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Tara G.

Austin, TX
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Rodrigo L.

Austin, TX
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Kevin C.

Austin, TX
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Tara G. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

I graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA! I received a BFA in Musical Theatre. What a change that was to go from Texas to Philly! I auditioned for many different schools, and know what it takes to get there. I then moved to New York City 2 days after graduating, on my 22nd birthday! I had 13 wonderful, and also challenging, years in NYC. Lots and lots of auditions, of every kind! Broadway, Off-Broadway, TV, Soaps, Film, Commercials, Concerts, Readings, Showcases, etc. I have sung for ABBA (Mama Mia), Stephen Schwartz (Wicked), Hal Prince (Gypsy). I was also up for leads in Mama Mia, Wicked, Rent, Hairspray. So, I definitely have a lot of versatility, and knowledge of what they're looking for! I did a Eugene O'Neil play called "Ah Wilderness" at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. We opened there, and then toured it all over the Midwest for 6 months. I did appear on NBC's Law & Order as a featured role, with the late Jerry Orbach. Lot's of experience, lot's of knowledge, and I'm excited to share it with you!

*** Lesson Details ***
I like to teach in a laid back manner. That's not to say that I don't expect you to work too though! I don't necessarily teach one specific method. I feel like if you can get ALL the information, and different methods, then you can choose what best works for your voice , or your piano playing. I want my students to feel comfortable and safe to explore all different facets of their talent. After all, the little imperfections are what make us all unique!

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a keyboard, among many other instruments! My husband uses those, I use the piano. There's definitely a comfortable living room, for the parents or caregivers to sit and wait.

*** Travel Equipment ***
If I go to the students house, they must have a piano, or keyboard. I can bring books of music.

*** Specialties ***
I can teach any style of singing! I majored in Musical Theater, but I sing everything. I played piano for 10 years. I have many many years of music theory lessons! I had surgery on my vocal chords, back in 1995, and had 4 years of speech and vocal therapy, so I have lots of experience with that as well. I don't use a specific method with my acting. It depends on what they would want to work on! I have many books of music, and music theory, and piano learning. In terms of learning piano, I would start with scales, and chords, and learning the right hand, then the left.

Rodrigo L. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Acting, Arrangement and Composition, Audition Prep, Blues Guitar, Broadway Singing, Classical Guitar, Classical Voice, Composition, Ear Training, English, Film Acting, Film and TV Acting, Flexibility Training, Guitar, Meisner Technique, Method Acting, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Salsa Dancing, Singing, Songwriting, Spanish, Vocal Training, Yoga

About Me

Rodrigo is a young, enthusiastic musician, singer, dancer and actor who has been working professionally since the age of 14. Originally from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Rodrigo is now based out of the “Live Music Capitol of the World!” - Austin Texas.

Rodrigo has enjoyed a thoroughly successful career in the arts and has played with such performers as Bukka Allen, Kristen Chenoweth, Kelli O'Hara, Destan Owens, Jacqui Marland, and bands such as "Woolgather" and “Steam Train Murphy". He also has shared the stage with the likes of several Country music sensations such as Toby Keith, Reba McEntire, Vince Gil, and Carrie Underwood at the Oklahoma City Centennial Concert at the Ford Center. He also recorded with Puerto Rican Reggae sensation "Cultura Profetica" and had played at Lincoln Center in New York City by the age of 20.

"One of my greatest times on stage was getting to sing for Lance Armstrong, President Bill Clinton and hundreds of other celebrities and Lance Armstrong's benefit concert. It was invigorating to use music to make a difference in something so profoundly important as finding a cure for cancer... Anything is possible".

Rodrigo trained in music in high school then went on to pursue a BM in Guitar Performance and Vocal Performance/Musical Theatre with minors in Piano Performance and Dance Performance from the prestigious Wanda L. Bass School of Music, Pitree School for the Fine Arts, and Ann Lacy School of Dance, known together as "The Juliard of the South"- Oklahoma City University. He has also trained with head vocal professor from Southwestern University Dr. Oliver Worthington.
Since moving back to Austin, Rodrigo has since signed with Central Texas and Louisiana Agency: Acclaim Talent, where he has enjoyed a full acting career and is considered one of their “Top Bookers” and regularly continues practicing the art of Method Acting, specifically Meisner Technique (The School of Acting most accredited with Film) boasting such actors as Streep, William Hurt, and Dustin Hoffman.

All of these things along with a very diverse musical upbringing have molded Rodrigo into a well-trained, professional, and motivated teacher. Being self taught primarily until getting his first guitar lesson in College, Rodrigo strives to, above all else, to use his power as a teacher to motivate, captivate, and do everything he can to encourage the growth of a student’s love and passion for music instead of killing it like the horror stories which are all too common. "The way I see it, people who are doing what they love are the happiest and successful people. If you love music and/or acting, and your relationship with it continues to grow and develop then you will find yourself making more progress, faster, and reaching limits you never thought possible".

