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Popular Music Theory Teachers Near Magnolia

Allison V.

Houston, TX
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Jerred B.

Houston, TX
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Shannon S.

Houston, TX
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Allison V. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Flute, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

My musical journey began with piano lessons at age 8 followed by flute lessons the next year. My passion for the flute grew as I played in school bands from 4th to 12th grade. I attended Southwestern University from 2009 to 2013 and graduated with a BM in Music Performance on the flute (magna cum laude) and gave private lessons throughout most of my college career with great success. I have performed in several ensembles including the flute choir, wind ensemble and orchestra at SU, as well as The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Austin Orchestra in their production of The Mikado. I currently play with the Shimmer Flute Choir.

Although classically trained I also enjoy classic rock and appreciate music from other cultures as well.

Fun Fact: In college I arranged Three Dog Night's Joy to the Word/Jeremiah was a Bullfrog for flute quartet which has been performed on two separate occasions and was well received!

In addition to the flute I also have experience with the piccolo, alto, and bass flute. I love performing and I share my passion for music with my students.

*** Lesson Details ***
I offer lessons that cover just about every aspect of flute-playing. Students can expect to become well-rounded musicians that are knowledgeable about flute technique, tone, music theory and history. I use the Rubank Method with handout supplements. The biggest changes I've seen in my students after a few months is a better understanding of how to practice efficiently as well as improved tone.

I strive to make lessons fun and interesting. I do not consider myself strict, but I do not ignore bad habits. My goal is to see students improve. I want students to understand that playing an instrument is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of hard work.

My teaching philosophy focuses on slow and deliberate practice of technique while still appreciating the expression and style of a piece. I never force a student to play a piece he or she does not like because I feel that doing so discourages practice and slows musical development. I like to encourage students to pick their own solos and partly base the lesson on whatever aspects of the solo need attention, as well as whatever else the student is working on. I try to use a variety of methods for explaining concepts including pictures, verbal descriptions, demonstrations, etc., depending on what works best for the student. I focus heavily on good posture and tone production, stressing on learning good playing habits at a young age. I believe that music lessons should be a fun and engaging part of a student's week. Ultimately my goal is to share my enthusiasm for music and my instrument with the student and deepen their love for the art.

*** Studio Equipment ***
My studio is located in the front room of my home and includes a music stand, piano and comfortable chairs in case parents would like to stay for the lesson.

*** Specialties ***
I primarily concentrate on classical music, but I also have experience with extended techniques, which include singing and playing at the same time, key clicks, and multiphonics.

Jerred B. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Music Theory, Piano, Singing

About Me

I'm a young, enthusiastic, energetic, and patient pianist with a B.A. in Jazz Piano Performance from Lewis and Clark College.

So, born in Dallas, I've spent parts of my childhood in various parts of the country, from Washington D.C. to Carbondale, Colorado to Portland, Oregon, and now in hot and humid Houston, Texas. America has a plenty to offer and our great country's musical history is rich and eclectic. I first started playing piano at a very young age from a very old lady. It was something I resented my parents for, not really understanding the whole point of playing music. But now, in retrospect, I thank them indefinitely for exposing me to one of the most important passions of my life. It was in 6th grade that I joined a rock n' roll band, singing and playing all sorts of keyboards and having a ball with music. The idea that I was having fun playing music finally dawned on me and the verb "playing" music finally made perfect sense to me. Without passion, music is simply another endeavor, so this realization propelled me into the realm of music indefinitely.

In high-school I finally learned what jazz music was and fell in love with the idea of spontaneous improvisation. Learning theory really helped and I started jamming with my buddies, eventually starting a cover band. Although I've never lost sight of my classical roots, trying to improve my technique as well as my sight-reading, it was in jazz that I really found my calling. So in college, I started studying with a great jazz pianist, Randy Porter, and found my fingers wrapping themselves around my own music in a way I never thought possible. So that's that, I've recently graduated, having played gigs and teaching kids, and found my way into a new city with new possibilities.

When it comes to teaching, most teachers adhere to a strict curriculum. While I do love my curriculum, I will often change things around in order to cater to my students' different needs. Through all my experiences, I've learned that positive reinforcement is ideal and that a good association with a learning experience often paves the way for more of them. Working with me gives students the opportunity to make headway in an instrument without painstaking monotony. The more that somebody enjoys learning, the more that they learn. I love to have fun when I'm teaching, so my students tend to have fun as well. Like I said earlier, music should be "played," and playing should be fun!

