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About Andrea W.

Charleston, SC
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I believe that anyone who can speak can learn to sing! I teach based on music theory, technique, and repertoire building. The three register method I use can be applied to any style of singing from Opera to Pop. I have an Artist Certificate in Voice, a BA in Voice Performance, and an MAT in Choral Conducting. My specialty is Vocal Pedagogy, which means that I teach students the correct way to sing to ensure a safe and healthy instrument. I have been teaching private voice for ten years, and have a proven track record of students who have gone on to be successful in achieving their goals.

About Andrea
I began singing in a local children's choir when I was ten, and haven't looked back since! I attended the Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities in Greenville, SC where I studied Opera and Musical Theater Voice. I then went to the College of Charleston where I completed a BA in Voice Performance and an MAT in Choral Conducting. I love singing, and love teaching others to love singing as well! I teach music full time and am the Musical Theater Director at Porter Gaud in Charleston, SC. I teach voice using registers and correct technique so that my students can sing whatever style of music best suits their interests. I am an avid Vocal Pedagogist and I present at State and National level conferences in the field of healthy singing.
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Andrea W.

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$50 / 30-min

About Julie B.

Merced, CA

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Tired of the "one way fits all" mentality? We will make music together, learning fundamentals but having fun in the process! You will learn through playing, listening and games. And though lesson books are a great resource, there will always be something that is your choice!

About Julie
I graduated from Eastman School of Music with a Bachelor's of Music and from Arizona State University with a Master's in Music. I have over 20 years experience teaching privately and in the classroom.

I believe in teaching the joy of music. Lessons with me will give you the fundamentals of music (rhythm, music notation, history and context) while learning the type of music you like best.

I teach piano, guitar, ukulele, vocal, oboe, clarinet and saxophone. I have experience with all types of music and all ages of students. Let's make music together!
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Julie B.

Merced, CA 95340
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$34 / 30-min

About Melodie F.

Chicago, IL

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I emphasize classical technique from a physical perspective, and lessons are sometimes a body awareness workout. Read my profile carefully before you sign up with me. Through this physical approach, we discover what the student's voice truly is, instead of attempting to mimic popular artists.

Singing and Voice lessons must be at least 45min duration.

Customized for individual goals, Singing lessons may include many things. Perhaps your goal is as simple as enjoying the healthy benefits of breathing deeply, strengthening posture, and singing for fun. Senior citizens can take singing lessons for the purpose of remembering old songs while sitting up and breathing. Singing lessons teach proper vocal warm-up, but also emphasize becoming familiar with the many standard songs of various genres.

Absolute beginners are welcome to start out with me, learning to match pitch, and building good habits from the first lessons. Less experienced singers will improve upon their beginning ...

About Melodie
Student GOALS
(1) Student learns how other artists use music to communicate, advocate, heal, and grow.
(2) Student learns how to use music for self-discovery of artistic aims.
(3) Singing student learns how own body functions as a musical instrument, on a flexible schedule.

I am Miss Melodie F, a highly experienced private lesson teacher of voice, piano, and theory. Please read my profile carefully before you sign up with me. Complete beginners are welcome. Advanced lessons are available for singing and voice only.

Are you an adult who misses the love of music you enjoyed before life responsibilities took over? If so, you are like most of my recent students.

I teach adult students private music lessons. My specialties and approaches are
(1) blending what the student wants with what the student needs,
(2) classical v
ocal technique from a body awareness perspective,
(3) how to sight-read keyboard scores, and
(4) music theory translated into something that makes sense.

If you don't practice that's not a deal breaker, but admit it so I can modify the plans to give you your money's worth.

You may schedule a lesson when you want or can afford one rather than being forced to take a lesson at the same time every week; that is the Schedule-As-You-Go option where lessons have no recurring schedule slot. I have weekday office hours available on a Schedule-As-You-Go basis which you won't find on the general availability information here on this profile.

Singing and Voice
Singing and voice lessons have minimum 45min duration. Do you want to do the physical work it takes to become a better singer? Do you have a place to practice? Have you read the "Your First Singing Lesson" section found on each Singing or Voice Subject Page and still want to take singing lessons with me? If you can’t say “Yes” to all of these things I can still work with you. Sign up for Music Theory lessons instead, tell me what you want to learn, and we can go from there.

