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Ahmad G.

Ahmad G.

I'm Ahmad a very enthusiastic musician. I started out teaching myself guitar at the age of 12. I moved to the U.S. in 2001 and studied music for 15 years receiving my B.M. and M.M in music and audio production at San Francisco State University. I then moved to Los Angeles then studied and trained with John Mayer, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, George Lynch and many others. I have performed hundreds of concerts in the U.S. as well in Europe and the Middle East with Artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Michael Angelo Batio, Ratt, Sammy Hagar, Dokken and many others. I ranked #1 in the Slash Guitar Center competition. I was in the "list of top 5 guitar players ever" according to The Examiner, also picked as one of the best guitarists of 2013 and 2014 consecutively in the Rockwell UnScene magazine, and ranked 3rd in the Steve Vai Sam Ash Best in Shred competition. I find a student's strengths and weaknesses using various ways to encourage each student. I am very patient, kind, flexible, and enthusiastic and I love working with children as much as adults. I strongly support basic skills: sight-reading, pitch and tone. I have 25 years experience teaching kids and adults guitar. Also performing live and in the studio. *** Lesson Details *** My objectives: to help students powerfully communicate through the essence of music and aid the development of children and adults by finding their strengths and weaknesses and to develop their skills and show their musical talents. I emphasize basic skills, good sight-reading, guitar technique, and theory. Lessons are held at either your home, or mine using composers from various time periods that speaks to the individual student. Also,I do prefer to work weekly with my students. A beginner lesson may be 10-15 min. for warm-ups and scales, 10-15 min. theory and rest playtime. In three to six months the student will be able to read sheet music and should be able to perform simple songs. An intermediate lesson has more focus on music and technique from a specific genre. A specialty is preparation for guitar auditions or doing live or studio gigs. I enjoy teaching children from age 5 up to adults. *** Specialties *** I teach the basic skills very strongly, and also encourage students and challenge them, as well. I also have new techniques for teaching Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar. I do prefer to teach a weekly lesson.
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Jonathan B.

Jonathan B.

My introduction to engineering was in a class I took on Pro Tools in college. It was an immensely useful start, but I soon learned that a real education in engineering comes from getting your hands on real musical projects. Having self-produced my own music since 2010, I've learned that an engineer has to know his gear like a player knows their instrument, and the discipline of cultivating the recording space is key to that. I'm lucky to have an excellent home studio as well as several working arrangements that give me access to super-advanced gear in other studios in the area. I continue to collaborate with other studios as a session musician and recording my own compositions so I'm able to give students hands-on projects and real-world experience creating and marketing their projects. Studying engineering with me is a direct process of cultivating your own projects. I take audio students on a completely individual basis, so if you are interested you should contact me so we can talk about your interests and aspirations. I plan to hook you up with people and projects that will help you advance in your creative goals both locally and through internet resources where I am established, especially YouTube which is a specialty of mine.
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Joseph B.

Joseph B.

This is just pure fun! Recording and broadcast, acoustics, spoken words, sound effects, music - its pure joy to record and find the right mixture of dry, wet, warm, color, clean or tube sound. Let's explore the hearing as we would with fine food in the kitchen or with a fine brush on a pallet. Photography of sound, recording involves technical knowledge and understanding of how sound reaches us, how it is captured and how it is mixed as well as how it is perceived. Psycho-acoustic magic is a performance in itself. How many times have we listened to a recording only to nod to ourselves in knowing that it was the recording engineer who should have gotten the prize and the standing ovation? We are the unsung heroes behind the glamor but the satisfaction of knowing and hearing as well as producing the treasured recording or the enjoyed performance perfectly balanced in the space - is priceless. Let's have fun in finding your recipe for a delicious sound as we look at different available equipment on the market and that which is not in the text books - intuition, pure hearing and imagination. I have co-written the exam questions with the head of the recording department at the Juilliard School, designed and installed acoustic treatments to transform commercial spaces and performance halls. I have recorded professional musicians and prepared broadcast for radio stations. I have over 30 years of experience working with analogue as well as digital media. Lastly but not "leastly", I am a professional musician with perfect pitch, a performing Concert Pianist, Composer and Conductor. What do all these have in common? The fine art of hearing. Reach out and contact me if you are working on a project or would just like to explore the this fascinating subject. I promise it will be a relaxed and a fun time and I look forward to working with you!
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/30 mins
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Jarod has helped me take my music to the next level. He's got great insight into the music industry not only helping me with engineering my music but also giving me excellent advice about turning my m

Darren (Audio Engineering lessons with Jarod G.)

Edwin is extremely knowledgeable in teaching.

Paul (Audio Engineering lessons with Edwin I.)

I have had a great first few lessons with Jarod. You can tell he knows exactly what he is talking about, and can articulate it to me with ease. It also was nice talking to someone younger in the indus

Dylan (Audio Engineering lessons with Jarod G.)

Excellent work, Jarod! Thanks for your help. I will definitely work with you again.

Dan (Audio Engineering lessons with Jarod G.)

Jarod has helped me take my music to the next level. He's got great insight into the music industry not only helping me with engineering my music but also giving me excellent advice about turning my m

Darren (Audio Engineering lessons with Jarod G.)

Edwin is extremely knowledgeable in teaching.

Paul (Audio Engineering lessons with Edwin I.)

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