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Popular Drum Teachers Near Charlotte

Russell S.

Charlotte, NC
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Shannon W.

Charlotte, NC
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Michael C.

Catawba, NC
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Russell S. Charlotte, NC

Subjects Taught


About Me

I am a seasoned veteran drummer with over 35 years of varied experiences. As a caring, nurturing and patient drum instructor, my lessons will significantly benefit beginner, intermediate and advanced students regardless of their age.

I have taught several students with learning disabilities such as ADHD and ADD and their confidence and ability has grown from learning to play drums.

Genres of music include: Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Rock-Pop, Classic Rock, Blues, Shuffles, R&B, (Double Bass Drum), Funk, R&B, Jazz, Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal among others. As a result of my many years of drumming experience, I am a dynamic, powerful & original drummer with distinct style and technique.

I have played in many rock bands around the country and have been giving drum lessons for 10 years in Los Angeles, Arizona, Florida and now in Charlotte, NC.

*** Lesson Details ***
A lifetime of percussion experience ranging from recording studios to live shows have helped develop my simple and highly effective approach to teaching students.

My ability to convey basic and advanced drumming elements helps students develop rock-solid foundations along with sharp motor skills, physical coordination, limb independence and endurance.

Conveniently located in Charlotte, NC, my drum lessons are both highly effective and lots of fun.

Drum Lessons Can Include:

* Learning Basic Fundamentals
* Reading Musical Notation
* Gaining Independence Of Limbs
* Improving Overall Technique And Approach
* Learn To Be A Total Groove Drummer
* Build Up Incredible Speed-Excellent Meter-Metronome Work
* Learning Odd Time Signatures
* Learning The Double Bass Drum Fundamentals And Advanced

Also learn how to approach lead singing behind the drum set.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living Room Drum Studio: Drums, Stereo System, Two Stick Pads, Bass Drum Kick Pads, DVD's, CD's, Additional seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I would bring 2 stick pads w/ stands and also kick drum pads.

*** Specialties ***
Rock, Progressive Rock, Fusion, Blues, Alternative, Funk, Dance, Disco, Latin

Shannon W. Charlotte, NC

Subjects Taught


About Me

Studying drums and percussion for ten years with private drum instructor, Ken Battat gave me the ability to perform live and to record with various groups around the Albuquerque area which I succeeded in accomplishing. This included performing with my high school Jazz band and receiving the opportunity to participate as first chair drummer in the state of New Mexico All-State jazz band in 1995, performing with the CelebrateYouth Jazz band of Albuquerque, working with two Heavy Metal bands, a Blues band, a Reggae band, a Fusion/World trio, two Salsa groups, a Country band, a Spanish/Variety band and a Variety Rock band. In 1998, I placed second in a state wide drum competition called Thunder Drums and also, had a two year stent providing drum lessons to the community. As I was taking lessons and classes from drummers such as Zoro, Joe Morello, Giovanni Hidalgo, Steve Smith, Charlie Adams, Joe Bonadio, Phil Maturano, Steve Houghton and Gordon Gottlieb, I moved to Los Angeles in 2000 where I resided for eight years and recorded with several different groups, artists and religious organizations such as Mark Salling, Kluverbucy, the Brock Band, Sugar Spun, Loaded, Sayed Sabrina, The Dwayne Stephenson Trio, Spirit Works and Open Door Worship Center. Lastly, I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from Grammy award winning producers, John Rodby and Charles Goodan while working with each of them on two separate projects.

*** Lesson Details ***
My experience as a professional musician can help you as a student whether you are at a beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional level of drumming.

If you are a beginner, you should understand that I was once a beginner, and my first instructor, Ken Battat helped me to build enough of a foundation which allowed me to have a reasonable career playing the drums. Now, I can pass this knowledge along to you and help you to build your drumming skills in a similar fashion. Thus, by at least your third lesson, you can expect to know the names of the drums, the correct way to hold the drum sticks, the name of the first of forty rudiments, how to play the first out of forty rudiments and how to play a basic rock beat. As you progress through the first three to six months of lessons, you will be able to perform various base drum patterns within a rock beat, be able to perform four more rudiments, be introduced to other styles of music and will have already learned at least one or more songs.

If you are at the intermediate level, you can expect that a review will take place to see what you already know, so that I may build on your current skill set. Once this review has concluded, steps will be taken to break any bad habits and to teach new positive ones. Moreover, I will build on what you already know according to your desires.

If you are at the advanced level, understand that in addition to perfecting your playing technique, I will also teach you how to play polyrhythms between two or more drums, linear rhythms between base drum hi-hat and snare drum and in the jazz style, a concept called right hand lead. You will also learn, that is, if you already aren’t familiar with it, odd meters; as an advanced drummer, you should either be proficient or on your way to this level. Lastly, you and I will spend a lot of time working on song learning techniques in order to help you build skills to learn songs quickly and efficiently, no matter the musical style.

If you are a pro, this means that you probably are already playing out, that is, already have some kind of career in music. My goal will be to strengthen any weaknesses that exist in technique and coordination to allow you to obtain and retain work. Trust me, it doesn’t matter how professional you are or how strong of a player you might be, there are always improvements that can be made in your playing.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in teaching snare drum technique and all styles of music on the drum set. I also teach latin rhythm on timbale.

Michael C. Catawba, NC

Subjects Taught

Algebra, Arithmetic, Basic Math, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Drum, Elementary Math, English, Geometry, GMAT, GRE, Guitar, Harmonica, History, Language, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Pre Algebra, PSAT, Reading, SAT, Singing, Songwriting, Statistics

About Me

I have a Masters Degree from Central Michigan Univ. I am an Air Force Veteran.

Two deep leadership at all times and parents have waiting areas visible to classes. I love guitar and playing music, I think I have taught so long I would not know what to do without a music/teaching career. I have made a living playing guitar for 24 years.

*** Lesson Details ***
I have been a music teachers so long I have become very simplistic. I teach the following:

(1) To practically play while having fun (3 locations to choose).

(2) Music Theory.

(3) Playing by ear.

(4) Leadership Skills. I am still having a great time teaching, so we do it a lot. I love to teach and enjoy it very much, I owe a lot to my music career and want to pass it on. We are in Rotary and support many community activities.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have - 3 Professional teaching studios - that are in nice locations.

I really enjoy my job and have a lot of great equipment; we work hard, but have a lot of fun too.

*** Travel Equipment ***
(1) Respectfully what is reasonable. I am a full time musician, I am flexible and happy - we can work these things out.

(We have a lot of equipment, I am very thankful). We have very good business relationships in the community.

I appreciate my job.

*** Specialties ***
(1) Group interactive method based on theory.
(2) Students show leadership in their own program.
(3) Students work with me (instructor) on Lesson Plans.
(4) Students pick out material they want to study.
(5) Students work on (ear training) and reading music.

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