Do you have regular access to a “real” piano, with weighted keys and a damper pedal? If all you have is an unacceptable keyboard sign up for Music Theory and I can still teach you how to read keyboard music, and play scales, chords, and songs by ear.

Music Theory
Music theory lessons are the most flexible option for general curiosity. You don't need much more than pencil and paper to start music theory lessons. Tell me what you’re interested in and I’ll teach it from a Music Theory perspective.

The current fee for a 45min lesson appointment in my studio is $41. Online singing and theory lessons are the same price. Lessons must be prepaid, with a strict 24hr cancellation deadline.

My teaching studio is a residential office in a high second floor walk-up near the intersection of Chicago and Ashland. I might be able to travel within East Village / Ukrainian Village / Wicker Park / Noble Square for an additional $15 travel fee. If I travel to your location we can negotiate younger ages and group fees.

Upfront deal breakers:
• I have a problem with fragrances. If I can smell something on you I may not be able to work with you. We could discuss online lessons as an alternative.
• One quietly observing adult human guest is welcome with 48-hour notice.
• If you are a singing student you need a place where you can practice and you must read the Your First Singing Lesson section prior to your first cancellation deadline.
• If you don’t have regular access to something that can legally be called a piano, including weighted keys and a damper pedal, don’t take Piano lessons.

Ask me a question using the Ask-A-Question feature. Watch my videos and think about it. I'm a good teacher. I sincerely appreciate the time it took you to read my profile. Thank you.
Laura M. March 4, 2019
· Singing · In studio
My very first singing lesson ever was informative, eye opening, well articulated with good imagery I could relate to, challenging, and fun. Melodie’s good coaching made me aware of both things I was doing somewhat well and tips for improving on them, and simple errors that we worked on in a very encouraging and corrective manner. I’m looking forward to practicing and my next lesson.
Bob November 29, 2017
· Piano · In home
Geriatric patient Bob is going along with the program beautifully. Just keep doing what you're doing Melodie. Thanks
Marisol March 27, 2017
· Singing · In studio
So far I've only had one lesson with Melodie and she really cares to help you achieve what you're trying to accomplish. We went through a few things such as posture, how to breathe, humming, vowels, position of tongue and other things. About myself: I don't know how to sing and this is my first singing lesson.
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Melodie F.

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$41 / 45-min

About Elena D.

Tarzana, CA

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I teach children and adults using a singing technique drawn from the Bel Canto Tradition and tailored to fit more modern styles of music with emphasis on posture, muscle relaxation and breathing technique among fun and interesting vocal exercises!

About Elena
Music is my life and my biggest passion. I've been a working musician and a teacher for several years and there's nothing more rewarding than sharing all I've learned so far with my students, to nurture their goals and aspirations and to make them aware of the great instrument they already possess. Every year I plan and host two wonderful recitals for my students, so that they can experience and share their progress with family and friends.

Here's more about me and my education:
I was born and raised in Italy and have been singing since I was a child but started a formal training during my teenage years with a private coach. During college, while studying Psychology at the University of Florence, I attended 2 different private music schools in Florence and Bologna, since it was not possible at the time to study music in Colleg
e. There I kept studying vocal technique, solfege, classical guitar and music harmony.
I moved to LA 11 years ago and attended Musician's Institute earning a diploma in Vocal Studies and Vocal Performance and then I attended a Composition & Songwriting Program at UCLA for 2 years. I refined my vocal technique studying at Berkley College of Music for a summertime in a special program for Jazz Vocalists and I have been an Alexander Technique's student for now 10+ years.
I am a performing artist, I sing and teach privately for a living and, on the side, I help an Opera Touring company promote their tours. I have performed all over the country in some beautiful venues such as the Getty Center and Pantages Theater to name a few. Guitar is my second instrument but I accompany students with my piano during vocal exercises. My personal style of singing is modern, not operatic, I love many kinds of music but especially pop, jazz, and musical theater.

