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About Sama

Hi, I’m Sama and I help professionals build fluency in English for life, work or travel.

I’m an certified English teacher from Canada and I've been helping non-native English speakers become confident and fluent in English for almost a decade. I'm also a passionate writer. I write articles and social media content to help over 90,000 English learners to overcome challenges, learn and grow.

Before taking my online classes, clients usually come to me with these tough challenges:

-They fear that they don’t sound professional when they speak English.
-They’ve tried everything and still can’t speak English fluently.
-They feel powerless and they’re starting to lose motivation.

If you’re facing similar challenges, I completely understand your frustration. The language barrier is restricting your career possibilities and your oppo

rtunities for a better life. It’s limiting your relationships and connections on a personal or professional level.

But you’re here reading this, which means you haven’t given up yet! So many people have overcome these obstacles, and I want to show you that YOU can too.

How you’ll benefit from my English classes:

I work with clients one-on-one, so the benefits will be unique to each person and the goals they set for themselves. My clients have experienced a range of benefits including:

-Better English pronunciation and clarity when speaking.
-More comfort and ease in having conversations in English.
-Feeling more prepared for English interviews and presentations.
-More confidence in talking about products and services in English.
-Improved interactions and connections with English speaking directors, clients and colleagues.

My English classes are for you if:

-You’re at an intermediate English level (B1) or higher.
-You need English for personal and career growth.
-You’re feeling blocked and losing motivation.
-You feel like you don’t sound like an expert in your field because of the language barrier.
-You need to become more confident in talking about your brand and/or explaining products and services in English.

Are you interested in working with me?

Here is how you can get started:

1. Purchase a package (You will receive a refund if you feel that we're not a good fit.)

2. Send me a message with any questions.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon!

July 31, 2019
Sama is not only a great teacher, but she also is a nice person. She keeps me motivated to keep learning and improving. Her teaching system is pretty dynamic and helpful. Every dollar I spent to take lessons with her is worth it. Thanks Sama !!!
June 28, 2019
June 7, 2019

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Sama A.


About Bruno


I have been a French tutor online and in person for four years. I am originally from Paris and I now give private French lessons to students, professionals, and adults. I received my Master's degree in Economics from a University of Paris. I'm also fluent in Spanish, and I can teach in this language, as well.

I have taught over100 students in French and work with all of them to create a program tailored to their individual goals and needs.

I can help you with all aspects of French including grammar, conversation, vocabulary, test preparation and overall fluency and accent coaching.

When it comes to learning French, I believe that speaking experience is just as important as learning grammar and vocabulary.

I'm offering pleasant, affordable and efficient online lessons.
Why online class is a

good choice?:
1/ Maybe you don't have very many **affordable** native French tutors in your area or your schedule is tight, so online tutoring could be an option for you.
2/ Online class/conversation has the highest value for money ratio and is efficient!
3/ I offer a discount for online classes

I can help your child wit SAT French, AP French, Honor French et French Regents (in NYC).

I'm always very patient and very creative as I find the best and easiest way for you to learn my language. I have a lot of very good documents that are included in my lessons. They range from grammar books and exercises to pronunciation and oral production.

Feel free to contact me!

April 22, 2019
Max K.
Excellent teacher!
January 18, 2019
Max K.
Excellent teacher. Bon enseignant.
April 25, 2018
Denise J.
Great teacher very patient and thorough

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Bruno G.


About Ashli

Hi! My name is Ashli and I have been a professional actress for over 20 years. I have several professional (TV/Film) credits and I have been in over 20 stage plays. In addition to my professional career, I have been studying acting for over 15 years and hold a bachelors degree in theatre acting from The California Institute of the Arts.

I began coaching and directing actors about 10 years ago. I can teach any age (5+) and any experience level, though, having been a child actor myself, I connect especially well with kid and teen actors. My teaching methods are rooted in several different techniques (method, Uta Hagen, Stanislavsky) but overall, my approach is one that immerses the actor in their work fully. Our sessions will engage your mind, body, and spirit with the hopes that you will become a well rounded and captivating artist and


I look forward to hearing from you soon!

"Have a belief in yourself that is bigger than anyone's disbelief"- August Wilson

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Ashli A.


Amy L.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Amy

I am a Japanese teacher and ESL teacher currently working on my masters in Education. I lived in Japan from March of 2017 though March of 2019 where I taught in the Japanese public school system.

I prepare students to travel to Japan for business, educational, or professional purposes. To these students I teach specific phrases and cultural etiquette. I also teach beginner to intermediate-level Japanese to students interested in the language for any purpose.

Whether you plan a trip to Japan, are currently enrolled in Japanese classes and need a tutor, or simply find the language fascinating (like I do), I can provide you with the strategies and lessons necessary to grow your vocabulary and comprehension.


