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Popular Singing Teachers Near Austin

Julie F.

Austin, TX
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Tara G.

Austin, TX
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Donta H.

Manor, TX
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Julie F. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught


About Me

Julie holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Pennsylvania State University with a focus on contemporary and musical theatre vocal technique. She has been a sought after performer both in the studio and on stage recording and performing from New York to Austin. Julie opened her studio Vocyl Studios in Austin in 2010 and has become the vocal go for the performers in the Live Music Capital. She is passionate about teaching the healthiest technique to give singers the stamina to not only sing for hours but sing for life as well. She is passionate about teaching the healthiest technique to give singers the stamina to not only sing for hours but sing for life as well. My technique builds voices to last throughout the demands of a professional career.

*** Lesson Details ***
I believe strongly in creating a fun and creative atmosphere. A lot of troubles singers seem to have stem from being nervous to sing in front of others. Singing should be an enjoyable experience and that's what I try to create at my studio. I believe strongly in creating a good foundation on which to build on so you can sing any style of music, but also think when students can sing songs they really enjoy singing it helps the learning process. After 3 Months you will have learned:

Eliminate vocal fatigue and tension
Improve vocal range, tone and flexibility
Develop diaphragmatic breath control
Improve strength and endurance
Bridge the gaps between chest & head/falsetto
Clear up nasality, breathiness or tone imbalances
Learn pop “sound” and style (all contemporary styles)
Improve diction and phrasing (“sing like you speak”)
Change from Musical Theatre or “legit” singing to Pop, Rock, R & B genres
Find your own signature sound and style
Improve vocal performance

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music room with microphones, keyboard and a guitar. I also have some instructional posters demonstrating
how the voice works.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can bring my own keyboard. A room with a mirror and where they feel comfortable is key.

*** Specialties ***
Contemporary/ Pop/ Rock/ Musical Theatre
Teaching the correct and healthy way to belt.

Tara G. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

I graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA! I received a BFA in Musical Theatre. What a change that was to go from Texas to Philly! I auditioned for many different schools, and know what it takes to get there. I then moved to New York City 2 days after graduating, on my 22nd birthday! I had 13 wonderful, and also challenging, years in NYC. Lots and lots of auditions, of every kind! Broadway, Off-Broadway, TV, Soaps, Film, Commercials, Concerts, Readings, Showcases, etc. I have sung for ABBA (Mama Mia), Stephen Schwartz (Wicked), Hal Prince (Gypsy). I was also up for leads in Mama Mia, Wicked, Rent, Hairspray. So, I definitely have a lot of versatility, and knowledge of what they're looking for! I did a Eugene O'Neil play called "Ah Wilderness" at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. We opened there, and then toured it all over the Midwest for 6 months. I did appear on NBC's Law & Order as a featured role, with the late Jerry Orbach. Lot's of experience, lot's of knowledge, and I'm excited to share it with you!

*** Lesson Details ***
I like to teach in a laid back manner. That's not to say that I don't expect you to work too though! I don't necessarily teach one specific method. I feel like if you can get ALL the information, and different methods, then you can choose what best works for your voice , or your piano playing. I want my students to feel comfortable and safe to explore all different facets of their talent. After all, the little imperfections are what make us all unique!

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a keyboard, among many other instruments! My husband uses those, I use the piano. There's definitely a comfortable living room, for the parents or caregivers to sit and wait.

*** Travel Equipment ***
If I go to the students house, they must have a piano, or keyboard. I can bring books of music.

*** Specialties ***
I can teach any style of singing! I majored in Musical Theater, but I sing everything. I played piano for 10 years. I have many many years of music theory lessons! I had surgery on my vocal chords, back in 1995, and had 4 years of speech and vocal therapy, so I have lots of experience with that as well. I don't use a specific method with my acting. It depends on what they would want to work on! I have many books of music, and music theory, and piano learning. In terms of learning piano, I would start with scales, and chords, and learning the right hand, then the left.

