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Popular Classical Guitar Teachers Near Kansas City

Daniel D.

Kansas City, KS
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Kathleen G.

Blue Springs, MO
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Michael F.

Pleasant Hill, MO
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Daniel D. Kansas City, KS

About Me

Dan is a teacher and guitarist from Kansas City, KS. As a teenager he studied blues and jazz with former B.B. King sideman Dwight Foster. This background aided him when he took classes in jazz improvisation and music composition at the University of Kansas. At KU, he started giving guitar lessons and teaching English Literature to help pay tuition. He also joined the blues-rock/metal hybrid Inphobic, a group that went on to play with Carlos Santana, Everlast, and Cheap Trick among others.

After finishing his MA at Pittsburg State University, he returned to Kansas City and began teaching in the Kansas City, KS school district. His five years of high school teaching (to go along with another three at the college level) has showed him that being a great teacher is both the greatest challenge and the greatest reward. As a result, he has dedicated himself to combining that passion for teaching with his love for the guitar and music.

Over the last few years, he has developed guitar curriculum that both teaches students things they want to know as well as how to communicate with other musicians in almost any musical capacity. He frequently shows up at local jam sessions and plays studio sessions.

*** Lesson Details ***
My lessons are very relaxed but still move at a fast pace. I realize that not all students learn at the same rate and in the same manner and I do my best to accommodate whatever the needs of the student might be. Students will learn a variety of styles but there always be an emphasis on their specific interests as it relates to the guitar.

A beginning student will be given a solid background in theory and in reading music as well as learning songs that they want to learn. In three months, the beginning student will be able to play basic songs and read music, as well as begin to apply theory to a variety of musical styles. In six months, the beginning student will be developing more difficult techniques on the guitar, beginning to learn the art of lead guitar and learning more complicated tunes. Intermediate and advanced students are welcome too, but they may want to focus on specific styles, techniques or songs.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Guitar, amp, etc.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Guitar, amp, etc. The student should contact the instructor if s/he needs to borrow a guitar for the lesson.

*** Specialties ***
Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Improvisation, and Composition at all levels beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Kathleen G. Blue Springs, MO

About Me

For the last 40 plus years, I have taught children as young as 3 and adults as old as ahh they won't tell me! 'I have been participating in band and musical programs for over 30 years in the Kansas City Area

.I am activity in a brass octet called the "Joyfull Sound Ensemble". We play at nursing home and churches in and around our area.

I began my musical training when I was 5. I started on a small 12 bass accordion and loved it. I moved up to the full size accordions when I was 6 years old and it was as big as I was! I wanted to learn more, so my mom took pity on me and pulled out her alto saxophone for me when I was 8. My love of music grew more with each instrument I learned. With the help of my band teachers in middle school and high school, I studied: Alto, tenor and bass saxophone, clarinet, flute,and piano before I left high school. My band instructor and his wife gave me a wonderful opportunity to play in the Stage band in high school along with a special band during the summer. Their guidance and encouragement lead me into a wonderful College where I studied music. In 1970, I graduated from Adams State College now (Adam's State University) in Alamosa Colorado in 1974 with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Music.

*** Lesson Details ***
I try to make it enjoyable for everyone and hopefully they learn and acquire the needed skills quickly in the process. I believe it takes a lot of positive reinforcement and repetitive motions to learn anything physical. Each person is different as is the speed they learn at, it all depends on a positive attitude and there dedication to try to do their best. The trick to learning is making it fun and wanting to keep doing it.

At first I introduce each student to various types of music. This helps them to recognize a rhythm, or understand alternatives to a difficult fingering. This helps with at home practicing, never let them get bored and not challenged.. I will be adding new music all the time for them to try. If there is something specific you really want to learn, I will help you with it. I will do my best to make sure that the piece is at your learning level or below. My goal is for them to succeed and not get frustrated in the process. Remember we can always use it later if it isn't just right for you now. .

I think sight-reading is very important. It develops a personal ability to read music (it pushes you to learn rhythm and note identification quickly) and this in turns builds more confidence in what you are doing. Now if we add duets to it, this will be even make more interesting and enjoyable. Usually the first time it seems hard, but we will take it slow and before long it becomes something that the student will look forward to. Reading music is the key to learning and enjoying music. Once this is done the student has had time to hear and beginning to explore. This is when a new and creative part begins with improvisation and learning to make your own music.It is simply waiting for your exploration.

The student will progress as fast or slow as they want. It all depends on how comfortable they are after each lesson. I will either assign a new lesson or use the last with something new to help you gain a better understanding of what was being taught and something new to learn each week. Each week will be different, and never the same unless that is what you want!

The student is asked to buy a lesson book for their instrument. A 3 ring binder with plastic inserts is also an excellent addition. to add the supplemental material that always seems to get lost somewhere? This book becomes part of your repertoire, maybe it will become your most valued and loved memories of how far you have gone.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Please bring your own instrument for your lessons, unless it is a piano :) I have a studio piano to give lessons on. Music lesson book is available for purchase for students individual instrument. I will furnish stands for the lessons.

There is parking and parents are welcome and encouraged to come in and join in the lesson or just wait, listen and watch. Its up to you,

*** Travel Equipment ***
Bring your books and instrument and stand if outside the studio.

*** Specialties ***
I have worked with special need students, along with the gifted students. Every student has to be taught differently.
This is one thing I have had to learned to do with 40+ years of teaching and raising my own children and grandchildren.

I have played all genres of music at one time or another, but my favorite is playing in a old style swing Band. There is nothing sweeter than a good old dance band with swing and blues. I have far more training and exposure on the woodwind instruments because of my background, but will teach the others instruments gladly. Music is a gift that needs to be shared with generation to generation..

Michael F. Pleasant Hill, MO

About Me

I love teaching students that love music of absolutely any age! Some of my favorite students are senior citizens starting a new hobby. No matter what the age, I love to see my students faces light up when they realize that they can play music that they love so easily. I can't count the amount of times that my students have told me, "I should have started doing this a long time ago."

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