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Popular Online Opera Voice Teachers

Jessie M.

Yucaipa, CA
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Patricia M.

San Pedro, CA
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David M.

Los Angeles, CA
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Jessie M. Yucaipa, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Audition Prep, Basic Math, Broadway Singing, Child Acting, Choir, Christian Gospel, Classical Voice, Country Singing, Ear Training, Elementary Math, English, Film Acting, Film and TV Acting, Geometry, Gospel Singing, History, Improv Acting, Jazz Voice, Language, Math, Meisner Technique, Method Acting, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Pre Algebra, Reading, Shakespearean Acting, Singing, Speaking Voice, Stage Performance, Theater Acting, Vocal Training, Voice Acting

About Me

I fully enjoy teaching music and theater to others and spreading the art of performance, reaching out to all generations. I believe in customizing every lesson to be unique for my students in a way that will serve their individual needs. I teach with patience and encouragement and believe that students prosper and improve much more from a positive experience. My lessons are intended to be fun and influential in a positive light that can lead to a rewarding career, hobby, or just for personal enjoyment!

Every since I was a little girl, I have been devoted to the arts. When I began college, I knew that music was my path. As a music major I developed a deeper understanding of music theory, piano, voice, and theater. I received my A.A. in Music at College of the Desert and my Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Redlands- which I attended on a music scholarship. I have played leading roles in several operas and musicals in Southern California, including Gianni Schicchi, Die Fledermaus, La Boheme (DTL nominee), The Impresario, The Grand Duke, Patience (DTL award), Cosi fan tutte, Little Women the Musical, Seussical the Musical, and many more. I have also appeared in several concerts, opera scenes, competitions (winning music scholarships and theater awards), and worked as a singer at churches, restaurants, and in pop bands. I continue to perform and study music because performing is a part of who I am and I could never live without it.

With this experience under my belt, I feel a desire to pass on my knowledge to students. I carry a strong passion to help people develop their abilities and make them their own. I truly believe that if someone wants something out of life then they WILL achieve it with dedication, perseverance, confidence, and by having FUN doing it!

*** Lesson Details ***
I begin each voice and acting lesson with a warm-up to prepare the student for their lesson. Next, we do a series of exercises specially designed to help each individual develop their skill in a way that best fits them. We then work on a piece of their choice for the remainder of the lesson, perfecting their technique and helping them become performance ready. I teach with patience and fun because I feel that this is the key to achieving goals and inspiring a good habit of practice.

If you do not already have a song, sheet music, or monologue (acting students) to bring in I can help you choose one during your first lesson. I also require that my students keep a practice journal to record their daily practice sessions. If possible, please bring a recording device of some sort so you can record your lessons. It is a HUGE help to be able to listen back on your lessons and to use them in your daily practice! No experience is necessary, that is what I'm here for!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music office w/ keyboard and seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
I could bring my keyboard if necessary.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.

Patricia M. San Pedro, CA

Subjects Taught

Abstract Painting, ACT, ACT English, Acting, ACT Reading, ACT Test Prep, American Goverment, American History, American Literature, AP English, AP English Literature, AP World History, Art History, Art Theory, Audition Prep, Bible Studies, Broadway Singing, Child Acting, Choir, Classical Voice, Creative Writing, Drawing, Earth Science, Ear Training, Ecology, English, English Literature, ESL, ESL, Essay Writing, European History, Film Acting, Film and TV Acting, Geography, Grammar, History, Illustration, Improv Acting, Jazz Voice, Language, Life Science, Linguistics, Literature, LSAT, Modeling, Music Performance, Music Theory, Oil Painting, Opera Voice, painting, Phonics, Piano, Poetry, PSAT, Psychology, Public Speaking, Reading, Religious Studies, SAT, Singing, Social Sciences, Social Studies, Speaking Voice, Speech, Spelling, Stage Performance, Study Skills, Test Prep, Theater Acting, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Vocal Training, Voice Acting, Watercolor Painting, World History, Writing

About Me

As a child I watched from the doorway as my older sister took her piano lessons. From that experience I taught myself to play the piano. My formal training came in college where I received my BA in Applied Music in piano and voice. I studied classical music and opera from a visiting professor from Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore MD. I graduated with honors and gave my Town Hall performance in the Spring of my Senior year. I had a passionate desire to be involved in music, to hear it and to perform it. I spent several years singing with the San Diego Opera Company, performing lead roles in Musical Theater and soloing in concerts from Monterrey to San Diego, CA. While still a student in college, I taught piano to children from the local community, so I have accumulated decades of teaching experience. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to see individuals "blossom" into their creative selves. Whether it is for a student's own enjoyment, audition preparation, recital performance or ongoing piano or voice development, I am committed to engaging you in an experience of learning and fun. It may be the biggest thrill of your lifetime!