Donta H. Manor, TX

Subjects Taught

Acting, Basic Math, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Boxing, Drum, Elementary Math, English, Film Acting, Football, Gaming, Gospel Singing, Hand Drums, Music Performance, Music Recording, Nutrition, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice, Wrestling

About Me

With 14 Years Of Drum Experience i Was Able To Travel With Many Groups. I Also Have 2 Drum Endorsment's by Soultone Cymbals, AJP Custom Drums. I Am Also Training With 21 Century Entertainment On Getting Signed With Agents. I Have Won Many Drum Competitions, Many Talent Shows, i Was Also Featured Soloist At Many Events. i Am Trying To Work On A Movie Called DRUM-OFF. I Also Have Experience on Giving Lessons With Many Kids, Youth And Many More. i Was In Marching Band In High School In The Year 2006. i Was Also in Steel Drum Band in The Same Year i Was The Main Drummer There. I Have A Drumset At Home, And At Austin First Church Where I Am Currently Playing Drums At. I Am Very Loving And i love To Give Lessons And Lead They Way God Bless

*** Lesson Details ***
If Your Serious Become A Better Drummer Follow The Beat To Your Heart

*** Studio Equipment ***
Drumset At My house. and keyboard

*** Travel Equipment ***
Drum Sticks, And Practice Pad.

*** Specialties ***
I can Play All Styles, Gospel, Jazz,Latin, Rock, Rap, Anything you Can Think Of.

Chris A.

Austin, TX
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Jameson J.

Austin, TX
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Lori F.

Austin, TX
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Chris A. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught

Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Classical Voice, Country Singing, Ear Training, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Singing, Speaking Voice, Vocal Training

About Me

I hold my B.A in Voice from the University of North Texas. I was a member of UNT€™s A Capella Choir, ranked among the top five undergraduate choirs in the nation. I have worked with a range of vocal teachers from many backgrounds, from a metropolitan opera star to voice science academics to professional singer-songwriters. This breadth of experience and research over the last 11 years has enabled me to refine the art of teaching someone how to sing so that it is effective and feels good for the singer to do, no matter where they start. For me, seeing the joy on a student€™s face when they are able to stay in tune for the first time, or hearing their excitement on the phone when they tell me they've won a $20,0000 college vocal scholarship, makes it easy for me to say that I really love what I do!

*** Lesson Details ***
I teach adults beginner to advanced, and teens who are committed to developing their vocal skill.

It is critically important to me that I give honest feedback, but not by judgement. I will never say to you "That sounds bad" for two reasons:

1) No one feels better and more motivated to practice when they are given a judgement over their singing.

2) The phrase or message of "that sounds bad" is completely useless for learning how to sing, because it doesn't describe what is happening. You can have perfectly healthy singing be categorized as "bad" simply because the listener doesn't like that genre!

I give feedback through details. So if you don't sound "good" to yourself, I will help you figure out whether you are making that sound in a healthy way. Assuming that the singing is already in tune, we make sounds we don't like when we are tightening our throat. This is about half the time. The other half of the time, we are simply singing in a sound color/genre that we don't like that we picked up in our singing for whatever reason, and it's fairly simple to change that.

Because I'm only going to teach you what works for you, we may have to try a lot of things to help you find the coordinations involved in singing, but you'll never be stuck with the same exercises that don't seem to help!

I work with the students that have tried other teachers but felt that the instructions weren't clear enough to apply, and had no explanation as to why they have to do a particular exercise.

I explain every exercise that I give in detail and I make sure that every exercise will work towards your vocal goals. I will explain what habits apply to ALL vocal sounds and what habits only apply to some, why some people can belt and why others strain immediately when they try, and help give you a map to navigate through all the sounds that your voice can make.

Confidence on Stage

Some of my students are perfectly happy with their technique but fear singing in front of other people.

Technique can be helpful for confidence on stage because you can remember what to do with all the nervous energy rather than just try to hold it back. Technique alone, doesn't equal confidence.

In lessons, we learn what it takes to develop your confidence on stage, and many times this has to do with building a solid memory of your song.

If you know your song backwards and forwards, every note you sing is memorized and 100% comfortable, and your mind and heart are on a mission to express the message of the song, nervous energy is just extra fuel to the fire on stage. This is good!

As a singer, one of the toughest things for me was memorizing my song and figuring out when a song was performance ready. Between my college experience with voice professors, professional singers of multiple genres, acting experience, and my own research, I was able to develop ways to both quickly and solidly learn a song.

During lessons we will take efficient routes to show you what parts of the song are the easiest to remember, which ones need more repetitions to remember, and how to get them solidly memorized so you feel ready to perform them.