On practicing: "Practice stinks, if you are happy and love what you're doing, then it's not practice... It's Playing! And you will see the greatest and most thorough improvement when you find yourself, say, running scales, with a smile on your face instead of a headache".

Rodrigo possesses several qualities that set him apart as a teacher. Regardless if the student is a 5 year old beginner, Seasoned Pro, or an Adult hobbyist who's always wanted to write a song, or learn to play the guitar, or anyone in between, Rodrigo is 150% committed to a student and their individual goals. With lessons completely personalized for each student, everyone gets what they want and need out of their specific musical journey.
If a student is on the road to pursue a career in music, not only can Rodrigo teach the subjects of Voice, Guitar, Piano, and Acting and the genres between them, but he can also offer insight and education on the Music Business, how it works, and even connect a gifted student ready for the next level to the right people! He knows the ins and outs of the industry, and can help professional hopefuls get ahead with all aspects of music and not just learning the craft.
Another quality that Rodrigo prides himself on is a comfortable, laid back but thorough and professional atmosphere. He believes that if a student is enjoying the musical experience, instead of feeling under immense stress and pressure to get to the next checkpoint, the student will find themselves progressing much faster than they ever thought possible!

Rodrigo provides the highest levels of technique, theory, and aural training regardless of preferred genre and offers a very pragmatic way of absorbing and retaining the knowledge and skills learned in lesson. "Music isn't rocket science, it's harder, but that doesn't mean it HAS to feel that way. I was self taught, and even when I got to college some professors went out of their way to complicate things, however due to the tricks I learned when having to attempt teaching myself, and finding my own ways of learning, I've found techniques and ideas that can help make learning fun, painless and feel almost easy!"

Rodrigo employs the best of both worlds in his practice. He provides top notch education, a professional setting, and challenges students to exceed expectation and fulfill potential but does so by inspiring, encouraging, and motivating students to 'Want to, and enjoy doing so' not making them feel they 'have to' or making lessons stressful and full of strict pressure. He has found that the student, more than the teacher, is in charge of their fate and progress; the greatest quality he can integrate as a teacher is getting the student excited to learn and excel while coming to realize the love and potential they have within themselves.

"What I can do for you, is enrich your love for music and acting while training and preparing you to succeed with whatever dreams and goals you would like to achieve and possibly, help you discover dreams and goals you never knew you had!"

*** Lesson Details ***
Rodrigo is a cool and laid back teacher, but is professional and very thorough. Strictness, in his belief- "forces" progress that can have very detrimental effects on students when they are made to feel they didn't make the mark, or failed, or when they feel they had to kill themselves to do so.
His students enjoy getting better at what feels like 1000 miles per hour with their passion and love for it traveling faster and fueling their progress.
In 3-6 months, depending on goals and skill levels, one can do and achieve what would seem infinitely improved. Beginners won't see themselves or be seen as beginners anymore. They will read music, they will understand the fundamentals of Music Theory and be able to use that to exponentiate their progress. Intermediate students will find themselves doing things on their instrument they never thought possible, and professionals will get that last layer of polish and fine tuning that keeps them sharp and ready and provides that birds eye view on where their career is heading.

Ultimately, the student is in charge of how much progress they make and at what pace. 3-6 months can carry with it what feels like years and years of experience and knowledge, or it can also feel like time wasted. Rodrigo believes this is where he can be of great service. Ensuring that the student is constantly passionate about challenging themselves in a positive way to succeed.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Korg full size keyboard with surround sound, a full library of music and reference material, and an electric guitar rig and classical guitar, musicians chairs, plenty of seating for parents, very large room

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect the student to have his/her own equipment If I am traveling to their home. Or have a space that has equipment in it. My transportation while reliable limits what I can carry with me.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in all major styles of guitar, from chicken pick'n to classical, and understand the technique involved for different genres and styles.

I teach and specialize in Stanislovski, Meisner, and Alexander acting schools concentrating more on film acting than stage and shakespearian acting.

I specialize in most ballroom forms of dance, hip hop, breakdance and tap, specifically rhythm tap, Jazz, and less on ballet and modern/lyrical

I also can teach all kinds of singing styles, my philosophy is good technique in conjunction with passion.

