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Popular Piano Teachers Near Accokeek

Lauren B.

Upper Marlboro, MD
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Evan M.

Silver Spring, MD
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Carol K.

Manassas, VA
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Lauren B. Upper Marlboro, MD

Subjects Taught

Flute, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

I graduated from Grove City College in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education, concentration in flute. I am the music teacher at Arundel Bay Christian Academy, a ministry of Riverdale Baptist Church. I teach Preschool - 8th grade general music classes, as well as flute and piano lessons. I also serve as the director of the elementary play and the musical director of the middle school musical.
As a teacher, it is my goal to reach every student in unique ways, so that they may realize their potential and develop a passion for music. I hope to help students discover that music may exist as a hobby, but is also a gift that lasts a lifetime.

*** Lesson Details ***
In lessons, students can expect to develop musically while enjoying themselves. I believe in the importance of aiding students in setting goals, while doing what I can to help them achieve those goals. As we explore music together, I encourage student input and questions so that the student understands why what he's learning is important. Curriculum is selected based on the student's experience, prior repertoire, needs, and goals.

Each lesson will begin with technique building exercises: scales, fingering exercises, tone warm-ups, breathing, etc. We will then move on to studying from method books, followed by other music literature. Sight-reading is often a part of lessons, as I believe this skill is highly beneficial to greater musicianship. The tools provided in lessons will allow for students to practice successfully at home. Students will keep a practice log, which will allow them to relate their musical achievement and successes to the practicing they've done, and in this way, develop good practice skills.

It is my hope that my students will learn to appreciate the value and beauty of music, and communicate this to others through words and actions with musical originality and self-expression.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Home: Living room area with keyboard, music stand, chairs, and books. There is also seating available for the student's family.

Studio: Classroom with electric piano and books.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect the student to provide the instrument and a music stand (flute).

*** Specialties ***
I teach beginning to advanced piano and flute lessons, as well as beginning to intermediate music theory. I specialize in classical music.

Evan M. Silver Spring, MD

Subjects Taught

Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting

About Me

Dr. Evan M. is a composer living in Maryland. Born in Long Beach, CA he began his musical studies at an early age, performing on piano, French horn, trumpet, and steel drums. He wrote his first compositions for PanDrumonium – his middle-school steel drum ensemble. Later on, in high school, he continued to perform, in additional to writing songs and arrangements for various rock bands and jazz ensembles.

While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Evan decided to focus on classical composition – in 2007 he received his B.M. composition from Chapman University in California. During this time he studied piano under the tutelage of Karen Knecht. He went on to receive his M.M. in composition from California State University, Northridge (CSUN). At CSUN, he taught courses in music theory and music history as an adjunct instructor.

In 2009, Evan moved to Maryland to pursue his doctorate in composition at the University of Maryland. As a TA, he taught courses in musicianship and music fundamentals; he also taught a course in music theory at American University. During his time at Maryland, Evan continued to study piano privately. He also served as the artistic director and occasional conductor of the contemporary music ensemble, TEMPO.

Evan’s compositions have been performed throughout America and abroad. His work has been featured in performances by the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, the Nimbus Ensemble, the Great Noise Ensemble, the Calyx Quartet, and the University of Maryland Percussion Ensemble. Evan’s chamber opera, The Last Act of Revolution, will be presented by New York City Opera’s VOX 2012; the opera was premiered earlier in the year by the University of Maryland Opera Studio. His orchestra piece, Fire Music, will be premiered by the Minnesota Orchestra in January of 2013.

*** Lesson Details ***
Beginner and Intermediate Piano - I use the Faber Piano Adventures series. Students will learn the basics of piano technique and musicianship. While practice is the key to success, I also try to instill the student with a deep appreciation of the music we are studying. Within 6 months, students will begin to play basic songs/pieces from the repertoire. At this point, I will often let the student pick the music he or she wants to learn.

Music Theory - I offer tutoring for the AP Music Theory exam and other high school/college-level music theory courses. We will work from your class textbook and will gear sessions towards comprehensive review as well as focusing on specific skills that need improvement.

