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Popular Bass Guitar Teachers Near Lewisville

Michael K.

Denton, TX
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Steven F.

Dallas, TX
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P.G. B.

Fort Worth, TX
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Michael K. Denton, TX

Subjects Taught

Acting, Bass Guitar, Drum, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice

About Me

I have studied guitar thoroughly for the past 5 years. Its wonders have brought me immense joy and serenity. I want each and every student to discover the magic that music creates in our lives and the lives of others around us. Along with the disciplinary aspects of practice, learning an instrument such as the guitar can open imaginary doors like no other instrument. The musical possibilities are endless.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons with me can be either good or great. I am pretty laid back, but keep a strict tone at times. I like to form great working relationships, as well as lasting friendships with my students. I like to get to know who they are and what they love. It helps me discover how and what to teach them. People are different and like different things, so it is part of my job to ensure that they are enjoying what they are learning. I don't spoil them with pop songs though. I use many traditional, classically involved studies and techniques, as well as all the knowledge that I have obtained from college curriculum. Lessons will include: aural skills, theory, history, and maybe even some jokes here and there.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, guitars, marimba, amps.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Guitar, books, amps, tuners, metronomes and whatever else they might need for guitar. I would expect them to provide at least a guitar for themselves. It would be nice for them to have the above I listed but all they really need is a way to practice.

*** Specialties ***
I mainly play classical guitar and flamenco. I do dabble in other styles just to keep it challenging.

Steven F. Dallas, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Drum, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

Being born into a highly musical family, I have been involved in music my whole life. By the age of about 13, I began giving lessons to my friends and peers, from classical to contemporary styles. Since then I've had a passion for helping others develop their own musical voice, and in return it helps me examine my own playing and teaching techniques. Throughout grade school and beyond, I've played and performed with several bands ranging in a wide variety of music including blues, country, folk, classic rock and heavy metal. In the fall of 2008 I began to intensively involve myself in the art and life which is classical guitar. Working on technique and interpretation became a large part of my practice schedule and life. Building up my classical repertoire from all time periods including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and styles such as Jazz and Flamenco, I began performing at school recitals, competitions, public/private parties, and hard rock/metal shows around DFW and throughout Texas. I've placed in top 3 in several international competitions for solo guitar, duets and small ensembles. I try my best to always live through music, and in return music lives through me.

*** Lesson Details ***
The bottom line is music is suppose to be fun, and nobody should say other wise. It takes work and dedication, but in the long run it all pays off.
I try to keep my students engaged in activities based on what their interests are, such as musical preference and skill level. If there is a certain song you may be interested in learning, we can work on it. Also, I try to get in depth on everything from musical history and philosophy to notes, scales, chords, dynamics and rhythms.
I like to get to know my students and what styles they are interested in playing. I am generally laid back, but still like to work hard for the benefit of the student and the progression of our work together.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide music and knowledge. I expect for my students to have an instrument of their own (guitar or piano/full keyboard).

*** Specialties ***
I play a wide variety of music from renaissance, Barque and classical guitar styles to modern day Jazz, Flamenco, Blues, Rock and Heavy Metal. I am currently in several working band. I play with right hand classical technique as well as Jazz/rock/metal Picking plectrum.

P.G. B. Fort Worth, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I have been playing guitar for 18 years. I studied music and graduated from Boston College with a degree in Music composition and theory. While living in Nashville for 10 years I worked with Music Row songwriters, publishers and studio musicians. I have produced records for independent artists and currently write music for TV, radio and documentary films with Hummingbird Productions. I live with my wife in Fort Worth and love to teach. Basically, I like to make music and have fun!