***Lessons Details***

**Singing: Teaching Adults**
There are two sides of singing that I like to work on with my students.
The first is vocal technique, which is first and foremost the study of how to use our instrument, our whole body, in the best and most useful way to avoid strain ad create beautiful sounds. I believe that when we relax and use the right posture, meaning the most natural one, then our bodies and our breathing mechanisms act as they are supposed to, and singing magically happens at its best. When we learn to use our bodies without strain, the right "singing" muscles are automatically engaged and exercised and we feel at ease. So I try to encourage a non-forceful way to use diaphragmatic breathing, which I have learned by studying Alexander Technique, which is a technique that teaches people how to stop using unnecessary levels of muscular and mental tension during any activity, especially during an artistic performance of any kind.
I try to notice bad singing habits the student may have formed throughout his/her life, (hopefully none!), and gently help them correct them. The vocal exercises I use are drawn from the Bel Canto tradition, a classical tradition, but I mix them with more modern vocal exercises to develop popular techniques like "belting" for example.
The second side of singing is simply to pay attention to song interpretation, to convey the message we would like to convey. I encourage the student to choose songs to work on they truly love, and I welcome any style of music. I give the students vocal exercises CDs to help them practice at home.

**Singing: Teaching Children**
What I described above is also true for teaching children, however I like to teach them "by ear" with simple vocal exercises and vocal games at the beginning of the lesson and try to ease them into the sound they naturally make. I like to create a positive environment in which the student can feel successful about even small achievements, whether it is standing in a relaxed way or having practiced the beginning of an exercise or part of a song. To help the student practice at home and keep the motivation alive without feeling overwhelmed I record each lesson (or let them record it) and give them the accompaniment for the song of their choice so they can have fun at home.

*** GUITAR ***
I teach young children using fun songs, games and classical guitar technique. I also teach adults and specialize in contemporary guitar. I welcome many styles of music, pop, rock as well as folk genres of Latin America. I emphasize good posture, tone and musicality, and always a high level of enjoyment with the process!

*** RECITALS ***
I plan and host 2 wonderful Recitals a year, one in January and one in June. I encourage all my students to participate, no matter how they may feel about their instrument level and preparation. Working towards a performance is one of the most effective ways to solidify your ever growing skill!

*** Studio Equipment ***
For students who come to my home studio, there is private guest parking right outside my building, in a gated complex of buildings and in a safe neighborhood just north of the 101. My studio is conveniently located just a few blocks from the freeway entrance. I have a comfortable sofa for parents and siblings to attend the lessons and a keyboard to use for accompaniment. Also, I periodically offer my students the chance to record one song in my studio, equipped with nice microphones and a professional recording system.

*** Travel Equipment ***
For singing lessons I bring my small and light master-keyboard and laptop or I can use the student piano/keyboard. For children's lesson I ask my students to bring a notebook to keep track of practice assignments.

*** Specialties ***
Music theory and Songwriting. Stage performance and how to feel comfortable on stage. Additionally I teach vocal jazz improvisation, Broadway singing and Italian song repertoire.
David F. March 27, 2019
· Guitar · Online
Carrie P. December 27, 2018
· Singing · In studio
Elena is an amazing teacher! She has taught my 9 year old both singing and ukelele, and inspired her to practice without me prompting her! She's flexible with scheduling changes, offers a wonderful experience for children learning to use a microphone, uses humor to make her students comfortable and offers participation in a biannual performance at a venue. This opportunity to perform in front of an audience with a professional multi-camera recording is such a plus! I can't say enough good things about her teaching style, and how quickly my daughter has gained confidence in singing and playing an instrument as a result. My daughter is inspired to play and sing as she sees quick results and enjoys her sessions. I highly recommend Elena as a music instructor for any age!
David N. October 25, 2018
· · In studio
Excellent session. It pointed out what I need to work on, specifically.
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Elena D.

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$40 / 30-min

About Marshall J.

Turlock, CA

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Ready to learn the greatest instrument of all time? Learn to sing the music you love in individually crafted lessons that will prepare you for a lifetime of music making.

Learning to sing can be extremely satisfying and empowering; and can bring music wherever you go.

Lessons will include instruction on:
-basic technique
-healthy singing practices
-agility strengthening
-songs of your choosing

About Marshall
Are you ready to take your learning to a new level? For over 10 years I have been exploring the world of entertainment, from music to photography to video production and am ready to share with you the secrets to success in the performing arts.

Learn the intricacies of guitar, piano, and vocal performance
Master professional writing techniques
Promote yourself with hands-on audio production and videography
Make killer music videos
Become the best you can be!

