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About Linda C.

Campbell, CA

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About Linda
I have been a public school music teacher for 30+ years. I am an optimistic, enthusiastic person, who will help you learn music reading in addition to music playing. I started on piano as a young child, and studied clarinet from elementary school through college, where I focused on french horn. I have a BA in Music Education from Humboldt State University, where I also earned my teaching credential. I have taught beginning, intermediate and advanced band and orchestra, in addition to choir and jazz band. I have been music director for over 10 middle school musicals. In my spare time I enjoy my two dogs, going horseback riding, and reading.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am very friendly, and encouraging to new students. I have a lot of patience for those who are new to the study of music. I can also be more demanding for those who have lear
ned the basics and want to improve their playing. I am a proponent of teaching the basics of music reading and common musical terms. I can teach music through a variety of curricula, and will work with my students to choose a method that best suits their goals. I have a large music studio in my home that has a separate entrance,which is conducive to music making (with it's own bathroom). I accept students 8 years of age and older.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Has a keyboard, but no drum set

*** Travel Equipment ***
I prefer to teach in my home studio.

*** Specialties ***
I have been teaching band, orchestra & choir in public schools for 30+ years.
Steven April 22, 2018
· Trumpet · In home
My son has loved taking lessons with Linda. She is setting just the right pace with him. She is flexible given his strengths and weaknesses. He was genuinely disappointed when I told him he couldn't go to lessons this week because of a family commitment. Can't recommend highly enough!
Janet P. February 7, 2018
· Violin · In home
very comfortable and satisfying first lesson.
JoAnn C. January 31, 2018
· Cello · In studio
Linda was great! As an adult beginner with the cello she made the lesson enjoyable and easy to follow. She adjusted quickly for where I knew a little and where I knew nothing. Highly recommend her!
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Linda C.

Campbell, CA 95008
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Jesse M.

Sunnyvale, CA

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I'm not currently taking beginner drum students. Please refer to my studio partner Melissa:

Start to learn about polyrhythms as well as developing your ears and body to play songs more accurately. Start to spice up your playing with ways that are interesting, but not intrusive.

Really push your polyrhythms and add asymmetrical meters to your repertoire to expand your grasp of complex rhythms. Also learn to use dynamics, cymbal work, and fills to effectively communicate and lead a band without words.

About Jesse
I'm currently not taking beginner students on voice/singing, guitar, bass, drums, piano, and ukulele. I highly recommend my studio partners Melissa though. Please check out her profile:


My Background

I've been playing with classical ensembles and rock bands since 2001. Even though I started on classical trombone and rock guitar, I have come to expand my repertoire to a variety of instruments and genres. During my time in college I performed with the University choir, orchestra, and band. I also have organized, wrote/arranged for, and performed with a variety of bands in my home state of New Mexico, as well as Japan, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since 2006 I have been an active teacher. This profession has taken me everywhere from working with classical guitar cla
sses in New Mexico high schools to Elementary students in Japan to a variety of private students of various musical instruments and genres everywhere I've been. Since relocating to the Bay Area in 2010, I've had the pleasure of working with lots of great students from kids to adults with a wide range of ambitions. Since 2012 I've been running my own full time studio.

Philosophy of Learning

Lessons are generally designed to work towards giving students the tools to accomplish their goals and become increasingly independent over time. While all students will study similar fundamentals regarding technique, theory, and performance, every lesson is as different as every person. What kind of music do you want to make? I'll tell you what you need to do to get there, and help you take the steps to achieve your aspirations.

I also love to help students put together a song, record, and produce it for them so that they can have a recording to share with their friends and family.

I also hold events for my students. (Check out our pictures and videos below!)
Younger students have opportunities to perform for friends and family at my studio every few months. Once or twice a year we'll also stage a larger event off site for more individual students and bands classes to perform.
Adult students also occasionally have events where they get a chance to get together and play music as well.

Aside from in-studio lessons, students also have the option to sign up for online lessons via Skype.
(*Online lessons offered during different times than in-studio lessons.)