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a laid back teacher. After six months of guitar lessons with me you will be able to jam with other musicians. My philosophy is to have fun. I picked up the guitar at age thirteen because I was inspired by Nirvana. I was quickly turned on to Jimi Hendrix, which eventually led to me discovering jazz, classical music and songwriting. Music is a vast world and I believe in teaching songs that the student wants to play.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The In-Studio lessons are taught in my music studio (in a loft) or in my living room (the music parlor). The loft studio is used to record music for commercials. Seating available. No pets. Bass and electric guitar amplifiers, keyboard, ukulele, mandolin, fiddle, microphones and assortment of audio equipment for recording.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide a guitar tuner and learning materials (books, etc.). If it is electric guitar I can bring a practice amplifier for the lesson. I expect the student to have a guitar and guitar strings for him or her to learn. I also advise a practice amplifier for electric guitar students.

*** Specialties ***
On Guitar: Acoustic & Electric guitar, Rock n' Roll, Blues, Jazz, Improvisation, Merle Travis chicken pickin', slide guitar and music theory. In the world of audio recording, I am well versed in digital recording platforms (DAWs) such as Pro Tools and Logic. I operate Logic from my home studio to write and record music for TV, radio and film.

Joel M.

Arlington, TX
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Jordan D.

Grapevine, TX
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Jeff B.

Arlington, TX
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Joel M. Arlington, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Drum, Music Recording, Music Theory, Organ, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I started playing recognizable melodies on the piano at 18 months old. At that time I was told that I even had perfect pitch. By age 5, my mother started giving me classical, gospel, and improvisational lessons. I was one of her 50 students until my senior year in high school. Through elementary, junior high, and high school, I received a lot of performance experience from school marching/concert bands, choirs, church choirs, piano concerts, band/choral conducting, and composing.

I received my BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington; through college and to the present, I have received over 25 years of performing/directing experience from overseeing two mega-church music ministries. At these ministries, I served as the department head, responsible for lead piano, directing, arranging, worship leading, and departmental oversight.

I have produced 7 personal instrumental projects, and I have produced and recorded over 40 projects for other local, regional, and international artists. I currently travel with national, jazz, recording saxophonist, Joseph Vincelli, and my personal band Zamar. We have performed with a number of acts from Kirk Franklin, Kirk Whalum, Boney James, Fred Hammond, and many more.

As an instructor, I have been blessed with an ability to be relatable, relevant, musical, creative, fun, and engaging. I understand the language of music as a performer, and instructor, but most importantly, I value the ability to help the student find their own path of learning the joy of making music vocally and instrumentally. With over 10 years of private teaching experience and 25 years of group experience, I have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to be instructive and personal with the young or older beginner, intermediate and even advanced players. Let's grow together musically.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is very laid back, although goal-oriented. We have fun while seeing progress. For piano, I typically use the Alfred Series "Alfred Basics 1 - 6" or the Adult All-in-One for the Older Beginner. In the first 3 - 6 months, one will become familiar with basis technics and concepts behind creating music. These concepts will be the foundation behind learning how to read music, play by ear, and create your own songs in any style.

We would move a little faster for the older beginner and work through the Alfred's All in One in conjunction with introducing my 5 steps to performance for any popular style. These steps have been very valuable for those that are wanting to play piano, guitar, bass, or even sing.

For vocalist, I work through Estelle Liebling, Vocal Course, Alfred Piano (as an instrumental reference) and a number of practical performance techniques that I have gained over the years to sing in more of a pop, jazz, gospel setting. We will work on performance techniques and develop the ear to gain confidence to perform in various popular settings. I will also introduce creative ways to make up original music using basic theory and ear training.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Acoustic Piano, Yamaha Motif, Protools 9, Midi Keyboards, Ibanez 5 String Bass, Ibanez Acoustic and Electric Guitar, 4 String Acoustic Bass.

*** Specialties ***

marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and
have received the highest feedback rating from students.
I specialize in gospel, R&B, Neo Soul, Blues, jazz improvisation, arranging, lead sheets, rhythm charts, and music arrangement theory

Jordan D. Grapevine, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting

About Me

11 years ago, I picked up a guitar and began my life-long pursuit of music. This pursuit has led me in a wide variety of directions. Today, I am the worship leader for Living Life Church, a private guitar instructor at Covenant Christian Academy, and a freelance mixing/mastering engineer, film-composer, performing musician, and teacher. Some of my credits and projects are available on my LinkedIn profile.