*** Lesson Details ***
My lessons will usually begin with a recap of the last week, what the student has practiced, and what they accomplished since the last lesson. For some students, I will assign listening over the week, so at the beginning of the lessons, I read over the observations that they made in regards to the songs they listened to.
One thing I require of all of my students is a notebook devoted solely to the lesson, where the student writes down what he/she thinks about in terms of accomplishments and what they want to learn. I will also write down in the notebook different techniques, assignments, and various other things related to the lesson for the betterment of the student. My typical lesson will involve a communication between the student and myself, trying best to learn where the student is coming from and cater to his/her necessities in terms of learning. I am laid back, for the most part, but will encourage the student to practice. I do not get angry, but I will try to inspire the student through various techniques, becoming more disappointed than enraged at a student's lack of enthusiasm. Lessons for me are fun and I try and convey that jovial enthusiasm to my students.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in living room with upright piano, couch. I do have cats, so heads up if you're allergic.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I may or may not bring music paper and lesson books. If it is the first lesson, I'll definitely bring some material. I expect a piano in the home of the student given the enormous stature of the instrument.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in jazz piano, first and foremost. Although I was coached in classical as a child and can easily teach most intermediates, jazz is my forte and my major in college. In terms of teaching styles, it all depends on the student. More than most teachers, though, I put a heavy weight on listening to music in order to fully understand it. Technique is very important and must be taught, but feel is probably paramount and should be emphasized. Before a student can accurately play a piece of music, he/she must be able to connect with the music. When it comes to the piano, especially jazz piano, theory and knowledge of how the sounds of the instrument interact are also crucial. I will teach an appropriate amount of theory to the students given the style of play and pieces they are learning.

Shannon S. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Bassoon, Cello, Clarinet, Cycling, Fitness, Flute, Music Performance, Music Theory, Oboe, Piano, Running, Saxophone, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Stretching, Swimming, Triathlon, Viola, Violin

About Me

See details of "AFFILIATIONS", "MUSIC" and "FITNESS" below:


MUSIC (see fitness below): Shannon has numerous years experience teaching all skill levels on woodwinds, and beginning-intermediate piano & classical strings, using various approaches to best suit the students learning style, personality and needs.

Shannon is an active musician, who has been featured as a soloist, and in the flute and woodwind sections with various orchestras, chamber ensembles, opera orchestras and musical theatre within the United States, Italy, and Mexico. She is presently Principal Flute of the Baytown Symphony, Director of the Da Capo Chamber Ensembles, and is a substitute musician with the Orquesta Sinfnica de Monterrey, Symphony of Southeast Texas, and Opera in the Heights.

Shannon has been a faculty member at various colleges, is currently Adjunct Professor of Music at Brazosport College, and also has an active private studio, Leigh Studios. She is the College Music Society South-Central Regional President; and is an Advisory Board member for the Houston Flute Club.

Shannon received her Masters of Music degree in Performance from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She also studied at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and received her B.A. degree in Performance, and B.S. degree in Music-Business from Winona State University, and has studied with world-renowned instructors.

Shannon has received grants for her work, from the Minnesota State Arts Board, American Federation of Musicians, Rome Festival Orchestra, and the Winona Music Guild, and was the 1997 recipient of the Vivian Menees Nelson Music Award.

Shannon is also a sponsored triathlete and trainer/coach/race director, and gives workshops on the importance of healthy living, nutrition and exercise for musicians. She is a board member for The Lake Charles Triathletes. And she is a strong advocate for music, health, and triathlon. Sponsors: Maggie Martinez-LMT, Eating for Performance, Bikesport, DeSoto Sport, Gu Performance Energy, Rudy Project, Amit Jethva-DDS, Leigh Enterprises.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am pretty easy going. I want you to feel comfortable and at ease, but we do need to focus and can have fun doing it. :)
I utilize various methods for each instrument, which is determined by the students learning style and ability; needs, so this can change as time goes on (not sticking to one particular publishers materials). I have done (and continue to do) extensive research into materials available for each instrument I teach, and supplement with my own, to utilize the best out there for "YOU" for the best possible progress. While ensuring an extremely well-rounded musical education, so you can progress at the best possible rate. Since each student's potential is different, each will progress differently. This is also determined by your dedication to daily practice (the more you practice, the quicker you will progress & the more accomplished you will become). This is a 'Team Effort'; I give the guidance and tools. You practice, utilize learn these tools, and off we go! The sky is the limit!

