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Popular Trumpet Teachers Near Lafayette

Sandra M.

San Francisco, CA
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Mack R.

Oakland, CA
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Brendan L.

Belmont, CA
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Sandra M. San Francisco, CA

Subjects Taught

French Horn, Music Theory, Piano, Trumpet

About Me

I am a classically trained pianist and trumpet player with a
bachelor's degree in music education. I have taught for over 20
years, to both adults and children, with a focus on classical basics
and music theory for beginners and stylistic development in various musical styles for intermediate and advanced students. I teach from a standard
method, but adapt my teaching style to the personality and learning
strengths of my students.

I teach from my home in Castro neighborhood, but am willing to travel within the City of San Francisco.

*** Lesson Details ***
You can expect a calm teaching atmosphere and a generally laid back approach to your learning. I am experienced in teaching students of all musical backgrounds or none, and adjust my expectations accordingly. I teach from a standard method, but incorporate other methods as well depending on what you want from your lessons. We will work together to determine how you learn best and what you want from your lessons. If you are a beginner, within 3-6 months you will know how to read music, know basic theory, and be able to perform pieces suited to your level at recital. If you are intermediate or advanced, we will focus on your technique and understanding of the music you are playing or desire to play.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Yamaha Spinet Piano

*** Specialties ***
I am classically trained, but well-versed in many styles.

Mack R. Oakland, CA

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Classical Guitar, Flute, French Horn, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

About Me

I have a BS in music education received at Lehman College, Bronx, NY. I am a professional musician/ composer/ arranger.I received my teaching credentials at SFSU and have been a General music teacher as well as a, band teacher. I have studied trumpet with Classical ( Wilmer Wise)and Jazz musician (Bill Hardman) and big band arranging with Frank Foster( saxophonist and arranger with Count Basie Band). At present I am retired and teaching privately.

I have been teaching music for over 50 years as well as being a professional musician/ composer and arranger. I not only know my fundamentals inside and out, but also I know many tricks of the trade. Over the years I have developed special teaching techniques that enable students to make sense out of music and progress rapidly on their instruments.I love playing music and aim at stirring that same kind of excitement abut music in my students.

To each lesson I bring a unique mix, encouraging the student to pursue excellence and also have fun. I am well qualified to teach: woodwinds( oboe, flute, clarinet, all saxophones) brass(french horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba), and piano.

*** Lesson Details ***
I make music interesting to learn. I encourage students to practice daily so they can improve. The more they improve the more fun they can have with music not only alone, but with others.

I am very patient with my students especially with beginners. I know that for them it is like learning a new language. Once they begin to increase their musical vocabulary, they will enjoy what they can do with music.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Seating for parents, basement studio, piano, drum set

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students should provide their own instruments.

Brendan L. Belmont, CA

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Trumpet

About Me

Brendan L. is a freelance trumpeter and composer in the Bay Area who performs with many well-known groups ranging in a variety of styles, from jazz to afrofunk to free jazz and everything in between. He has been teaching students of all ages privately for the last five years in both the private studio setting as well as in art academies in the Bay Area. Brendan studied jazz improvisation and composition under Myra Melford at UC Berkeley (c/o 2012). He has studied trumpet privately with Darren Johnston, John Worley, Ellen Seeling, and Jason Park.

*** Lesson Details ***
I like to first learn what a student's goals are with their trumpet playing and music in general, regardless of their level of experience. My lesson plans usually develop around trying to accomplish these goals, whether it is general improvement or a specific aspect of their playing. I specialize in trumpet/brass technique and jazz improvisation.I usually assign a number of exercises and warm-up routines for a student to practice in the time in between lessons, and I'm always sure to demonstrate and run through an exercises with a student before assigning it for practice. Students are expected to have practiced the assigned material and come prepared to play it at the next lesson. Most students can expect improvement in their playing after a few weeks of lessons and guided practice.  I also like to learn what sort of music a student is interested in, both what they like to play and what they like to listen to. I often suggest music for my students to listen to in order learn and absorb from practitioners of the musical idiom that interests them.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I am able to provide music stands, music books, manuscript paper, metronome, etc.