Another block to confidence on stage, besides technique and memorization, is knowing where to direct your thoughts and focus when you're singing. If your song is memorized and practiced, we'll work on how express the message using concrete, specific ways to make your expression of a song come alive on stage.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano and Voice Recorder.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Here are your supplies you will want for every lesson:

-CDs and/or MP3s of your songs
-Notebook paper
-Recording device of some kind
-List of songs you would like to sing
-Sheet Music we are working on

*** Specialties ***
I teach vocal habits that make all genres to sing easier in every way.

I also teach:

Singing Harmony
Speaking Technique
Music Theory for Singers

Jameson J. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught

Abstract Painting, Acting, Alexander Technique, Broadway Singing, Drawing, Music Performance, Music Theory, Oil Painting, Opera Voice, Sculpture, Singing, Speaking Voice, Theater Acting, Watercolor Painting

About Me

If you are a seasoned performer, I will guide you in developing agility, musicality, range, dynamics, and phrase shape. If you are a first-time vocal student, I will provide an engaging, supportive environment to find your voice.

My instruction is based on professionalism, experience and range from more than 25 years of singing and 13 years of teaching. I have advanced education in vocal performance and am an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, which allow me to integrate the intellectual and physical aspects of singing. I use my energy, attentiveness and creativity to tailor lessons towards each student's unique needs.

I base my vocal technique on the Italianate tradition of operatic "bel canto," but also incorporate broad experience in musical theater, jazz, and early to contemporary classical music.

* Breath control
* Healthy vocal production "bel canto"
* Fach transition
* 20th Century music

Roles performed:

Rodolfo, La Boheme
Canio, Pagliacci
Count Almaviva, Barbiere di Siviglia
Goro, Madama Butterfly
Mr Splinters, The Tender Land
Don Basilio, Marriage of Figaro
Juror #3, Resurrection (Machover)
The Cowboy, The Blue Hotel (Hulse)

Credits include:

* Aspen Opera Theater Center

* Boston Lyric Opera

* Rome Opera Festival

* Austin Lyric Opera

* Amato Opera

* Dicapo Opera

* Bronx Opera

I have made demonstration tapes for new works (musical theater and opera) and know how to work a new piece into any voice.

In addition, I have worked with the Alexander Technique for over 15 years and integrate its principles into my lessons. My approach is creative, energetic and disciplined.

*** Lesson Details ***
Every student is different and every lesson will be different depending on the needs of the individual, and the demands of the day. I use the principles of the Alexander Technique to open up the student's mind and body to new experiences.

In general, lessons will start with a simple warm-up. Then scales and arpeggios to develop agility, musicality, range, dynamics, and phrase shape. Finally, the last part of the lesson I incorporate some of the new ideas that were communicated earlier into the student's repertoire.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, Alexander Technique table,

*** Travel Equipment ***

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.

Teaches beginner through professional:
Singing, Voice Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, Alexander Technique.

Lori F. Austin, TX

Subjects Taught

Piano, Singing

About Me

Extensive studies in voice and piano with 10 years of experience working with voice and piano students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels.

My passion in teaching is to make sure you enjoy your lessons and develop a true love for music and your instrument! Music is a much needed and scientifically proven form of therapy for all ages. Together, we will explore music that suits your needs and personal taste.

*** Lesson Details ***
Music is a core function in our brains. It taps into our emotions, helps improve our attention skills and enhances learning skills and abilities. Learning a new instrument or working with the instrument we were born with, our voice, is a great way to enhance your own or your child's life.

Whether you want to learn a new instrument, improve skills you have already learned, or want to enjoy some music therapy, I will help achieve your goals and enrich your life with voice or piano lessons. All ages and skill levels welcome! I will tailor all lessons to suit your needs, wants, music preferences and unique instrument.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Baby Grand Piano;

Digital Instrumental Tracks;

Lyric Sheets;

Copier and Printer

*** Travel Equipment ***
Digital Instrumental Tracks

*** Specialties ***
Beginner to Advanced Piano and Voice. Homeschooling music lessons also available!

Yoga for the Voice – Singing Lessons in Austin

By Gfire M. - Austin Voice Teacher

I have been singing since age 3 and taking voice lessons since age 14, beginning with classical songs, musical theater, and opera before getting into rock, blues, folk, country, R&B and anything else I felt like trying! One thing that always bugged me about voice lessons was that I was never told exactly where all of my singing sounds come from. Of course we discussed chest voice, middle voice and head voice, but I never really understood what to do with my throat to make these sounds happen.

Fortunately, very early in my professional singing career, I happened upon a book in the library called “Science and Singing.” It was my first real “Ah-Ha” moment – the author explained that the real source of singing tone comes from air vibrating ...

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