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Popular Trumpet Teachers Near Hebron

Chiang L.

Chicago, IL
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Eric M.

Villa Park, IL
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Rick T.

Elburn, IL
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Chiang L. Chicago, IL

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Piano, Trumpet

About Me

I am a trumpet instructor with global experience and an approach to learning that is encompassing and fun for all ages. I was born in Taiwan and have studied in both Asia and the U.S., where I last earned my Master of Music degree from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University. Students have described me as someone who is out going, someone who is laid back and fun and someone who likes to listen and communicate with my students. I have been teaching trumpet and piano since sophomore at college, in private one-on-one lessons or as a trumpet sectional coach at elementary schools or middle schools.

I believe that being an educator is about the communication and the relationship that exists between a teacher and a student. The art of being a good educator exists in the difference of “speaking to” a student versus “speaking with.” If you can build a good relationship with your student, the student will be more willing to listen and practice. My teaching style is one that is based on encouragement and creating a light-hearted atmosphere, although appropriate structure and pressure is applied with students performing or competing. My belief with learning music is that if you can foster their interest through the appropriate environment and encouragement, they will naturally spend time to practice; therefore, I like using a fun but structured environment to foster the student’s own interest to improve.

In my musical career, I had plenty of opportunities for performing when I was at Soochow University, including performing at the National Concert Hall each semester. I was admitted to the Soochow University Orchestra and Wind Ensemble as a principal trumpet since my junior year, which was when I had the chance to performed as solo trumpet in Pictures at an Exhibition at the well-known Musashino Academia Musicae during our concert tour in Japan. It was a great challenge for me both on developing the skills needed on the piccolo trumpet or training to be a soloist. In addition to having performed in orchestras and ensembles, I was also invited by composition teachers in school to perform their new works, which earned me a lot of experiences on interpreting contemporary works as well as playing chamber music.

Furthermore, not satisfied with the excellent performance as a soloist, I participated in any kinds of performances both on and off campus, including playing at the National Concert Hall and places around Taiwan on a regular basis within a semester. In 2004, when I was in college, I performed with the Soochow University Orchestra in a concert tour around the country; and in 2005 I was a member of the China Youth Band and performed with the group for its tour to the WASBE (World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles) in Singapore. In 2005 I was admitted to Taipei Symphonic Winds (TSW) and I once again performed with the National Taiwan Normal University Winds Band during its concert tour around the country. In 2006 I performed with the TSW during the concert tour to Macau and Guangzhou, China. In October, 2006 I held my own trumpet recital. In 2007 I performed Pictures at an Exhibition with Soochow University Orchestra at Musashino Academia Musicae. I also took the Soochow university concerto competition and placed into the final round. In 2008 I held my second trumpet recital; in the same year I formed a brass quintet and we were actively involved in the local community doing charity performances. We had regular performances at hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages and many of other places. In 2008 I was enlisted and performed in the Ministry of National Defense Symphony Orchestra as my military service. In 2010 I started my studies at Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University in my Master of Music degree.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is one that is based on encouragement and creating a light-hearted atmosphere, although appropriate structure is applied and pressure exerted when needed. My belief with learning music is that if you can foster student’s interest through the appropriate environment and encouragement, they will naturally spend time to practice; therefore, I like using a fun but structured environment to foster the student’s own interest to improve.

For trumpet students, I basically focus on fundamental skills. Trumpet is a tough instrument to play: it only has three keys but has to play a wide register like other instruments. It is common for students to get bored with playing basic etudes, therefore I would award them by teaching pop songs or whatever pieces they like for meeting the week’s progress. I normally teach classical trumpet, marching trumpet and beginner’s jazz trumpet.

For piano students, I teach students to be familiar with the keys and intervals and also hands position for the beginners. In my view, it is very important to sing notes and play the piano at the same time because it benefits key memorization and fosters a students' sense of music. With the piano, I believe that building the proper fundamentals sets the proper pace for future growth and musical interest.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living room: Trumpet lessons only, music stands, chairs, additional seating for parents if needed. No piano at home studio

*** Travel Equipment ***
Trumpets, metronome, tuner, staff paper

*** Specialties ***
I would describe my method of teaching as using constant encouragement to get results from my student. As an example, for my younger students, I would use a score-based system where I award them with a sticker for meeting each week’s progress. You can trade in your stickers for various prizes. The style I specialize in is in the classics. Even though my focus has been on classical trumpet and classical piano, I also include pop music, because it appeals to a different audience who find it relevant and fun. My belief is that no matter what genre you choose to play, the foundation is the most important element to master first, so that’s where I focus on.