Song-Writing/Composition - I work with budding composers and songwriters to improve their musical notation, melodic, harmonic, and text-setting skills. I work with students who are interested in both classical and popular genres. More advanced students might study orchestration or counterpoint.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student must have piano.

*** Specialties ***
Classical piano
Classical composition
Jazz arranging
Pop songwriting

Carol K. Manassas, VA

Subjects Taught

AP U.S. History, Archaeology, Music Theory, Piano, Vocal Training

About Me

I have always loved music. For me, the process of making music gives me the opportunity to lose myself in the moment. It does not matter what type of music I am listening to, I will find a connection to the music.

I exhibited an interest in music at an early age. On many Saturday afternoons my mom would find me planted in front of the television set watching opera. So, it came as no surprise to family members that mom enrolled me in music lessons, singing lessons to follow.

Throughout my teens I found myself involved in anything related to music. I sang in the school choir, as well as background choral work in musicals and even played the piano occasionally. I also had the opportunity to sing with a group called "Up with People," and performed some of their repertoire around the state.

I would love to share my passion and joy of music with anyone who wants to discover their own journey into the musical world.

After high school I continued my lifelong study of music. I graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Liberal Arts Studies, majoring in piano. I was able to work with Jacequeline-Cursagi Schmitt, who helped me refine my piano technique. I also continued taking voice lessons during college and am currently studying with a local Takelessons teacher.

After college I started teaching piano. I have worked with student's from the age of five through adulthood. I love working with any age group. As a teacher, I am always looking for new and interesting approaches to educating myself and to engage my students in the process of learning music.

I teach to the student's "learning style." I use whatever resources are available to reinforce musical concepts. I am patient, and laid back. I want my students to feel comfortable, and know that they can be themselves when they are working with me. Most of all what a student can expect is a teacher who is interested in them, their progress, and making the our time together as enjoyable as possible. I believe that I help students see the joy music brings to their lives.

I have always felt that one of my greatest strengthens is my ability to interact with children and adults, and I hope that I can continue to share my love of music in the coming years.

*** Lesson Details ***
My philosophy of teaching is a mixture of expectation that a student will put forth an honest effort to learn what I have asked. However, I maintain a balance between what I expect and what the student needs. I would hope that a student could come to me, if they are unable to complete an assignment, and together we will fix the problem. I believe in giving a student the space to learn. I do not consider myself a strict teacher. However, I do expect the student to respect my authority and that the time we spend together is productive, yet enjoyable. I am supportive, yet will correct when I believe it is necessary.

Within three to six months I would hope that the student would feel more comfortable at the piano. I would expect him to learn posture at the piano, including hand position. I would expect that his knowledge of the right and left hand notes would become more proficient, and that he would understand what the staff is. I would expect that he understands keyboard geography, distance between notes, the concept of high/low, dynamics, and patterns (both directional and melodic). I would add two-handed playing, at a very basic level. This, of course, would depend on the progress and age of the student, and what the level of hand-eye coordination is.

I use Alfred, however I am eclectic, in that I make use of different books, depending on the need of the student. I believe in setting goals, however I am flexible in that I want to be certain that the student has the time to build a solid foundation.

I also use the computer for music theory, note reading, chord and key signature recognition and for ear training. I have a computer program that allows a student to be creative and develop his skills at composing. In the past year or two, I have begun using the iPad and it's numerous apps that relate to music.

As a vocalist, I also believe in developing the students ear through pitch recognition and thereby start the process of playing by ear on the piano.
I encourage singing, if the student is comfortable, and while I do not teach singing, I have a solid background in voice and I understand the breath support that is needed to sing or play an instrument.

In conclusion, I try make the learning experience as well rounded as possible, preparing him for future study, or simply to enjoy the art of piano playing.

*** Studio Equipment ***
lessons in dedicated music room in basement; computer with electronic piano and keyboard;

*** Travel Equipment ***

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25
lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.
Mixture of methods, however Alfred, Piano Discoveries, and Faber are the ones I use most often. I teach both classical, pop, and Broadway. I also incorporate music related computer games and for the five and six year olds I use some of the ideas from the Music for Young Children Program

Jessica P.

