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Popular Music Theory Teachers Near Indian Hills

Sean C.

Parker, CO
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Kevin Z.

Aurora, CO
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Michael L.

Golden, CO
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Sean C. Parker, CO

Subjects Taught

Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory

About Me

Hi there! This is Sean, and I am a friendly, personable, energetic, thoughtful and resourceful teacher of guitar. I began playing the guitar at age thirteen, and turned to the energetic challenge of classical guitar playing in my twenties, eventually earning a degree in classical guitar performance. I am happily married (eight years) to the most perfect spouse I could ever hope for. We have two adorable little girls, ages six and seven. I am also well-invested in the practice of Hatha Yoga, and am certified as a Yoga teacher. As a very high-energy and pretty intense person, I fully give one hundred percent to the things I do. Teaching music is no different, with learners receiving an uncompromising commitment to their musical/guitaristic development.

My teaching practice is at least two things. It is the transmission of my cultivated ability on the guitar. This involves learning chords, scales, songs, physical/technical development, reading music, music theory, and student practice during the week, etc. Equally important is the realization of guitar instruction as a powerful tool by which musicians/learners can more fully develop their human potential, and grow as people. I love connecting with students, and adjusting instruction to help students conquer new challenges and meet goals.

Committed learners are often shocked by how quickly their musical development unfolds, and they are playing music they would never have thought possible for them in the short length of time it took them to get there. Looking back over the years of teaching, even I can hardly believe the lengths I go to assist a student in overcoming a present challenge. The evident pride and satisfaction a learner takes in that development is like rocket fuel in my gas tank. Simply put: I LOVE teaching, and feel individual private lessons are teaching and learning par excellence. Take a look at some sample videos of how my style of teaching works with the song Dust in the Wind.

So whether you are a seasoned player with well-cultivated skills, or are totally brand new to the guitar, come on over and find yourself happily surprised at how far I am able to assist you in your development as a guitarist.

*** Lesson Details ***
In my own learning process, the most enjoyable lessons are where a teacher successfully assists with overcoming a difficult challenge, often times with a relatively minor adjustment or correction. I love being blown away by teachers who can do that. Lessons revolve around two general themes, (with other themes developing over the course of a learner’s development.

1) Learners develop skills to read music and understand practical and applicable theory that is pertinent to YOUR goals as a developing musician. Applicable music theory is important for a guitarist to know in order to develop a competent 'bag of tricks'. You can listen to a recording at the following link called 'Caleb and Sean Jamming which we made so he could hear himself play, and use it as a tool to develop himself. My system works and builds people who not only play songs, but become musical people with their own musical minds. I recommend to start, thirty minutes a day of practice for five days a week.

Utilizing my system, students who do this can expect to be playing songs, finger picking, and basic improvisation (playing both lead and rhythm) within the first three months. Within six months improvisation skills are extended into major/minor scales. In that six month range students also develop a working understanding of how songs are constructed, and are developing an ear to pick out the chords of songs they want to learn. All students begin learning to read music from lesson number one, and within three to six months are finding music reading skills accessible enough to read on their own. By this point, students are no longer dependent upon myself to learn songs and generally come to lessons prepared with material they are learning on their own. What we work on at this point is clarifying questions the student has about a song or a piece of music they are learning.

2) Cultivate a strong and intuitive command of proper physical technique on the guitar. A very important aspect of my musicianship is a strong and intuitive command of physical technique. Over the years of teaching I’ve become very good at cultivating a student’s physical technique. I like to tell guitarists who have played for a long time that if they will give me an hour of their life, I will teach them how to make their fingers thirty to fifty percent longer; and then do exactly that. I ADORE seeing jaws drop when a student’s playing is enhanced with what usually amounts to minor tweaks and adjustments.

And in all phases of musical development, I am a flexible and clever teacher. Sometimes material simply needs to be amended, modified, or stabbed at from a different angle in order to make it accessible to students. Students are number one in my teaching practice, and I go to bed knowing I gave everything I could to those students who are working hard to accomplish their musical goals.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Texts are available for purchase, music stands, an amplifier for electric guitars, extra chairs for parents to watch the lessons if they prefer.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Music stand

*** Specialties ***
For students of classical guitar, I utilize Frederick Noad's curriculum: Solo Guitar Playing 1, and get the student reading, reading, reading from lesson one or two. With my strong background in developing strong and efficient physical technique for the guitar, I also successfully design technical drills individually as required for each student to address challenges

Kevin Z. Aurora, CO

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

* Are you a person who wants to rock the guitar, but only gains approval from your dog?

* Do you already have a nice foundation and now want to strengthen your basic skills as a musician?