With piano, I teach all styles, how to read music, and mostly how to create your own music because so many pianists can play whatever is put in front of them but have trouble getting creative on their instrument, more so than most other instruments

Kevin C. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Singing, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I am a certified State of Texas Elementary Educator, has led ukulele workshops internationally, teaches private and group music lessons to all ages and levels in Austin, TX . I have launched a ukulele-based music education charity which brings lessons and instruments to schools and students with limited resources. Equally passionate about music, education and ukulele, I seek to inspire and empower students to exercise their birthright of making music. I am currently in the second year of course study in Canadian virtuoso James Hill’s Ukulele Initiative teacher training program. My scope of teaching includes Texas-based music, blues, soul, funk, slide ukulele, family music facilitation, ukulele ensembles, and beginners of all ages. I specialize in ukulele and also teach most styles of guitar, music theory, bass, voice and family music facilitation.

I have been a resident of Austin, TX for over 20 years where I have played guitar and toured across the globe with Americana artists such as the Flatlanders (Joe Ely, Butch Hancock and Jimmie Dale Gilmore), Jimmy LaFave, Alejandro Escovedo, Robyn Ludwick , Charlie and Bruce Robison and many others. In addition to leading my own groups as a singer-songwriter, I have produced albums and written songs for several Austin artists.

Students have used the words patient, wise, organized, skillful, funny, laid-back, and committed to describe my teaching.

What all this translates to is that I have a lifetime of experience in the music world that I'd love to share with those interested in learning more. My specialties include teaching music theory, working with groups, exploring songwriting, intermediate and advanced guitar study, and working with youngsters. Deeper exploration into music history as it applies to the lessons and the more detailed aspects of musical gear are also avenues of possible study. I've become recently certified as an elementary educator in the state of Texas and have gained valuable training and experience working with youngsters. I strive to discover each student's goals and interests and design an approach to best lead each student where they want to go, and beyond! I also want to understand how my students think, work and learn best.

This knowledge is invaluable as a teacher. My lessons are typically filled with a mixture of exercises, video viewing, active listening, ear training, and playing together to ensure that material is being comprehended and brought to life for each student's learning style. We devise strategies together to meet the goals of the student.

*** Lesson Details ***
I'm a laid-back, yet, driven teacher. I currently have students studying guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, music theory, voice, and songwriting. I strive to give positive feedback regularly and to enhance a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the tremendous art of music. My primary aim is to design a solid route for each student to get what they want out of playing music. Along this path, we will encounter many aspects of music and I value and enjoy them all. I hope to share this knowledge and passion with each student and I always learn something new myself in the process. I have a great deal of patience and a dry sense of humor. Over the years I've adopted many approaches that include: elements from my numerous years as a player, teacher and student; the works of Ted Greene; my study with master player and teacher Gordon Rowland, as well as several different instructional manuals of all levels. I'm currently in a 3 year teacher training program with ukulele master James Hill.

*** Studio Equipment ***
classroom sized teaching studio,hardwood floors, macbook pro, large monitor, amps, guitars, bass, ukuleles galore, music dvds, iPad,extensive library of music books and pdfs.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in teaching all ages and levels of ukulele and also, guitar, bass, music theory, country, rock, soul, blues and exploring creativity through songwriting. I have an elementary education certificate and am equally comfortable with young children, teens and adults.

Jake J.

Austin, TX
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Susanna L.

Pflugerville, TX
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Lori F.

Round Rock, TX
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Jake J. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Music Performance, Singing

About Me

I have lived in Austin since August of 2009, having moved down to Central Texas to pursue a Masters degree in Opera Performance at the University of Texas, a degree which I had completed last May. At UT, I have performed the roles of Don Alfonso in UT's Butler Opera Center production of Cos fan tutte, as well as recently performing the role of Chip in a new work called New York Stories by Daron Hagen. I have also sung in the Austin Lyric Opera ensemble for their productions of Lucia di Lammermoor, The Magic Flute, La Traviata and La Bohme, and will be performing in their upcoming production of Puccini's Turandot. I have also performed in the ensemble for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Austin in their productions of The Mikado, as well as performing the role as the Second Yeoman in their production of The Yeomen of the Guard.

I first began studying voice at the Walnut Hill School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Natick, MA, and the Royal College of Music in London in the fall of 2007. In 2009, I received my BA from Boston University in Vocal Performance. During my studies I have had the privilege of studying under professors who have had and still have very successful performing careers, as well as singing with choirs who have performed at Carnegie Hall and Boston's Symphony Hall. I have also sung under the baton of John Williams, at an event titled "Film Night" at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

In over 10 years of studying voice I have learned several great tools and strategies to use in order to improve my craft. I have obtained a good knowledge of a wide range of topics in regards to the voice. Whether it be proper breathing or posture, or how to learn repertoire so that not only do I have text, notes, and rhythms down pat, but I am also able to establish my artistic identity by adding my own interpretations to the pieces I learn. With my students I hope to share these experiences and strategies so that they can hone their craft, as well as gain the necessary tools to be able to better themselves independently. Most importantly, I hope to teach in a manner which motivates the student to continue learning. Singing, above all else, should be FUN!