October 14, 2019
I'm preparing for an extended trip to Japan, and I really wanted some in person help to make sure I didn't totally flounder once I got there. Amy was a super friendly and super patient teacher. I never felt uncomfortable practicing or asking for help multiple times on things that I wasn't getting. I would absolutely recommend Amy to anybody trying to learn Japanese.

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Amy L.


About Lia

I am a cheerful person with a good sense of humor. And I can eysy find an individual approach of different kinds of people.
So do not be shy and let's try!
Russian is not as difficult as it sounds


September 18, 2019
Спасибо за помощь! Я стал разоваривать намного лучше! Рекомендую!

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Lia I.



Sarah G.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Sarah

I first started tutoring in college and found that I enjoyed helping other people learn about a subject that I already loved. There is no formula for a student to learn and remember the material, but I believe it is a teacher's job to engage the students in an inviting way in the hopes they at least don't dread the subject!


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Sarah G.


About Josh

Hi! I'm Josh. I'm a TEFL certified professional English teacher, the host of the YouTube channel "English Hacks", and the author of three books on English learning and one book on general language learning (available on Amazon). I have over 5 years of experience and have given thousands of one-on-one lessons!

I specialize in American pronunciation training and accent reduction, as well as language mentoring (learning how to learn a language in the way that works best for you) but I also have a lot of different activities to improve all of your English language skills!

I love languages! I speak Spanish and I have also studied Japanese, German, some Portuguese, and a little Esperanto, so I know how difficult it can be to learn a new language.

I am really good at connecting things, and this helps me to teach you better. I definitely

understand how scary speaking can be and I am very patient, so you can relax and feel comfortable with me. My philosophy is to be a guide and mentor who is very focused on your needs and interests and who can give you the tools and information that you need in order to succeed as an English speaker. Because of this, I don't have a specific, rigid type of lesson that is too focused on grammar like traditional classes. Instead, I work with you to create the type of lessons and learning plan that best suit you.

October 15, 2019
Besides the fact that Josh is very friendly, active and communicative, he is just different than any other teachers. He has his own unique process of working on student's accent reduction, listening and understanding English native speakers. With him you will get familiar with the rhythm and music of English speech that will help you to become fluent. But if you decide to up your grammar, I would highly recommend to get his course along with his books. It is worth it to have him as your teacher. I wish everybody lots of luck and fun in studying.
October 7, 2019
Angel L
Josh uses very creative methods to teach English. For example, he is always prepared with a lot of examples, tools, books that he has written, and activities that you don't find in a normal class, and has an extensive background in helping people learn how to improve.

Josh is very supportive and understanding and he uses his creative methods to help people understand whatever they need to focus on.

Josh goes deeply into all the areas of language learning and teaches people how many things work in a logical way.

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Josh M.


About Xiomara

I currently work part time in an industry that promotes to help others I have done this job for quite a time.
Mainly is a combination of customer service and health service
I have an University degree in Medical Laboratory Science . Formerly I worked in my profession helping people to recover from health issues ....I believe that also I helped to build a better community....I worked mainly providing services to elderly and children which made me also a better person! ....When just moved from my native country I started tutoring at home either students who needed to challenge an assignment or travellers who wants to improve their accent or pronunciation ...I found this activity so enticing and motivating ! Sadly then I had to find a full time job and put on a side my mission ....Currently I use my spare time in volunteering for one o

f the health boards of the community where I live ...I still want to continue investing my talent tutoring in Spanish to whoever need it

...I tell people: it’s easy You just have to find the right person

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Xiomara A.


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"Since my first lesson, Antonio has been an exceptional instructor. His experience playing for well-respected academies overseas validates his credentials
as a soccer instructor and it is very evident with the ball at his feet. Antonio’s personality makes lessons fun while also being engaging . He is very patient throughout his demonstrations and would suggest his for any level/age group."
"I enjoyed my first lesson with Aliaksandra. She put me at my ease while challenging me. The one on one is exactly what I need to improve my ability to u
se the language. While I have been studying on my own for quite awhile, there is no substitute for having to actually use the language. On top of all of this, Aliaksandra is personable and fun."
"Awesome teacher who cares about everyone she meets!"
"Suyeon is exceptional. Traveling in South Korea has been much easier with her help. Highly recommended. She combines being very personable with profess
"Very good !"
"Mr Mohamed is very patient and encouraging. Although the material at times is difficult but i love to engage with it as it helps me increase mg comfort zo
ne. :)"
"GREAT. I really like the examples and story's. Great teaching"
"This teacher is for you as long as you want to learn very serious ASL. Not just signing English words in the English order. ASL is beautiful and this teac
her does a wonderful job of teaching it. I am paying for her lessons and its worth it."

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