* Are you a professional guitarist that needs that "added touch" to take your playing from brilliant to virtuoso?

If you fall into any of these categories, let me introduce myself...

My name is Kevin. I am a very energetic, friendly, understanding and passionate music coach who has worked with students and clientele from many different regions around the world. Possessing more than 25 years of music training and industry experience, I've been able to take people's playing to amazing levels. I love getting to know people and challenging my students to view music more than just a "skill", but also a tool to communicate effectively with your audience. So, whether you're wanting to become the best campfire guitarist or ready to sharpen your skills to go after or maintain your Grammy Award winning status, let me be the Music Coach to get you there!

*Studied guitar with Neil Haverstick at Swallow Hill Music Academy
*Studied guitar with Todd Keehn at his own TK studios
*Studied with Dave Martone at American Jewish University

*Six String Theory Rock Guitar Competition top 5 of 2011
*Guitar Player Guitar Superstar top ten of 2010
*Guitar World magazine top ten shred the web of 2009

*Over 25 years experience including teaching, live performances, songwriting, and studio recordings.

Don't look too hard for a teacher now, you've already found him. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and contact me already. It's all about having fun with music, so come on over, and let's rock.

*** Lesson Details ***
Our instruction area is spot on. The bright and large studio provides an exceptional learning environment and contains amplifiers, and all types of guitars. We have the latest technology in keyboards, and the use of a drum machine makes the lesson more fun utilizing the feel of being in a band while helping you to improve your rhythm. The private rooms are sound proof so our students can experience the full impact of cranking up an amp and making music.

My teaching style is laid back and comfortable. Focus is on teaching students how to teach themselves
You'll learn: music theory, music sight reading, chords, chord progressions, melody, harmony, technique, and much more.

*** Specialties ***
Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, songwriting, demo recording, demo production, heavy metal, rock, beginner to advanced music theory including sight reading, piano, ukulele, bass guitar

Michael L. Golden, CO

Subjects Taught

Accompaniment, Acoustic Guitar, Arrangement and Composition, Audio Engineering, Bagpipes, Classical Guitar, Ear Training, Guitar, Kazoo, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

Michael L. is a very versatile and highly sought after musician and teacher.

Michael performs at 275 functions a year, teaches 30 private bagpipe and guitar students a week, is an instructor of music at the University of Colorado at Denver, and runs his own recording studio where he composes and records music for film, video and commercials.

*** Lesson Details ***
Quick, fun approach to getting students at any level playing better/easier.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have all the toys!

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide all of the music and handouts.

*** Specialties ***
All levels all styles. From beginner to professional.

Steve B.

Denver, CO
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John T.

Westminster, CO
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Heather C.

Parker, CO
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Steve B. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

When I was growing up I thought music was like magic and that only special people with super-human powers could play. I would think to myself, "How are they doing that? I would never be able to play music in a million years!" It wasn't until I was 14 I discovered guitar magazines and a method of reading called guitar tablature that I realized anybody can learn guitar! With determination, patience, and practice I learned as many songs and techniques from my heroes (The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin) as I could. I realized there is so much to learn about music that I could learn something new everyday. This still holds true to this day. I keep digging to find that magic place to which music can take you. It is my goal as a musician and a teacher to help other aspiring musicians (YOU!) find their way to the joys of music. After graduating high school my passion for music kept growing and I decided to go to a school to learn more about it. While attending Moorhead State University of Minnesota I went through a speed boost to gaining knowledge about music. The wonderful teachers of MSUM provided me with direction, encouragement, and plenty of opportunities to play through ensembles. I was in Jazz Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Combos, Jazz Big Band, and Commercial Ensembles. My aspirations are to pass along the information torch that I received while attending MSUM to people who are interested and have the desire to make a sound.I am friendly, patient, and fun to work with. I believe music should be exciting and make you feel good. I teach on an individual basis. Everybody learns at different rates and in different ways. My goal is to find the best way to teach you so that you get the most out of our lessons. There are many streams that lead to the big ocean of music so there are many different ways to learn. Whether you want to learn rock, jazz, bluegrass, or folk I am flexible with teaching you what you want to learn while at the same time providing you with little golden nuggets of information to further your skills through music theory, technique exercises, and how to avoid common pit falls. With enough determination, patience, and practice you too can discover the joys of music and be able to express your individuality in a way you never thought possible. It would be an honor to help you find your own path down the road to musical bliss.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a laid back person with an easy going approach to teaching. Music is meant to be fun! I teach you what you want to learn. I have had experience with playing rock, jazz, bluegrass, and folk. If you are not sure what you want to learn I'll ask you questions about yourself and your interests to determine the best route to go. Within the first few lessons you will learn how to tune your instrument, how to read tablature (TABS for short), and how to read chord charts. If you are interested in learning theory and how to read music I teach out of the Hal Leonard Guitar Method book series. After the first six months, depending on your level and how much you practice, you will be well on your to playing full songs by your favorite artists, have the ability to jam with other musicians, and understand the basics of your instrument. It is my belief that you get out of music what you put into it. There are no short cuts. All of the masters have one thing in common and that is practice. If you are willing to put in the work I am obliged to give you direction.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stand, amp, instrument cable, picks