Party on dudes,

Sammy J. April 9, 2019
· Piano · In home
Yesterday my daughter took the first piano lesson. The teacher taught me very carefully. I have already played the melody of several songs yesterday.
Christina August 4, 2018
· Guitar · In studio
Marshall is a both a skilled musician and an effective teacher. He adjusts his teaching style to match to your goals. He is extremely patient and offers the perfect balance between constructive feedback and encouragement. Highly recommend!
Joy July 1, 2018
· Piano · In home
Marshall is the best instructor of music. He teaches music passionately and teaches exactly what anyone wants/needs. If you have trouble in music theory as well, Marshall would explain step by step and make sure you learn it before he moves on to a new lesson. I highly recommend Marshall because I have learned tons so far.
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Marshall J.

Turlock, CA 95382
starting at
$40 / 30-min
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About Camille V.

Ventura, CA

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Experienced teacher of 5 years, specializing in classical, jazz, musical theater, and contemporary voice! All ages welcome. Lessons are customized and catered to the needs/goals of each student. Not only will you be singing with greater control and ease, but you will be building a strong foundation of musicianship, ear training and healthy vocal technique, all while having fun. Let's get started!

About Camille
I am a professional singer, voice teacher, and performer. I graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Music Education and received my CA teaching credential in music at San Diego State University.

Voice students can expect to improve week to week in their vocal technique. Every voice has a unique timbre; I teach students to release built up tension and apply foundational techniques in order to unlock their own individual sound. I can help any student to sing with freedom, confidence, and expression.

As a professional recording artist, I have sung on sessions with Tim Davis (Glee, ABC's Boy Band) and Damien Jurado (indie singer-songwriter, Sub Pop & Secretly Canadian). I sing with the Los Robles Master Chorale (Oak Park) and Ensoma Creative (San Gabriel Valley), in addition to performing at restaurants and hotels such as E
ureka and Casa 425 (Claremont Village).

I specialize in classical, jazz, musical theater, and contemporary styles, but I firmly believe that great technique is essential to any and every genre. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to become a better musician!
Cami March 11, 2019
· Singing · Online
Camille is so patient and invested in the student. This is my 9 year old granddaughter who is working on an audition right now. Camille always makes her part of the decision making process, and that ownership and exposure to the preparation process for auditioning, makes for a long lasting learning experience.
We are looking forward to what is hopefully a long lasting relationship.
Matk February 25, 2019
· Singing · Online
Nice teacher! She focuses on technique and exercises which I really need! I have practice next week and I am excited!
Nancy C. February 21, 2019
· Singing · Online
Just had my first singing lesson!
Camille was very patient with me, and encouraging.
Looking forward to my next lesson.
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Camille V.

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$25 / 30-min

About Luisa M.

Miami Beach, FL
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My singing lessons are unique because I combine technique with performance, as they are both extremely important and inclusive of the other. I am aware of all genres of music and especially what is current at the moment. I am currently graduating from Berklee College of Music and I attended the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami for three years as a Music Business major with a minor in Contemporary Songwriting. I am a songwriter as well so I am very open and encouraging of students bringing in their own songs, as well as willing to help them with writing. I currently perform, record, and songwrite myself so my students can have a live example of what it means to be a young independent artist in the music business today. Aside from music, I also have been training in film acting and video editing -- all further creative forms of expression that I am here to answer questions for.

About Luisa
Hi! I am a singer/songwriter and actress.

I am graduating from Berklee College of Music, after studying at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami for 3 years (I majored in Music Business with a minor in song writing).

I just moved back to Miami from living in Los Angeles for 2 years to write and record my EP. During my time in LA, I also furthered my training in acting for film and songwriting. I also shadowed videographers in LA and learned how to film and edit videos, which is why I opened a vlog channel to support my music.

I have been performing ever since I was a child. Some of my most important performances include: performing duets with Phil Collins both in Miami and in Switzerland, singing the National Anthem at the Heat Quarterfinals in 2013, being on THE VOICE in Italy, performing my original songs at a Phil C
ollins foundation in Paris, being the opening act for the United Nation's International Year of Youth in New York City, and performing the National Anthem at the Miami Open.

I speak and sing in 3 languages - English, Spanish, and Italian. I am originally from Rome, Italy.