Eric M. Villa Park, IL

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Broadway Singing, Clarinet, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing, Songwriting, Trombone, Trumpet

About Me

I am a professional musician who enjoys helping young people reach their musical goals. I perform regularly as a solo act and play with a band at various hotels in Chicago. I went to Millikin University in Decatur for music where I toured the country and played and sang in the top ensembles. I also studied at the Music Industry Workshop in Chicago for music production and engineering. My goal is to help you learn the songs you love and show you how to make the technical side of music more fun than you ever imagined!

*** Lesson Details ***
You can expect a laid back atmosphere that is very productive. I use a custom curriculum that is catered to the needs and desires of the individual. Whether you would like to be a concert pianist, a jazzy horn player, or someone who wants to rock out to your favorite tunes, I have resources and experience to help you reach your goal. After three months you can expect to competently play a couple great songs and have greater fluidity and technique on your instrument.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The In-Studio lessons are taught in a recording studio which includes music stands, keyboards, piano, amps, acoustic guitar, and seating available. Parking on the street.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students will need the instrument of their study and their purchased study materials. If the student is taking piano, they will need an 88 key weighted keyboard or a piano.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in jazz, but can teach classical, pop, rock, funk, blues, salsa, bossa nova etc.

Rick T. Elburn, IL

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Trombone, Trumpet

About Me

A bachelors degree in music ed and 20+ years of playing and performing experience comes with you to every one of our lessons. Whether it be on trumpet, guitar, or piano I will consistently stress fundamentals that lead students towards the musicians they strive to be. I feel incorporating music that is relevant to the student and his or her goals is paramount and doable! I will always demonstrate the techniques and ideas I espouse. Lastly, I show my students the joy music has put in my life and in turn, show them how to play music towards the same ends.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons are typically broken up into 5 main parts
1) physical technique and warm up
- this refers to the mastery of the physical movements involved in playing the instrument
2) vocabulary practice (either by reading and/or by ear)
- scales
- chords
3) reading
- sight reading
- prepared reading
4) learning to play by ear
- song transcription and analysis
5) warm down and re-emphasis of key concepts

*** Studio Equipment ***
The teacher's home studio lessons are taught in the front room of the house. There is an acoustic piano, an electric piano, a music stand, stereo, guitar, amp, laptop, trumpets, books, and seating are all available.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will have everything I need and can furnish music. I expect student to have a stand and a working instrument.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25
lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.I can improvise proficiently and understand music theory very well

Barrett H.

Flossmoor, IL
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Daniel K.

Chicago, IL
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Voytek F.

Rolling Meadows, IL
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Barrett H. Flossmoor, IL

Subjects Taught


About Me

At an early age, I was exposed to a variety of music including Motown, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Hip-Hop, Latin, and the Blues. The early influences of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and Howlin’ Wolf, kept me singing. I held my first concert at age 4, singing songs of the Tempations.

I began playing the trumpet when I was seven years old. So I've been playing for 17 years now. I've been classically trained from the beginning. While in junior high school, I began venturing into the world of jazz, sharpening my lead trumpet and improvisation skills with focused attention and everlasting curiosity.

I attended Homewood-Flossmoor High School and toured Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic as section leader in my school's Symphonic Band and lead trumpet and soloist of our award-winning jazz band.

I then attended the University of Pittsburgh, where Nathan Davis (formerly of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers) is the head of the Jazz Department. This was a priceless environment for me, as it allowed me to form my own musical identity through rigorous scholastic study as well as my own personal study. I had the pleasure of playing with Jazz legends and giants such as Roger Humphries and Sean Jones, and learning from Leon Lee Dorsey (formerly of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers).

Since graduating with a Music, Jazz Concentration Degree, I have been performing as a bandleader and sidesman throughout the Chicagoland area. My trio enjoys regular gigs at Flavor Restaurant, putting on invigorating shows in an intimate setting. I have played with my quartet at Andy’s Jazz Club, as well as with Jim Holman’s group. I've also performed at several Friday night jazz sets in “Trio’s Restaurant and Jazz Club” in South Bend, Indiana, amongst many other venues.

My album, "The New Standard Vol. 1" is also doing well, gaining exposure and popularity.

Along with my performance experience, I have a passion for sharing knowledge and bouncing ideas. Since I have learned from the masters of music, I am well-prepared to guide students toward their own musical identities and goals.

*** Lesson Details ***
My goal, as I said earlier is to guide students toward their own musical identities. This is so important because when a musician is playing or writing the music that they love, the music that naturally comes out of them, they enjoy a deep connection with that music and their audience can feel the music coming straight from their soul. No jivin'... they believe it.

Lessons Include:
Trumpet Conservatory Method
Proper Posture and Breathing
Rhythm Studies
Listening to music
Ear Training
Music Theory
Sight Reading

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, Stereo for Improvisation Practice, Arban's Book, Clarke Books

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide copies of pages that will be used for lessons and they are for the student's keepsake. I expect them to buy the Arban's book.