*** Lesson Details ***
I love to have fun. For me, learning is a great source of fun. My goal is to make the process of your learning music fun while effective. I do have high standards for participation. I do not ask anything of you that I haven't done myself. I know, from many years of experience in performing and teaching, what it takes to make progress in a learning curve, Are you excited? Are you dedicated? Are you willing to jump in and get busy? I will give you the foundation of theory and technique to support your performance. I will expand your understanding and appreciation for music in its many styles and formats. No every other week or schedule as you go lessons, please. 

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living room - Steinway piano, cathedral ceilings ... good acoustics.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Must have piano or quality keyboard. I definitely prefer piano.

*** Specialties ***
I was trained classically in both piano and voice, but spent many years in musical theater and singing in supper clubs, as well. I am capable of teaching most styles of piano and voice except rock and rap.

David M. Los Angeles, CA

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Recording, Opera Voice, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

An Ohio-born baritone, David has always had a passion for music and singing. Strongly influenced by the musical pursuits of his older brother, David began playing the piano at age six and was captivated by the school musicals his brother starred in, as well as by the musical Disney movies popular at the time. David also showed aptitude as a young singer. He was frequently chosen as a soloist for grade school productions, and he would often compete in OMEA adjudicated events, receiving the highest scores possible.

David's professional singing career began in high school after receiving recognition from singing the National Anthem at home basketball games, which were always highly-attended. He was soon being paid to sing at local holiday festivals and other community events, where attendance was often in the thousands. Notably, David won first place in both state-wide and international talent competitions for his performance of "If Ever I Would Leave You" from the musical Camelot.

David soon attended Northwestern University, where he was classically trained in opera performance over a five-year period. While at college, he was active in several choirs and an a Capella group on campus. He also started teaching voice at that time, offering instruction to friends who paid him for lessons. One of his students sang in a band, another played the piano and wanted to learn to sing better while playing, several wanted to sing better in church, and a couple others with more singing experience simply wanted to improve their existing technique.

After graduating, David played the role of Colline in the world-renowned opera La bohčme for his operatic debut. In addition, he has performed songs in many different languages, including: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian. David currently resides in West Los Angeles, where he attends graduate school at UCLA, and continues to teach voice in his spare time. He is also preparing to release his debut solo album.

So what can David do for you? He has a love for singing only paralleled by his passion for teaching. As such, David feels right at home teaching his students a healthy vocal technique centered around their goals. Please see "Lesson Details" for more!

*** Lesson Details ***
David teaches in his home studio, or can travel to your home. He is also available to teach students nationwide via Skype!

David is a patient, friendly instructor who is understanding of his students' needs and is concerned about meeting their goals. He believes in helping each student gain confidence as a singer, because from this built self-confidence will come the enhanced ability to learn new technique and performance skills.

Classically trained, David specializes in opera and musical theater. However, he has also taught students interested in singing in many other styles, such as pop, rock, gospel, and soul. He believes that the foundational singing principles of posture, breathing, and support can benefit students of all ages interested in singing in virtually any style.

It is also important to David to teach a healthful, non-abusive, efficient technique of vocal production (which posture, breathing, and support allow for). He is as concerned with his students' vocal longevity as he is with their acquisition of an efficiently-produced, beautiful sound.

Sample Lesson:

David's teaching style consists of a situation-appropriate combination of vocal theory, exercises, and correction of vocal faults. David begins lessons with an explanation of various techniques, followed by a set of vocal scale exercises that both warm up the voice and exercise it to improve the many technical aspects of singing.

After these exercises, he asks the student to sing a portion of a song to get a feel for the student's aptitude in the different areas of singing technique. That will then direct the exercises and theory he focuses more heavily on. Then, after the student has had the opportunity to practice and improve their technique, he critiques their singing to help them lessen their bad vocal habits and build up their newly-learned technique. This process is iterative, and with time, practice, and positive feedback, the student will improve under this teaching methodology.

Sample Timeline:

After three months, the beginning student will have gained confidence singing under most solo and ensemble performance circumstances. With this confidence, the beginner will also possess a reasonably strong foundation in posture, breathing, and support at that time.

