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Popular Theater Acting Teachers Near Georgetown

Jameson J.

Austin, TX
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Marina D.

Austin, TX
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Judlyne L.

Cedar Park, TX
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Jameson J. Austin, TX

Use the Alexander Technique to heighten your skills. Learn how to re-act, rather than just act.

About Jameson

If you are a seasoned performer, I will guide you in developing agility, musicality, range, dynamics, and phrase shape. If you are a first-time vocal student, I will provide an engaging, supportive environment to find your voice. My instruction is based on professionalism, experience and range from more than 25 years of singing and 13 years of teaching. I have advanced education in vocal performance and am an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, which allow me to integrate the intellectual and physical aspects of singing. I use my energy, attentiveness and creativity to tailor lessons towards each student's unique needs. I base my vocal technique on the Italianate tradition of operatic "bel canto," but also incorporate broad experience in musical theater, jazz, and ...


Michael L. August 28, 2014
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Jameson's knowledge and instruction go well beyond the physical mechanics of singing. His lessons bring you to the mental approach to singing and performing. He somehow makes the abstract tangible, at least in so far as it can be applied in a real way. Lastly, I don't think I ever had a lesson where we did not share some laughter.
Ruth W. July 21, 2014
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
I worked with Jameson for a year and a half, and it transformed singing from a source of self-doubt into something I do with confidence and joy. The Alexander technique works wonders for really being able to understand how to use every part of your body to find the best sound. Lessons were always comfortable, fun, and exciting as I learned new ways to feel comfortable throughout my entire range. I seriously envy his Texan students!
Ali K. July 15, 2014
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
“Indistinguishable from Magic”

Jameson is a perfect teacher…superlatively knowledgeable, experienced, talented, effective, professional, understanding, encouraging, friendly, and fun.

I’m an electrical engineering graduate student. In love with (listening to) classical voice and musical theatre, and desperate to learn to sing, but with no applicable musical intuition or experience, I began taking lessons with Jameson early last year.

Whenever I have a question (and believe me, I ask a LOT of questions), Jameson is ready with a comprehensive, informed answer. Whenever I struggle with a particular exercise or skill or phrase, Jameson is ready with an effective remedy. When I sense (or he senses) that something doesn't feel or sound quite right, he will tell me which senses I should pay attention to and which senses might lead me astray if I focus on them while singing. He has always worked hard and effectively to teach me how to put and keep my mind and body in the proper frame for singing (regardless of the state I'm in when I enter the studio), sometimes by introducing Alexander Technique exercises and principles, informed by human anatomy. When we work on a piece, starting with the bare melody, Jameson guides me through deeper and deeper levels of understanding and connection with the piece so that my performance continually improves and becomes progressively more organic. Jameson never bends me toward a particular sound; he helps make my experience and my sound intensely personal, while always improving the quality of that sound and promoting a healthy singing style.

Thanks to Jameson, I’m now well on my way. I hear and appreciate and love music as never before. As for singing…I am delighted beyond words by my initial development of and persistent improvement in tone quality, musical understanding, range, control, basic ability, consistency, and confidence.

In my life so far, I have known many teachers (of many things), among whom a very, very tiny number change everything forever. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Jameson is one of them.
Marina D. Austin, TX

I have been performing and teaching theatre for the last eight years. I can teach how to analyze plays, create characters, and perform scenes/monologues.

About Marina

My name is Marina D.. I have experience teaching many subjects to children of all ages. I am can help you with homework or Shakespeare. I experience in dance, theatre, and biology. I am professional, but fun. I look forward to teaching you in any of the following: Acting Shakespeare Dialects Ballet Swing Basic Math Tutoring

Judlyne L. Cedar Park, TX

This is actually a PLAYWRITING class, but it's not listed in the choices here on Take Lessons. I will teach Theatre acting but only to beginners. Playwriting classes will be taught to anyone who wants to learn.

About Judlyne

Judlyne L. created Second Street Dreams, LLC in 2011 as an umbrella company for her various projects. She produces audio podcasts and news reports for radio. They are NEW BOOKS, STACCATO, BODE and FEEDING THESPIS. Ms. L. has been working in the broadcast and digital field for more than a few years and has won awards for her work. In addition to her broadcast and digital work, Ms. L. also has extensive experience teaching Playwriting to children and adults. She started teaching playwriting with Center Stage in Baltimore, Maryland and continued to do so in the Austin area. Her latest work: SINGING PRAISES – MAHALIA AND MARTIN, was performed in September, 2013 at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. She has a M.F.A. In Playwriting from the Catholic University of ...

Georgia L.

Austin, TX
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Rebecca M.

Austin, TX
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Erinina N.

Austin, TX
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Georgia L. Austin, TX

About Georgia

I have seven years of Latin and English experience, between a Classics degree from the top university in Texas and a burgeoning career as a high school teacher. Classics is an intensive program based around language, history, art, archaeology, and a LOT of research and writing. My greatest strength is in Latin; my strongest interests are history, literature, and archaeology. I have also studied ancient Greek, Japanese, and German, and spent most of my time in school doing careful and precise translations and research papers, along with some freelance editing, so I have a very precise grasp of grammar and structure. I spend time tailoring my classes to my students' strengths and interests. I believe in making learning fun, because enjoyment encourages a student to work more than ...

Rebecca M. Austin, TX

About Rebecca

I am a theatre artist. I just graduated from the Professional Training Program at Dell' Arte International School of Physical Theatre in California, where we devise and perform our own work. Before that I was an artist in Chicago, working on stage, primarily, with some film work as well. I have taught clown and physical theatre to younger children at The famous Second City and taught creative dance to 3-5 year olds and 1-3 graders in Iowa. I received my Bachelors Degree in Theatre from Grinnell College.

Erinina N. Austin, TX

Practice your scene or monologue, find the technique that best lets you access your character, develop a regular practice. Inquire about class or group rates.

About Erinina

I have over 15 years as a professional performer and director in the theater. 7 years ago, I added the aerial arts to my repertoire. I am a professional aerialist, trained in NYC at Circus Warehouse, and by Rachel Walker and Miguel Caceres. I am a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in Theater and Writing, the Oxford School of Drama Summer Programme, and the NYC Grotowski Physical Theatre Intensive with Stephen Wang. I am the former Founding Artistic Director of Mir Productions, a multimedia theater company in NYC, and have performed at Galapagos Art Space, Art Outside, Euphoria Festival, with Moby at Unicorn Meat in NYC, as part of NYC Dance Parade, toured with the Espana Family Aerialists and Dreamtime Circus in Peru, and many more adventures. I have taught theater since I was in ...

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