I have a passion for a wide variety of styles of music. For several years, I was the lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter for multiple independent bands, the most notable being an indie psychedelic band called Tod The Fox. I have led worship for Grace Fellowship UMC, Brazos Pointe Church, Bear Creek Community Church, The Cornerstone College Ministry at UTA, and the BSM at UTA in varying capacities. At UTA, I studied Jazz and Classical guitar under acclaimed guitarists Sam Walker and Billy Robertson. Here, I also studied theory, piano, sight-singing, and music-production extensively. I graduated Magna Cume Laude with a Bachelor of Music-Media from UTA. I have also played bass guitar for several contract gigs and performances.

My teaching style varies from student to student. Music is a wonderfully diverse subject and every student has his own aspirations. I will do my best to cater each lesson to the student's goals and interests. Whether that is classical guitar method, shredding electric guitar solos, jazz, folk, country, or anything in between.

A few of my favorite artists include: Michael Gungor, Joe Pass, Andrew Bird, Chopin, Led Zeppelin, Glen Hansard, and Radiohead.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons will vary significantly from student to student. Not only does every student have different goals in mind, they all learn differently as well. I do my best to customize my lessons for each student's goals and needs. A typical guitar, bass, or piano lesson may involve music-reading, chord studies, technical work, scale practice, and theory.

I consider myself a healthy balance between professional and light-hearted. As much as I want to make efficient use of the lesson-time, my primary goal is for the student to truly understand and enjoy music.

I have worked hard to be a flexible musician and teacher. I am competent in jazz, rock, classical, contemporary, blues, worship, etc., and will be happy to teach any (or all) of these styles to any student.

*** Studio Equipment ***
My at-home studio includes:

- Stools
- A keyboard
- Recording equipment
- Internet access
- A printer
- A library of music resources
- Multiple guitars
- A bass guitar
- Double input amplifier
- Music stand
- Metronome/tuner
- Recording studio quality monitors

*** Travel Equipment ***
- Travel Music Stand
- Metronome/Tuner/Recorder
- Guitar and accessories
- Bass and accessories
- Notebooks/binders
- Staff Paper
- Tablature
- Multiple theory/technique/music books

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in contemporary, rock, blues, and worship guitar. But I also have extensive experience in jazz and classical guitar.

For piano, I teach beginner to intermediate level students in a variety of genres. I use piano on a daily basis for composing, arranging, and performing.

For bass, I can also teach a variety of genres. I specialize in blues/rock/contemporary but have experience in classical and jazz bass as well.

Jeff B. Arlington, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

As a graduate of the world famous GIT in Hollywood, Ca, I was given the most thorough musical education for contemporary performance. I have played all over the country in various bands, from jazz ensembles to industrial hard rock bands. I recently opened for the legendary Steve Vai as a solo act at the House of Blues in Dallas. I am well versed in live performance and can coach you in that as well.

My lesson are tailored to the individual student. Everyone starts at the same place, to get the same basic foundational skills, but then your curriculum will be customized to suit your specific goals and needs. I do expect my students to practice. I will give you enough material to progress but not so much you`ll feel overwhelmed.

ALL of my students get better. If you put in the work, I PROMISE we`ll both grow as musicians from our lessons. If you truly desire to live up to your potential, I will get you there.

*** Lesson Details ***
Custom tailored to YOUR goals and needs. A solid foundation is established, then we`ll work on getting you the skills to become a true musician, not just another player.

*** Studio Equipment ***
you will need to bring a guitar and a small practice amp if it`s an electric. I recommend all students get a small, portable sized amplifier regardless.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I bring an electric guitar and a small amplifier to each lesson.

*** Specialties ***
Advanced techniques, modern/contemporary approach to creating music

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