*Unfortunately due to scheduling issues, I'm not currently accepting students for bi-weekly lessons. I can do regular weekly lessons, or occasional drop-in lessons, but bi-weekly appointments make it really hard for me to give the best scheduled times to my existing weekly students. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

My studio is equipped with:

*Music Stands

*A P.A. System

*Vocal and instrument microphones

*Guitars, Basses, Ukulele, Banjos, etc

*Two guitar amps and a bass amp

*Various percussion including a fully equipped acoustic drum set

*A Roland V-Drums electronic drum set

*An electric piano console and Yamaha organ

*A MicroKorg Synthesizer

*A Tuba, Trombone, Cornet, Saxophone, and Flute

*An extensive physical and virtual music library

*A recording system that students are not only welcome to use but encouraged to

*HD Webcam and condenser microphone for high fidelity online lessons via Skype
Alex March 25, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Jesse is very friendly and a fun teacher to be around.
Merve K. March 19, 2019
· Violin · In studio
Jesse was not only an instructor but also a mentor for my daughter. He is very patient and realistic besides being very knowledgable and talented. She learned and improved a lot. We were lucky to start this journey with Jesse.
Wan C. January 5, 2019
· Ukulele · In studio
I am a senior student and Jesse knew what was needed to develop a course of classwork and homework to enable me to have more fun with the melodious ukulele. I appreciate his clear, concise, and congenial approach — serious, mindful, and leisurely.
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Jesse M.

Sunnyvale, CA 94086
starting at
$70 / 30-min

About Joe M.

Santa Cruz, CA
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Lesson regiments are tailored to synthesize student goals and musical passions, setting a foundation in the instrument of interest.

Technique and practice-exercises provide the core for study and development (but we won't let that get in the way of the fun!).

My teaching philosophy largely derives from experience with master-drummers of different fields of study; my methods are thus a synthesis of concepts designed to ensure anyones improvement. We all have rhythm!

About Joe
I am a professional percussionist and drum instructor based out of the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz.

I teach both studio and outcall lessons to all ages, covering drumset, steel pan, hand drumming, orchestral percussion, music theory, and piano.

Additionally, I am a leader in the samba community, teaching classes and leading local performances.

I hold music degrees from CSU Humboldt (BA) and Long Beach (MM).
Riley November 28, 2017
· Drum · In studio
My son enjoys his lessons with Joe very much. He’s an encouraging teacher.
Olin November 6, 2017
· Drum · In home
My son loves his drum lessons. Being eight, he naturally has an excess amount of energy and a tendency to chat but Joe has a way of engaging him and keeps him learning. Very positive and supportive as well.
April R. June 16, 2017
· Drum · In studio
Great instructor, very patient, positive and passionate about music!
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Joe M.

Santa Cruz, CA 95060
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Zaid D.

Rosenberg, TX

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As a Beginners course, this is suitable for complete beginners who have never played drums before. Its also helpful for self-taught drummers who want to go through all the basics and fill in any gaps in their playing and improve their technique.

Course Objectives:
Develop a full range of beats, rhythms, fills and breaks
Execute Single strokes, double strokes and paradiddles
Establish Good posture, grip, sticking and hi hat technique
Learn to play with a click and develop a better sense of timing
Understand & execute Techniques for playing songs in a contemporary style
Percussion skills
How to choose and tune a drum kit

They will learn within the first 6 months how to:
Play Their first ever rhythm and break
How to play single and double strokes and paradiddles
How to understand drum notation
Correct posture, grip and sticking technique
Warm up exercises
A great range of 8th and 16th note rhythms
Learn the drum part to a slow song of their choice.
A great range ...

About Zaid
Zaid is available for in-home, at school location , and online lessons worldwide in both English and Español!. Zaid has been playing piano for over 15 years and teaching music since 2010. Zaid teaches all experience levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

Although trained in standard teaching methods, Zaid developed his own method of teaching to positively enhance the student's strength, dexterity, ear-training, memorization and techniques. His goal as a teacher is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals as an artist and or musician.

Zaid is one of the directors and Instructor at New Sound Music Lessons and hosts student showcases/charity benefits where his students are able to get on stage and show off their new talent. Zaid is an expert at contemporary Christian music to better enhance the students learni
ng this type of genre.
Amber March 5, 2019
· Music Performance · In studio
Zaid is an amazing teacher! He definitely knows what he’s talking about and he can help you build your confidence, which will ultimately increase you skill in ministry. I reccomend him 100%
Elva March 1, 2019
· Piano · In home
We had the privilege of having Mr. Zaid give our son private piano lessons. He is a very detailed instructor, very patient with his students.

