C.

Catawba, NC
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Joey R.

Huntersville, NC
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Elizabeth K.

Charlotte, NC
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Michael C. Catawba, NC

Subjects Taught

Algebra, Arithmetic, Basic Math, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Drum, Elementary Math, English, Geometry, GMAT, GRE, Guitar, Harmonica, History, Language, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Pre Algebra, PSAT, Reading, SAT, Singing, Songwriting, Statistics

About Me

I have a Masters Degree from Central Michigan Univ. I am an Air Force Veteran.

Two deep leadership at all times and parents have waiting areas visible to classes. I love guitar and playing music, I think I have taught so long I would not know what to do without a music/teaching career. I have made a living playing guitar for 24 years.

*** Lesson Details ***
I have been a music teachers so long I have become very simplistic. I teach the following:

(1) To practically play while having fun (3 locations to choose).

(2) Music Theory.

(3) Playing by ear.

(4) Leadership Skills. I am still having a great time teaching, so we do it a lot. I love to teach and enjoy it very much, I owe a lot to my music career and want to pass it on. We are in Rotary and support many community activities.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have - 3 Professional teaching studios - that are in nice locations.

I really enjoy my job and have a lot of great equipment; we work hard, but have a lot of fun too.

*** Travel Equipment ***
(1) Respectfully what is reasonable. I am a full time musician, I am flexible and happy - we can work these things out.

(We have a lot of equipment, I am very thankful). We have very good business relationships in the community.

I appreciate my job.

*** Specialties ***
(1) Group interactive method based on theory.
(2) Students show leadership in their own program.
(3) Students work with me (instructor) on Lesson Plans.
(4) Students pick out material they want to study.
(5) Students work on (ear training) and reading music.

Joey R. Huntersville, NC

Subjects Taught

Classical Guitar, Ear Training, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

"Currently, Joey Rincón is a student of music performance for classical guitar at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is a very friendly and compassionate musician, and is completely immersed in the music world. Naturally, he wants to share his love of music with his students, and his goal is to awaken the musical potential in his clients. He's been on a journey with guitar for 13 years. As an instructor, he is gifted in providing inspiration to his students. Also, he believes in perfection, and that one must always strive for it. Technique, expression, repertoire, sight-reading, music theory, with a touch of music-induced enthusiasm, describe the experience of studying the guitar with Joey."

From EastCoastEntertainment profile:

"Joey Rincón has been honing his technique and artistry on the guitar for 11 years. He was born and raised in New York, where he was first introduced to classical music through the violin. Now, he is a music student of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he continues on his spiritual and musical journey as a classical guitarist.

Joey Rincón has studied classical guitar under the mastery Derek Day at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, and Charles Vaughn at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His playing reflects his Spanish culture and background, while simultaneously being fueled by his unstoppable love for the music.

During his studies on the classical guitar, he has worked with the music of Mauro Giuliani, Matteo Carcassi, Francisco Tárrega, J.S Bach, and much, much more. What separates Joey Rincón from other musicians is his unmistakable close attention to small details in music. From studying under masters in the field, Joey Rincón pays special attention to the basic musical components such as melody, rhythm, and harmony, while putting a tremendous amount of effort and thought into his tone production. His musical ideas are an exact reflection to how he views the world around him; a beautiful, adventurous, and emotional reality.

His repertoire is forever expanding, but focuses mostly on the Baroque and Classical Era, and contemporary Spanish music, particularly that of Antonio Lauro."

Elizabeth K. Charlotte, NC

Subjects Taught

Accompaniment, Arrangement and Composition, Composition, Ear Training, Flute, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Pro Tools Software

About Me

A multi-instrumentalist, Elizabeth is trained in classical, jazz, rock, and Latin music styles. She is also experienced in composing music for film, dance, & mixed media. The influence of world folk music can be heard in her music and she has a passion for creating electro-acoustic works paired with visual art.

In 2012, Moon Garden (for guitar and clarinet) received third prize in the National MTNA Composition Competition. Another piece composed for cello, electronics, and dance,Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, won a national award and was performed at the Kennedy Center in May of 2012.

Elizabeth is a freelance performer, composer, a professor of music, and she also gives private lessons. She is also passionate about volunteering and getting involved with human rights activism and raising awareness of current issues — especially in regards to modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

M.M., University of North Carolina at Greensboro. B.A. Music, UNC-Charlotte.

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