I expect my students to provide their instruments with mouthpiece, any necessary trumpet accessories (valve oil, slide grease), and occasionally to purchase a music book if we work out of it regularly and I assign exercises from it where I may need to write notes in the book.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I am able to provide music stands, music books, manuscript paper, metronome, etc.

I expect my students to provide their instruments with mouthpiece, any necessary trumpet accessories (valve oil, slide grease), and occasionally to purchase a music book if we work out of it regularly and I assign exercises from it where I may need to write notes in the book.

*** Specialties ***
Trumpet and Brass Technique, Jazz Improvisation and Theory, Music Theory, Embouchure Development, Sight-Reading, Trumpet Performance, Composition

Gil C.

Redwood City, CA
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Khanh N.

Fremont, CA
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Trevor M.

Concord, CA
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Gil C. Redwood City, CA

Subjects Taught


About Me

I teach to pass along all I have learned, which has come through my studies, my practice, and my performing.

The common thread among all that I have heard is that every note is important. Every note must contribute to the melody. Every note must be played with good time, good sound and good intonation. And the point of all that precision is to play melodically, with a nice loose feeling.

This all comes from listening. We listen to ourselves, to others, to the great jazz improvisers, to all the world's great music. We listen.

These are the concepts that I teach.

*** Lesson Details ***
Hear what the student knows.
I get this from listening to you play.

Know what the student hears.
This comes from us talking about all your playing and listening
experiences, and helping you focus on the most musical direction.

With these two facets of teaching, you develop both good technique and clear goals.

*** Studio Equipment ***
My studio is a dedicated room in my home, to which a contractor has added sound insulation. Thus, the neighbors cannot hear anything. This allows our playing to be uninhibited; that is the best way to practice and progress.

Parents can park in my driveway, and have a tea or coffee in the living room while the lesson goes on in the studio.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student needs only the instrument, a lesson book, and should have a metronome as well. I supplement the book with exercises tailored to each student's needs. Redwood City is halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. I am happy to drive the 30 miles to either city, and anywhere in between.

*** Specialties ***
I focus on sound, time, and intonation. I hear where the student is, and what needs to come next. With these tools, the student can pursue any musical direction.

Khanh N. Fremont, CA

Subjects Taught

Choir, Clarinet, Classical Voice, Drum, Marimba, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion, Saxophone, Singing, Trumpet, Vocal Training, Xylophone

About Me

As a student of the Eastman School of Music, I receive some of the best training in music education and saxophone performance in the world. I have performed as a soloist with youth orchestras and in many Eastman ensembles.

I have taught privately and in classroom settings, and am comfortable with both.
I teach beginning-advanced saxophone, beginning-intermediate clarinet, beginning voice, entry-level percussion, and entry-level trumpet. I also tutor music theory and ear training at a high school-college level.

I am very energetic and enthusiastic, and I love nothing other than to help my students discover the gift of music: the gift that keeps giving. I almost never get frustrated with my students and will always do my best to help them succeed in whatever they need.

Trevor M. Concord, CA

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Conducting, Ear Training, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Trumpet, Upright Bass

About Me

My name is Trevor M. I primarily teach upright and electric bass. Beginning to advanced levels. I can teach you anything from Jimi Hendrix, to John Coltrane, to Bach.

Additionally, I teach beginning to intermediate Guitar, Piano, and Trumpet. If needed/preferred, I include reading music and beginning to advanced music theory in the lesson, as I offer Music theory tutoring as well, in Classical Harmony, as well as Jazz Theory and Improvisation.

I am dedicated to helping my students 1. Have fun, 2. Learn, and drastically improve in what they want to learn, 3. Grow and become well-rounded musicians.

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