I am completely aware of all musical genres, and especially what is current at the moment. I encourage students to bring in whatever music they feel is best for them and also challenging. Being a songwriter, I persuade students to bring in their own songs (if they write) so that we can work on the songs and most importantly, performing them. My main goal is that students become great performers, while primarily having mastered their technique for their vocal health and longevity.
Gwenyth April 26, 2019
· Acting · Online
Luisa is an amazing teacher! She made the class fun and comfortable.
Talia D. March 19, 2019
· Singing · In home
Luisa is delightful!
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Luisa M.

starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Lara C.

Indianapolis, IN
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Want to sing the latest top 40 songs? Or maybe rather some classic tunes or even broadway show tunes? Whatever your heart desires (pop, rock, country, R&B, Soul, Blues, Broadway Show Tunes), I've got you covered. I have a bachelors degree in vocal performance from the worlds best contemporary music college in the world; Berklee College of Music as well as a certificate from the New York Film Academy in New York City where I studied Music Theatre. I have been studying with over 8 different voice coaches and I want to share all my knowledge with you! We will not only work on developing your range and making your voice stronger, but we will also work on how to make the songs unique to YOU and how to be confident on stage! You choose the songs you want to sing, because I want you to have fun! I will provide you with warm up tracks and other exercises so that you can practise on your own time as well.

About Lara
I am a professional singer, songwriter, pianist and recording artist. I graduated from Berklee College of Music, the worlds best contemporary music college as well as the New York Film Academy from which I have a Diploma in Musical Theatre.

The voice is a very delicate instrument. My goal for you is not only to be the best singer you can possibly be, but also to be a healthy singer so that you'll be able to sing for the rest of your life. Every voice is unique and I want to help you to find your voice and highlight the aspects of your voice that makes you special so when people hear you sing they know exactly that it's you.

I will provide you with warm up tracks as well as other exercises so you can practise on your own and really get the most out of these classes. They are yours to keep!

If you're interested in accompanying you
rself on piano while singing, I would love to help you put together amazing arrangements. I studied classical piano for 9 years and contemporary piano for 4 years.

I am also a professional songwriter and performer. If you want to write your own songs and work on them in class, I will gladly help you write amazing songs so you'll be able to hit the stage in no time!

My personal preference is pop and rock music but I can teach all kinds of genres, from pop to rock to country to r&b and even Broadway show tunes. I want your lesson to be fun and make every lesson unique to you and your wants and needs.

I take frequent trips to Nashville, TN to write and record with professionals. This experience is what makes me and my teaching technique unique.
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Lara C.

starting at
$59 / 30-min

About Suzie N.

Margate City, NJ
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I am a professional vocalist and actor having performed for 35 years and still Perform . I have been teaching for 30 years and have students on broadway, rap and pop singers , touring artists, school children perfyin school plays, and my local private students perform with me all over the city. I have a proven method based on years of experience. I teach all genres of music except opera. I teach the whole artist and work on improving technique as well as performance. My students build their book and are always prepared for their auditions. I provide music and also work as vocal adviso on studio projects. Look forward to helping prepare you for your singing career!! All ages an levels welcome!

About Suzie
I am a professional coach & vocalist still working as a singer, actor and voice over actor. I have owned and directed my performing arts camp for 15 years teaching thousands of kids 4 to 18 at camp and I coach all levels and ages currently at my home studio. I also substitute teach at a performing arts high school. I am certified through the State of New Jersey to teach. I am currently Ms NJ Sr America 2018 and placed first in the National pageant as well. I have taught numerous Ms New Jersey’s as well as ms Washington DC and judge preliminarys for Miss America .org. Parents are welcome to stay at lessons and I do make house calls occasionally. My students are taught healthy vocal techniques as we build their song repertoire and prepare for auditions and shows in s very happy, positive environment. My students stay with me for years an
d I have most from their start thru their current professional careers. My clients are on broadway and off broadway and tv currently in The Cher Show, Chicago, Shrek , Disney, and on tv, touring , school shows, community events , nightclubs , casinos etc... my students also sing events together with me and solos all year throughout the community. We have a yearly showcase as well. 35 years plus of working the industry, I prepare singers for what it takes to thrive in the music business. All ages and levels welcome. Looking forward to working with you and your children! 🎶
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Suzie N.

starting at
$50 / 30-min

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