*** Specialties ***
Jazz, Classical, Blues, Funk, Rock, R&B

I studied from Clarke and Arban's books a lot.

I also studied a lot of Clifford Brown.

Daniel K. Chicago, IL

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Composition, Dance, Drum, Ear Training, Flute, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Singing, Songwriting, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Upright Bass

About Me

Daniel, a former faculty member of Columbia College in Chicago, is a studio and live performance singer and musician based in Chicago. His teaching and performing experience spans three decades, and includes expertise in the studies of voice, guitar, piano, bass, drums, and trumpet, along with music theory, arranging, and composing. He is a Lincoln Academy Student Laureate who holds a BA in Music Composition, and has attended graduate courses in education at Roosevelt University and DePaul University in Chicago. He has taught students of all ages at private studios, public school, and college.

Daniel is described by his students as a natural teacher. He prefers to be regarded as an advancing student, and takes the journey along with his students to guide them towards their goals with a friendly, positive, efficient and productive approach. He feels that music is within all of us, and a desire to learn is a sign of talent, so anyone can develop their musical abilities with methodical practice.

The musical journey for Daniel began at an early age with trumpet and piano studies which became a passion for him by the age of 14. He was the drum major of the high school marching band, and successfully completed a paid contract to arrange music for the high school jazz band which performed in a state beauty pageant. He began teaching privately after high school, and continued playing in bands, and composing original music. He formed a professional jazz ensemble under the name of the Chicago Jazz Players by the age of 22, and developed his arranging techniques while having it performed by an eighteen piece orchestra consisting of many great local artists. It was in this environment that he gained experience with brass, woodwinds, and rhythm instruments. He was granted a position at Columbia College as an instructor at age 29 where he taught theory, sight singing, musicianship, ear training, harmony, orchestration, and composition. He scored the music for several plays, and conducted his own pieces with Chicago Symphony and Lyric Opera Players. During those years he found himself playing the guitar and singing more than anything else. It was in 1995 that he focused on singing and playing the guitar with his rock band. He has produced several CD recordings of his original music in his own studio, and has helped produce local bands and artists. He performs regularly in the Chicago area.

*** Lesson Details ***
Daniel exhibits patience and care with each student, and develops an individualized approach based on clear goals with practical procedures. Most beginners can expect to have a working knowledge of music notation and how it applies to their instrument within three months, and should be developing fluency in performing music that they enjoy within six months. Advancing students will enjoy the rewards that will follow by studying with an experienced teaching musician that will recognize strengths and weaknesses, and recommend proven techniques for personal musical development. Studying music should be fun, fulfilling, and in harmony with the needs and desires of the student, and this is key to the philosophy held by Daniel.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Eight track recording gear; grand piano; guitars/bass (acoustic & electric); cables/amps, drum kit and percussion.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide lesson materials, and always have a metronome with me. I expect the student to have an instrument. I prefer that a student has a music stand.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25
lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.Customized approach to the individual based on needs and goals.

Voytek F. Rolling Meadows, IL

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting, Trumpet

About Me

Hi, my name is Voytek and I love music! I currently do over 200 shows a year and in addition to performing as a soloist, I play in 2 gigging ensembles. Thanks to music, I've been able to meet many incredible people and travel all over the world to Germany, New York, Switzerland, Washington DC and the Dominican Republic. My goal is to inspire my students and share with them my passion for music so they can also experience how wonderful and rewarding it really is. Let's rock some jams!

*** Lesson Details ***
While teaching lessons, I like to keep the atmosphere relaxed but productive. I utilize many proven traditional teaching techniques (for example: scales, theory, exercises, drills and prepared pieces) however, I also try to keep things fresh with fun backing tracks and music theory games to keep students engaged. I am also very flexible and open to suggestions, so I encourage students to ask questions and let me know if they want to learn a specific song or musical concept.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The studio is equipped with a 76-key keyboard, drum set, music stands, recording equipment and a PA system. Plenty of parking available, either in the driveway or on the street.

*** Travel Equipment ***
In order to teach at a student's home I will need a quiet room/area where we can concentrate on our studies. If the student is taking drum or piano lessons, they will need a drum kit or piano/keyboard. Also, a boombox/CD player may be necessary if we need to play with some backing tracks.

*** Specialties ***
Trumpet - Jazz & Classical

Drums - Everything from Jazz to Rock, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Metal etc.

Singing - All Pop music, old (Frank Sinatra era) and new (The Temptations) and newest (artists of today).

Audio Recording & Production - All styles, such as Rock, Pop,
Cinematic, Hip-Hop, Country etc.

Piano - Beginning piano, building a solid foundation.

Music Theory - I can answer questions and teach the concepts.

Having trouble with your band/choir part? Preparing for an audition and want to get first chair? I can help!

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