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide an amp and picks. I expect the student to provide an instrument, instrument cable (if using an electric instrument), tuner, metronome, notebook (either tab book or regular notebook),

*** Specialties ***
I play an eclectic blend of rock, jazz, folk, and bluegrass. My method of teaching is based on the individual's level and type of learning.

John T. Westminster, CO

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Arrangement and Composition, Bass Guitar, Composition, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

You, the student, are always the priority in my lessons. Every student receives material specifically designed to fit their interests, needs, skill level, and pace. We are all different, and learn in different ways. I believe you deserve a lesson plan that is built just for you.

I studied with a private guitar instructor, and bass instructor. Twice I have broken the Guinness Record for Fastest Guitar Player. My school has been awarded the title of "Best in Instrumental Music Instruction" two years in a row by the Westminster Award Program. Volkswagen hired me to take part in an internet ad campaign called "Fast Vs. Fast." Currently, I play in three bands here in Denver.

Rock and metal are what I grew up on. This music is my passion. Why go to someone else who doesn't specialize in what you love?

Heather C. Parker, CO

Subjects Taught

Classical Piano, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

Heather C.
Piano Instructor
Heather C. is a member of the Douglas & Elbert County Music Teachers Association (DEMTA), the Colorado Music Teachers Association (CMTA), the National Music Teachers Association (MTNA), Colorado Federation of Music Clubs, and the National Guild of Piano Teachers. Ms. C. has taught in Arapahoe & Douglas counties since 2003 when she moved to the metro area. Each year from 2006-2012 her students have competed in the DEMTA music festival, achieving some of the highest marks in the competition. Several students each year have placed first in their division & performed in honors concerts, accepting trophies for their 1st place finish.
Heather is a native of Anchorage, Alaska. She moved to Colorado to pursue a career in music education at the University of Northern Colorado. Heather graduated from UNC with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. At UNC Heather performed in the Symphonic Band where she was featured as a piccolo soloist for two straight years. Heather obtained the largest music scholarship given to any musician in the history of the music department.
Heather has played piano & flute for over 26 years competing & winning local, national, & international competitions. At UNC Heather studied extensively in music theory, ear training, & music history. In 1994, as well as 1998 Heather took part in the Pacific Basin Band Music Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii where her school band won the competition against the Pacific Rim states, as well as against Japanese & Australian symphonic bands. In this competition Heather was featured as a solo jazz pianist & as a piccolo soloist.
Heather played piano for three high school choirs in 1995-1996. Heather performed on piano for the mayor of Anchorage, Alaska in 1997. From 1994-1998 She was a piano accompanist for several soloists helping them achieve the highest marks on their performance competitions. Heather played lead piano in the pit orchestra in the musical Fame.

Studied under:
• Alyeen Haynan; a renowned piano instructor who was taught by a second generation pupil of Franz Joseph Haydn, one of the world’s last Classical composers.
• Gail Payne, the principal flutist with the Zimbabwe National Symphony
• Dorli McWayne the principal flutist with the Fairbanks symphony & the flute professor at UAF.
Studied under:
• Lavella Briggs, M.A. piano performance; emphasis in jazz piano
• Jean Lenoir, B.A. flute performance & M.D. music education
• Toured with the Sound of America performing in the following countries & cities: Frankfurt, Germany; Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany; Salzburg, Austria; Saalfelden, Austria; Venice, Italy; Stresa, Italy; Grindelwald, Switzerland; Interlaken, Switzerland; La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland; Dijon, France; Paris France; Disneyland Paris, France; Reims, France; Luxembourg, Luxembourg; & Heidelberg, Germany. In Salzburg, Austria; performed for Hilary & Chelsea Clinton; featured on CNN news.
Studied under:
• Ken Singelton; two M.D. degrees Yale school of music, conductor of the Denver Brass
• Elizabeth Singelton; M.A. flute performance & published several albums
• Sylvia Greenfield; M.A. flute performance, recorded numerous motion picture & TV soundtracks with Twentieth-Century Fox, MGM, Columbia, & Warner Brothers studio orchestras.

*Experience working with ADHD students'. Experience working with students who have mild disabilities.

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