*** Specialties ***
Classical, jazz

FITNESS: Shannon has been athletic most of her life. she is a certified personal training with 10 years experience in triathlon. She is a sponsored triathlete. She applies her years of teaching experience to helping you reach your physical and nutritional goals, to be the healthiest you can be. She's not for quick fixes/results. It's all about a transformational lifestyle change. Enjoy the journey! It's well worth it! (see info above).

Robert M.

Houston, TX
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Steve A.

Houston, TX
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Rafael B.

Houston, TX
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Robert M. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I am a Music EC-12 Certified Educator with a degree from The University of St. Thomas, working as the General Music Teacher for Stafford Elementary School in Stafford Municipal School District. My teaching experience covers many schools and programs in the Houston area, including various HISD schools as well as working for the University of St. Thomas Music Preparatory school as vocal, ukulele,bass guitar, music history/theory, and piano instructor.
My background in music is mostly vocal, working in and with choirs and ensembles my entire life. I have also spread my abilities to work with Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, recorder flute, ukulele, and voice. I have teaching experience to work with instruments including Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, and most of Concert Band instrumentation. I have many experiences with different genres such as American Folk Music, Jazz (Early to Fusion), and contemporary Rock/Pop, Christian, Rn'B, and Country music.
As an Music Educator, I have the strengths of being a distinguished musician and Professional educator which provides me with advanced knowledge in my field of study and interest, teaching for every age group from pre-school to Adult as well as influencing the fun, creativity, and expression of music no matter what the instrument.
I am also part of the online instructor team which is a great convenience for students who cannot easily travel, have limited schedules, or even allergies!

*** Lesson Details ***
The music lessons will consist of a concise and strong education of their instrument as well as essential theory and history. I develop individual lesson plans for each student and subject, working on formative goals and objectives to work towards for every lesson and throughout the year. I look forward to being able to help students accomplish and enjoy their instrument, utilizing their interests and genres with a variety of texts and literature at many levels, looking to always expand my own collection to meet the needs of the students. I am comfortable with providing digital and paper materials as well as providing recordings and video studying resources with YouTube. I know in my heart and mind that I have something to offer to any student at any level in my studio, and, I am equally as passionate about providing an honest atmosphere for evaluation and positive criticism. With every lesson I always encourage brief reflection over the practice, study, and instruction, responding to every critical juncture that comes along the way. Being a certified educator and music instructor, I know that respect, understanding, honesty, human emotion, communication, and professionalism are the most critical components of a healthy Teacher-Student relationship.

Over 1000 Lessons taught with since 2010

*** Studio and Resources ***
I have the necessary tools to operate in and out of my studio. Within my workplace I always have my electric keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, music library, printer/scanner, recording equipment, full sound system with mixer amp, guitar amp, microphone and stand, tuner, music stands, iPad stand, and comfortable space and seating. I also have expanded my studio capabilities that is an entirely digitized database and curriculum.
I expect for the students to provide their own instrument so that they are able to practice at home. I operate on MAC OS and IPad systems that maximize the technological uses of my in home studio.
Be prepared to learn more than you ever anticipated as I provide many resources. I also push for supplemental music instruction within the lessons, adding basic training and music learning skills needed for accompaniment instruments such as the acoustic guitar, ukulele, and piano which allow for students to have a stronger understanding of their music.

Steve A. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

I am certified in Music Education by the State Board for Educator Certification and have 35 years experience working in individualized education. I am currently accepting a small number of students for piano, ear-training, sight-reading, and/or music theory lessons. We will discuss what you need and develop an individual plan for you based on your goals. I accept students from age 15 through adult.

Classical piano training for beginning, intermediate, or advanced students.
Ear training, including relative pitch, interval recognition, and sight-reading.
Music theory training from beginning music reading through four-part harmonic dictation.
Preparation for music theory exams, including AP courses and the AP exam.

Upon request I can provide references from students who have found my approach to be greatly beneficial to them. I look forward to working with you.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons are held either in my home studio in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston or via Skype. Each lesson lasts approximately 45 minutes, depending upon when we reach a good stopping point.

My only requirement is that you have access to a piano or electronic keyboard on a daily basis in order that you may practice. I require three hours' advance notice of cancellation in order for you to avoid having to pay for a missed lesson.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Kawai upright studio piano

*** Specialties ***
Kodaly Concept
Adult beginner/intermediate students
Technique exercises and development
Musicianship, including period-appropriate interpretation and expression
Music theory

Rafael B. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

*** Studio Equipment ***
The teacher's home studio lessons are taught in his home studio with a computer, bass, guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Spanish Guitar, electric guitar, Bass.

*** Specialties ***
Got own method non published yet, and some methods for reading, patterns and riffs.

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