After six months, the student will likely feel confident enough with the foundations of singing to have gained proficiency in more technical, style-specific areas, such as a balanced tone, smooth transition between registers (range), resonance, and diction (pronunciation). The student will also feel at least moderately confident with emotional interpretation of the music.

After nine months, the student can expect to have gained proficiency in virtually all technical areas of singing for their genre of choice. After one year, the student will likely begin to master singing in their chosen genre, and after 15 months gain proficiency in an additional genre, if desired.

All this said, this timeline is not guaranteed because it will differ from student to student. Under ideal circumstances, where a dedicated student practices independently for at least one to two hours between scheduled lessons, they can expect to see these results. Learning any instrument takes dedication and motivation, and learning to sing is no different. The teacher is only able to steer the student in the right direction, but motivation and dedication must be put forth by the student in order to reach their set goals in a timely fashion.

Lesson Logistics:

David teaches students in his acoustically-treated recording studio. If he travels to your home, he cannot provide any equipment, but none are really needed in an in-home situation. And, the students need only provide themselves! In this unique instance, the human body is their instrument and all the required equipment to make music!

*** Studio Equipment ***
At his home studio, this is what David provides his students when teaching lessons:
- Professional-grade, soundproofed recording studio (STC 55)
- Auralex AudioTile acoustic foam
- Full-length mirror for students to view the posture and action of their bodies when singing
- Piano keyboard for warmup exercises and pitch-finding
- Studio monitor speakers and headphones for listening to accompaniments

*** Travel Equipment ***
Since most of the items David can offer for a lesson are large, he will be unable to bring them if he travels to your home. If they have one, students can provide a mirror and/or piano/keyboard, but these are not essential for lessons.

*** Specialties ***
(1) Opera Vocal Performance;
(2) Musical Theater (Broadway) Vocal Performance; and
(3) Most other genres/styles since they all require the foundational principles of posture, breathing, and support that David teaches;
(4) Public Speaking (Voice) since many of these foundational singing techniques apply to speaking in front of large audiences; and
(5) Music Recording and Production, including recording the voice and many other instruments such as drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, synth, and violin. Under this category, he teaches microphone placement and mixing techniques.
David's singing teaching methods are based most heavily on the vocal instruction he received from Bruce Hall and Dr. Robert Heitzinger when a student at Northwestern University. David also bases his lessons on the writings of James McKinney ("The Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults", 1994), Paul Mason and David Jones.

Barbee M.

Miami, FL
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Alexandra P.

Princeton, NJ
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Michelle A.

Sherman Oaks, CA
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Barbee M. Miami, FL

Subjects Taught

Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Classical Piano, Classical Voice, Ear Training, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing

About Me

Hi! My name is Barbee and I have over seven years of experience teaching singing, piano, speaking voice, and music theory. I have taught students ages four to adult, male and female, with all levels of experience and many different musical goals, from beginners to working professionals. I have performed in Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the US, in operas, musicals, oratorios, concerts, and recitals. I hold a Master of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Miami's Frost School of Music and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of North Florida.

*** Lesson Details ***
We spend the first lesson working a lot on breath and alignment. We will do various warm-ups and exercises so I can get a good sense of where you are in your development. Be ready to sing a song you know well, whether it is "Happy Birthday" or "The Star-Spangled Banner" or a song you know from the radio. We will decide together what songs are most appropriate for your age, level of study, and musical goals.

Beginners: We will discuss before lessons begin what curriculum books you will need to purchase. I can acquire them (usually in time for the first lesson) and you can reimburse me.
Intermediate: Please bring your most recent lesson, theory, technique, etc., books from previous study. We will proceed from there.

Music Theory
Case-by-case basis. We will discuss details before the first lesson.

I strive to create a studio environment that is open and honest, where my students are never afraid to ask questions or try something new. I am always happy to explain concepts in a different way and I encourage improvisation and creativity in addition to healthy technique and strong musicianship.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Dining/living room-turned-music studio. Touch-sensitive keyboard, music stand. Piano students must purchase curriculum books (I can provide and you can reimburse me). I have some vocal literature books; voice students must provide any extra music.

Seating and WiFi for parents.

Ample parking. I live and teach in a safe, gated community with two security guards present at all times. Upon arrival you will need to check in at the visitor gate to receive a temporary parking pass.

*** Specialties ***
While my specialty as a performer is opera and other classical music, I am also experienced in teaching Broadway/musical theater, pop, R&B, folk, and other styles and genres.