Today I am still at UT, and am pursuing a Doctorate in Musical Arts in Voice Performance. I currently hold a position as the bass section leader at Lakeway Church in Lakeway, TX, as well as a section leader position in the Conspirare Symphonic Choir, a choral organization based in Austin, TX created by Craig Hella Johnson, which has been Grammy-nominated several times. Conspirare was recently were asked to sing as the supporting chorus for Andrea Bocelli for his concert at the Erwin Center last February.

*In regards to guitar, I have played for roughly five years. I am comfortable teaching beginning students as I feel that I can provide them with the basic tools necessary in order to play. I specialize in classic rock but am open to teaching other genres.

*** Lesson Details ***
*Now available for online lessons*

I am a laid back teacher, as I believe that a nurturing environment is key to learning. I've been a student for quite some time, so I can empathize with those who are just beginning to learn voice. During lessons I plan to devote ample time to both vocalises and repertoire, so that I am able to cover a wide range of topics, including breath support, posture, intonation, text, diction, and interpretation.

Each singer is different, so I really want to get to know each of my students in depth. What genres of music do you like? What are your goals? What strategies do you find helpful? Unhelpful? My goal is to provide you with a tailor-made learning system that is enjoyable and effective.

After 6 months of lessons I hope to assist you in not only learning at least 2 pieces, but also begin to provide you with stepping stones and tools to help you learn on your own. I hope that what I have to offer encourages you to continue studying, and that I can teach you just how fun singing is!

*** Travel Equipment ***
For voice students, I would provide several song anthologies.
For guitar students, I would provide a fake book as well as basic materials such as basic and power chord diagrams, materials on how to read tablature etc.
To add on to what I had mentioned above in the "teaching style" section, the specific materials that I would bring to the lesson would be pertinent to what each student wants to learn specifically.

*** Specialties ***
Since I'm classically trained, opera and art song are my specialties. I teach musical theater and popular music as well.

As a guitar teacher my main interest is classic rock through mid 90s. Artists such as Bob Marley, AC/DC, The Beatles, Toadies, Stone Temple Pilots, Bob Dylan, and more.

Susanna L. Pflugerville, TX

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing

About Me

Susanna has studied piano since the age of 5, and has been fortunate to study with the late Professor Danielle Martin at the University of Texas. Susanna has her Bachelor's Degree in music for the University of Texas and has taught piano and voice for 7 years. She enjoys working with people and uses her patience and perceptiveness to communicate music to others. Susanna is a church musician and was a member of the University of Texas Longhorn Singers and also attended Berklee College of Music studying jazz and popular music.

*** Lesson Details ***
As a person I am laid-back, I take the same attitude toward teaching, however I am strict when it comes to getting work done & getting it done well. For piano I use the Alfred series. After 3-6 months I would want my student to have learned the basics of rhythm & note identification. For singers breathing technique as well.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Roland wieghted 88 key full size electric piano

*** Specialties ***
classical, pop, r&b

Lori F. Round Rock, TX

Subjects Taught

Piano, Singing

About Me

Extensive studies in voice and piano with 10 years of experience working with voice and piano students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels.

My passion in teaching is to make sure you enjoy your lessons and develop a true love for music and your instrument! Music is a much needed and scientifically proven form of therapy for all ages. Together, we will explore music that suits your needs and personal taste.

*** Lesson Details ***
Music is a core function in our brains. It taps into our emotions, helps improve our attention skills and enhances learning skills and abilities. Learning a new instrument or working with the instrument we were born with, our voice, is a great way to enhance your own or your child's life.

Whether you want to learn a new instrument, improve skills you have already learned, or want to enjoy some music therapy, I will help achieve your goals and enrich your life with voice or piano lessons. All ages and skill levels welcome! I will tailor all lessons to suit your needs, wants, music preferences and unique instrument.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Baby Grand Piano;

Digital Instrumental Tracks;

Lyric Sheets;

Copier and Printer

*** Travel Equipment ***
Digital Instrumental Tracks

*** Specialties ***
Beginner to Advanced Piano and Voice. Homeschooling music lessons also available!

Yoga for the Voice – Singing Lessons in Austin

By Gfire M. - Austin Voice Teacher

I have been singing since age 3 and taking voice lessons since age 14, beginning with classical songs, musical theater, and opera before getting into rock, blues, folk, country, R&B and anything else I felt like trying! One thing that always bugged me about voice lessons was that I was never told exactly where all of my singing sounds come from. Of course we discussed chest voice, middle voice and head voice, but I never really understood what to do with my throat to make these sounds happen.

Fortunately, very early in my professional singing career, I happened upon a book in the library called “Science and Singing.” It was my first real “Ah-Ha” moment – the author explained that the real source of singing tone comes from air vibrating ...

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