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Popular Songwriting Teachers Near Birchrunville

Rihki K.

Philadelphia, PA
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Mark S.

Philadelphia, PA
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David C.

Glenside, PA
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Rihki K. Philadelphia, PA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Arrangement and Composition, Audio Engineering, Audition Prep, DJing, Film Scoring, Gospel Singing, Logic Pro Software, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Recording, Podcasting, Public Speaking, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice, Speech, Synthesizer, Vocal Training

About Me

*** Travel Equipment ***
I have a mobile digital mac recording system

*** Specialties ***
Specializing In Artist Development Singing, Breathing, & Performance. I Teach A Mac Based Songwriting And Music Production Course Featuring Garageband And For Advance Students Logic And Protools

Mark S. Philadelphia, PA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

Learning music, especially at a young age, can have a positive impact in life. From simply playing music in the home to performing music for large audiences, the basic goal is the same: the enjoyment of being a proficient musician. I have written a bit about my experience and how I can use this to help you to become a great musician.
I began studying music when I was 8 years old. My early lessons taught me not only about music but about music teaching. As a result of these experiences, I vowed to teach students music that is meaningful to them.
Moving along, in high school I played in rock bands with my friends. I can never stress how important it is to play with other people. I always encourage my students to form bands, join music groups in school, or just find a friend to jam with. Not only does this raise the level of musicality, it is a great motivational tool.
After high school, I studied music at Colorado State University, where I focused on jazz performance, theory, classical performance, and double bass pedagogy. I earned a bachelor of arts in music from Colorado State University in 2000.
I have been a musician for 16 years. I have played rock, pop, classical, jazz, and electronic music professionally for over 10 years. I have performed in the U.S. and Europe with many talented artists, and I have won various awards in performance and academics.
Although I enjoy a busy professional career in music, I am extremely committed to teaching the young and casual learner as well as career oriented individuals. At this stage in my career, I am enthusiastic towards the education and development of talent.
My home studio is fully equipped with guitars, basses, keyboards, amps, and digital recording equipment. I am highly knowledgeable in audio and midi recording through the use of recording software.
Apart from music, I have been an English teacher for eight years. Currently, I am working towards my Master's degree in music theory and education. I look forward to the prospect of sharing my skills and experience with you or a member of your family.

*** Lesson Details ***
My lessons usually follow the following steps:
Presentation of material Instruction Practice Performance
In a typical lesson, we first take a look at a piece of music normally through an audio or video recording. After we listen and/or watch, we discuss and examine the music. For example, this could be as simple as saying, What do think about this part? or €œWhy do you like the guitar part?€ It could also be more in depth - What's the time signature? Next, we take a specific part to learn. The student learns by watching demonstrations, making attempts at playing it, and listening to suggestions and instruction. There are many ways to teach just as there are many ways to learn. I try to incorporate as many different methods as possible while being mindful of different learning styles to ensure that the student is successful in mastering a skill. Finally, I save the best for last. When the student has shown sufficient proficiency of a piece of music, it's time to show it off. The student and I play it together as a team. Sometimes, I accompany a vocalist on guitar to get a pop/rock feel. For my guitar or bass students, I trade between lead and accompany roles. I may bring other accompanying instruments to the lesson for a different vibe. The idea is to have fun playing music, and I like to have fun.
People often ask if I am strict or laid back. I say I'm neither. My students and I work hard, but we'€™re so focused and motivated that the time flies by before we even know it.
Lastly, I never ask my students to copy anyone. I encourage my students to be themselves. The music I give them is only a guide or an outline. My goal is to motivate them to play what is in their hearts.

*** Studio Equipment ***
12 x 12 room...equipped with all instruments:
piano---Casio 88 key fully weighted,
and recording software

*** Travel Equipment ***
I assume that the students will possess the instruments they want to play, but if this is not the case, I provide all necessary equipment for the students.

*** Specialties ***
I teach rock blues, jazz, classical, and pop music.

David C. Glenside, PA

Subjects Taught

Music Theory, Opera Voice, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

Having graduated from Westminster Choir College, I have learned many techniques for helping students to understand their voices better. I have taken voice lessons myself since 2002, and still do take them. This gives me the opportunity to learn new and different techniques. As every student is different, there are many different techniques that can help the student to find their voice.
One style of teaching that I really feel is important when discussing the voice is the idea of just singing. Often times, as was my experience, when people hear voices they like they will mimic that sound. The problem with that is that the person will start singing with a voice that does not work with their body. That is usually my first goal if they have this particular issue. Many times breath and support need to be addressed right away.
After that it is teaching the student technique and helping them through the growing process of their voice. This technique is for the healthiest kind of singing and will preserve the voice for a much longer time then would other styles of singing. That being said, a person can still sing other styles with a slight variation to the technique, but still keeping things healthy and feeling good.