I specialize in helping prepare singers for auditions for college, performing arts schools, choirs, musicals, and competitions. As an active performer myself I have auditioned many, MANY times for different organizations. I have also been on "the other side of the table" and I know what qualities audition panels are looking for. Several of my current and former students have been accepted to college music programs, performing arts magnet schools, audition-only choirs, and theater programs to continue their studies.

Alexandra P. Princeton, NJ

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Opera Voice, Singing

About Me

I am interested in teaching private lessons to each individual student - taking into account your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and background. I will never teach by a method that does not account for the unique qualities of each student. I use what I have learned through many years of musical study to teach you in the most efficient and beneficial way, based on YOUR needs.

As a voice student, I will ask you about your taste in music, what your goals are as a singer, and encourage you to suggest repertoire you'd like to learn. In addition, I will do an assessment of your entire voice - from posture and breathing to articulation and expression - and introduce repertoire that will help you become a better singer. I am comfortable teaching pieces written in English, Latin, French, German, and Italian.

I am a classically trained singer with a background in classical piano. I have performed in musicals, operettas, operas, and recitals in soprano repertoire. I received bachelor's degrees in voice performance and music education at The Pennsylvania State University. I recently completed a master's degree in voice performance and pedagogy at Westminster Choir College. Over the past 7 years, I've gained experience teaching private piano, private voice, group voice, traditional choirs, pop styles, musical theater, classical repertoire, and have worked with students of all ages.

I am happy to report that in addition to offering in studio lessons, I am now available as an Online Instructor via Skype.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a teacher that will help you realize your full potential. In the lesson, we will spend time doing physical warm ups (light stretching) and breathing warm ups, vocalizing in all parts of your range, and working on repertoire. I am very open to helping students with music outside of the lessons, such as music for a school choir or an upcoming audition or call-back. My goal as a voice teacher is to help you in whatever way you need - whether you want to audition for a choir or a musical, learn how to sing classically, start your own band, or just become a better singer. I am understanding and flexible, and only ask that you do what you can outside of the lesson. A little bit of practice each week is better than none at all, and I will teach you ways to practice.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Studio, practice rooms, or classrooms, all have pianos, and seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
Classical voice (opera and art song), Legit musical theater

Michelle A. Sherman Oaks, CA

Subjects Taught

Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Choir, Classical Voice, Country Singing, Ear Training, Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Singing, Speaking Voice, Stage Performance, Vocal Training

About Me

I believe that everyone can sing, it is just a matter of learning how to use your unique instrument. From a very young age I was sharing my love of the arts with others as a performer. I grew up with an immense appreciation for all forms of art and found music to be the ideal way to express myself. My extensive education and performance experience has allowed me to cultivate my skills and knowledge so that I can best support each student on their own unique journey of cultivating their authentic singing voice. As a teacher I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to support students both in my studio and through online lessons, providing the positive and supportive guidance and experiences they need in order to cultivate their own musical gifts.

*** Lesson Details ***
My intention for each student is to support him or her, to the best of my ability, in finding and cultivating their voice, as well as their musical and performance abilities. As a teacher, I keep a healthy balance between professionalism and making learning fun, inspiring and experiential. I design a specific curriculum for each student based on their specific goals and intentions regarding their voice so that each lesson focuses on them and their unique needs. It is extremely important to me that students of all ages have a positive experience of music in their lives and I provide fun and encouraging performance opportunities for those students who wish to participate. I have extensive experience working with individuals who may have fear or anxiety about singing, speaking or expressing themselves to others. I am able to assist these students as they move past their fear and hesitation and truly claim their voice. They learn to cultivate and appreciate their own ability to express themselves in the world with confidence and ease. My goal is to recognize and support each student's potential, helping to give them confidence, direction and motivation on their unique musical journey.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, music stand, microphone, mic stand, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, guitar and mic amplifier, recording equipment.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Portable Keyboard

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.Musical theater, jazz, classical, opera, folk and popular music.

About Opera Voice

In order to learn how to sing opera, a great love and commitment to the art form is required. Many opera students confess that after ten years of study, they are only just beginning to feel they have a handle on this challenging yet unique form of vocal art.

If you remain determined after hearing this, you can be well on your way to a successful music career. To really enhance your skills, however, you’ll want to sign up for private opera voice lessons to learn how to sing opera with a trained professional.

TakeLessons can help you find the perfect instructor for your individual needs and goals. These qualified teachers know what it takes to succeed in the industry, specifically for a niche like opera. All of our instructors complete a yearly background check and extensive ...

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