Chevy Chase, MD
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Priscilla L.

Silver Spring, MD
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Katie S.

Woodbridge, VA
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Jessica P. Chevy Chase, MD

Subjects Taught

Cello, Classical Piano, Ear Training, Music Theory, Piano, Upright Bass

About Me

Jessica moved to the Chevy Chase/Bethesda area in 2009, having grown up and gone to school in New York and Ohio. She loves the area, and she and her husband are thrilled to be putting down roots in the community. As a performer, Jessica has traveled around the world, but throughout her career teaching has been one of her most important focuses. "As a relative newcomer to the DC area, growing my private studio has been a great way to get involved in the community. My teaching style is individualized, but I always try to include two important things: building a strong basic skill set, and developing creativity."

*** Lesson Details ***
Whether your goal is to make it into All-State, give a solo recital, play tunes at family gatherings, or just try something new for the very first time, I will help you succeed and have a good time along the way.

In my view, the most interesting thing about performing music is that it is one of the few activities that engages both the left and the right brain at the same time. With that in mind, my teaching places equal importance on developing strong technique, and developing creativity. Students learn all the basics of music, and also spend time developing strong ensemble skills and strong background knowledge of style and repertoire, so that they can enjoy music in all kinds of settings, all their lives.

Knowing from experience how "boring" it can be to learn by rote, I combine technical work with fun time playing duets together, improvising, and exploring a wide variety of styles and genres of music. After all, there is no experience so motivating as hearing a new piece that you HAVE to learn to play yourself!

*** Studio Equipment ***
lessons in either living room or upstairs office; Steinway baby grand piano in living room;

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect piano students to have daily access to either a piano or a keyboard with 88 full-sized, weighted keys. Bass or cello students must have their own bass or cello.

*** Specialties ***
classical, baroque, renaissance

Priscilla L. Silver Spring, MD

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

I'm not just personable and qualified but I am a versatile professional who truly love to mentor young enthusiasts the arts such as music and visual arts and I believe the importance of adapting my teachings to each students needs. Through my 13 years of studying and teaching Music in both here in the US and in Brazil I've come to realize with the support of my mentors, peers and my family that my goal is to educate all types of kids and in order to be part of the enrichment of culture I would continue to pursue art, music and education by doing so. It's vital to me to teach arts alternatively and I'll do so for always with great passion.

*** Lesson Details ***
I have an easy-going, yet structured approach that allows each student to achieve results effectively at his or her own pace. I believe that there is a connection between music, movement and language that intertwine and support each other through the development process. I specialize in teaching all kinds of styles from Classical, Pop,Bossa Nova in guitar, piano and music theory lessons. I Love to emphasize various playing techniques, music theory, ear training, music reading, and more.The materials for teaching varies.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, Books, Metronome, Guitar

*** Travel Equipment ***
note book, assigned books and sheet music assigned

*** Specialties ***
Guitar, Piano, Music Theory and Performance is what we do !
My main goal is to present students with simplified arrangements of standard repertoire concentrating on sight-reading and writing composition as well as playing all sorts of variety of music genres. Use of the metronome is needed, and very often the exercises defy the tendency to play by ear or in the position pattern.We will focus 1/2 of the lesson on repertoire and 1/2 the lesson on the technique. I have my students let me know via email what songs they would like to work on for the weeks lesson a few days prior to the lesson, then I cater the technical study during the lesson to help them learn the song we are working on. It has been proven to be very effective and makes the technique and theory are less uninteresting.
Through good vibes we all learn and grow tremendously so with that said come and Jam with me.

Katie S. Woodbridge, VA

Subjects Taught

Cello, Piano, Viola, Violin

About Me

Master of Music Education
The Hartt School - University of Hartford
West Hartford, CT

Bachelor of Music
The Hartt School - University of Hartford
West Hartford, CT

Current Public School Teacher

Over 10 years experience teaching private violin, viola, cello, and piano lessons!

*** Lesson Details ***
Students will use a variety of materials to help them become better players. I am great with young children and beginners, as well as older kids and adults.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Yamaha Electric Piano

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