I have added that I am willing to teach individuals who have special needs. I will say that where I teach does have stairs and is not wheelchair accessable. I am sorry about that. I do work at a school for children with developmental disabilities during the day and have been there for almost 4 years now. I have worked with adults as well as children. This has not been in a music setting, but I do have some ideas as to how to make it fulfilling for them as possible. That being said I will be honest with these individuals as well as patient. I believe that they should be treated equally and therefore will get the same level of attention as any of my other students.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a fairly laid back teacher, with the philosophy that the student must find their own reason for practicing and work hard. If the student is a young child, I believe that they sing because they love to do it and that love should not be killed by becoming a chore. I would encourage them to practice more in the form of play. This is the work of children after all.
If the student is older, and at an age where they are more serious about the work that comes from learning how to sing properly. Then they should be able to find their inspiration for practicing. I am a firm believer that no one can change someone except for them-self.
The idea of a curriculum would of course differ from student to student, but it also differs with age. With young children, the first goal would be to see how well they match pitch, because it will be difficult to get the student to work on technique if they have trouble matching pitch. Therefore that would be my first goal. After that, I would test the students range and work on teaching them technique.
If the student is in the process of changing their voice, I will work on helping them through this change and help them to find their new voice. This is where the biggest chance of students loosing their real voice and starting to mimic other older singers. The fact is that, they will have a more mature voice in time, but they need to sing in their voice and the more mature sound will come. The main thing will be working on stretching there range little by little. This is because after the male voice changes, they tend to have a very small range. This would be the large overall goal to teach them to use their own voice, stretch their range, and learn technique.
If the student is in their upper teens, then they should have a larger range, but they may still need to find their own voice. The next part will be just teaching the student technique and stretching their range.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano and guitar

*** Travel Equipment ***
I could supply a keyboard if need be.

*** Specialties ***
Choral Singing, Classical singing, Ear training, and Musicianship

Ryan G.

Philadelphia, PA
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Benjamin K.

Glenside, PA
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Alexander C.

Drexel Hill, PA
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Ryan G. Philadelphia, PA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Singing, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I am a professional Guitar, Bass, Drum and Vocal technique instructor teaching in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area. My credits include 10 years at the Rock Factory in Newtown PA, Group lessons at Snyder Gerotti, Newtown Friends Elementary, and working with United way for underprivileged children and children with special needs. I have studies guitar with Harry Jacobson, who has been on stage with greats like Eddie Van Halen and Pat Metheny, as well as working on my diploma through Berklee Music Online. My vocal studies include Brett Manning down in Nashville, who is a personal instructor to Keith Urban, Hayley Williams and Taylor Swift, and specialize in avoiding vocal damage, or rehabbing damage. Its been 12 years since Ive started teaching and I really enjoy what I do. Please feel free to contact me and we can chat about what you are looking for!

-Ryan Gaughan

Benjamin K. Glenside, PA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting

About Me

I grew up in Glenside moved to Pittsburgh for school and came back because I love it here...I've been playing for 17 years and have a smorgasbord of influences from Zepplin to the Beatles to Phish to Radiohead to the dirty projectors to Jay Z to Kurt Rosenwinkel & John Scofield. I have been composing and working with original bands for some 11 years and play regularly in the city and up and down the east coast. I have also been teaching for the past 11 years all over the Philadelphia area. i teach from a method I derived myself from years of learning both in and out of school. I think teaching music is both aural as well as visual and encourage students to listen to music a lot. most of all i feel that music is fun and the students should enjoy learning so i incorporate their favorite artists and favorite songs into our studies. for serious students I love theory and love sharing what I've discovered over the years.

*** Lesson Details ***
I'm a very laid back guy but I take my playing seriously. music is my life and there's nothing I enjoy sharing and expressing more. I learned to love playing guitar when I was 12 from the coolest guitar teacher ever. he had a vibe that i gravitated toward and encouraged me in just the right ways to get me believing in myself. I try to encourage my students the same way. music should be fun above all and sculpt my lessons to each students individual needs so that they are better equipped to succeed.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect them to provide guitar/bass/piano

*** Specialties ***
Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classic, Pop

Alexander C. Drexel Hill, PA

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

Hey everybody! I received my first guitar as a Christmas present when I was 13 years old. It wasn't until I was 14 that I decided this was something I seriously wanted to master. I took private lessons for 5 years in preparation for university. My personal practice routine became so strict that I found myself practicing anywhere from 6 to 10 hours per day for a 2 year period. Nobody was making me practice; the guitar was just something I grew to love. It was like an escape for me.
I have very recently obtained my BA in Music at Eastern University. I took private lessons for nine semesters
with one of the best guitarists in the Philadelphia jazz scene. My academic advisor actually noted after my senior jury/pre-recital that I became the first guitar student to not quit taking lessons from him. Besides
jazz, I also love playing rock and blues. I was very much into shred guitar/metal in high school. I love the expressiveness of playing in a blues setting. As Jimi Hendrix said, €œThe blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.€ Right now, I am playing in whatever gigs I can find. I've been involved with musicals, rock groups, and jazz ensembles.

*** Lesson Details ***
I intend to use the same curriculum I was given during my private lessons in grade school.  I like this curriculum because it is all laid out for the student and very easy to follow.  I will employ exercises in technique and form, as well as chordal exercises.  I also hope to teach my students how to read musical notation.  This is a skill most contemporary guitar players lack.  This alone will place the student ahead of most if not all of the rest of the pact.  If there is a particular song the student wishes to learn, then I would be more than happy to teach it to them.  If not, I will probably select songs that will be most fit for the development of the student.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I own two small amplifiers of my own which I can take to the student if necessary. I also own a Squier Stratocaster which the student may borrow for our lesson if they do not have their own guitar.

*** Specialties ***
I spent the majority of my time learning the art of jazz guitar while attending university. I grew up playing rock, metal, shred, and blues as well.

As required from Eastern University€™s music department, I have taken and passed my piano proficiency examination. I have studied privately for two years with the director of keyboard studies at Eastern, who holds his own music degree from Juilliard.

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