He does not rush while giving the lesson, but rather genuinely cares about the students progress and is very creative in his style of teaching I would highly recommend his program.
Tania R. October 4, 2015
· Piano · In home
Hi Everyone,
I have received piano lesson at home with Zaid. He is a great teacher!! He is a very patient , humble, knowledgeable, good listener ( what is my doubts, fears and interest ), self awareness teacher.Also he has a genuine interest for me to learn well and comfortable. I feel very confident and enthusiastic to keep learning piano with the encouragement of Zaid, family and friends. I highly recommend Zaid. Thanks.
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Zaid D.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Dennis W.

Palo Alto, CA

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Music is a subject that anyone can relate to. Playing and performing music is a dream that many aspire. I have watched my students grow from complete beginners to taking stages in front of a large audience.

I am always thorough about teaching my students the basics: understanding proper technique, dynamics, and timing. I teach my students to play to a metronome, read music and rhythms, play songs, and play along with other live musicians. I specialize in many various genres of music including funk, rock, pop, hip-hop, prog, and metal. Over time, you will learn to play like the professionals that inspire you.

About Dennis
Hello, my name is Dennis Willoner.

Music and art have always been a huge part of my life. I have been playing drums for 15 years and have been teaching for 7. I grew up learning to play drums from a private instructor, and have been studying on my own ever since. I have played in many bands in my music career and have also tracked drums in studios for local artists. Today, I currently work at School of Rock in Palo Alto as a private and group instructor, and play in a professional band called Constructs.

I have been drawing ever since I can remember. I mostly draw realistically, but also like to get on the creative side. I enjoy drawing faces and people the most out of any subject. After learning so much about art, the world can be viewed in a complete other perspective.
Valeryia May 23, 2019
· Drum · In studio
Really understanding and patient teacher with a clear passion for drums.
Elise January 2, 2019
· Drawing · Online
My daughter loved her lesson. Superb drawing and shading instruction! Definitely scheduling more lessons.
Manoj N. May 12, 2018
· Drawing · In home
I have been wanting to learn drawing since I was a kid. Had a few years of drawing when I was a kid and then haven't touched in a long time. When I rekindled my interest to learn, I came across Dennis.
Honestly, the reason why I chose Dennis was because he provided at-home classes and that would avoid the hassle of me having to travel. The first few classes were more of me and him warming up to each other, as I am sure he also found me different.
He comes with all the necessary equipment and spends a few minutes giving you some basics of the stuff we are going to do that day. Then he leaves you to draw while he also draws the same. He glances once in a while at your sheet and gives you very subtle feedback. If you have missed something, he will just try to nudge you in the right direction with minor comments like "Don't you think, these are of the same darkness?, There may be more highlights in this area or the mid tones here and here are of the same darkness. etc.". He never touches your paper, but only guides you.
Sometimes when some focus is needed (for example on the eyes), he will tell you the technique involved in depth and we did one full class just doing eyes, one full class on hair.
It was a little frustrating initially for me as I was not used to the teaching technique, and now I see the point. The first drawing itself turned out be much much better than I had anticipated it to be and he hasn't touched my paper till now - so this drawing is fully mine.
You can also continue drawing and send work via text message to him. You almos t always get detailed instant feedback. The only thing is, I haven't been very diligent in doing drawings due to lack of free time. So once a week for an hour is what I do.
He also spends extra time sometimes so that he can take the drawing to a logical point, sometimes even beyond 1.5 hrs though my session is for an hour each. That shows the commitment he has to his students.
I believe my work will improve as this course continues. We have had about 6 classes and I am already seeing the difference. A long way to go, but the first steps have been right - most of it due to Dennis and his method of teaching. I would say more than teaching, it is a method of mentoring where the hand holding is done in a unique way.
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Dennis W.

Palo Alto, CA 94301
starting at
$35 / 30-min
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About Andrew G.

Scotts Valley, CA
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My lessons focus on the fundamentals of drumset including proper technique, reading, writing, listening to and play along to music and more.

About Andrew
I started playing drums in high school and began performing in public soon after. In 2008 I decided to pursue music professionally and started freelancing and performing with various bands in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

In 2009 I traveled to Austin, TX for SXSW, performing outside of the DMV area for the first time. Later in 2009 I began studies at The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music in NYC and in 2010 I began traveling the east coast on a regular basis performing for large crowds.

I graduated from The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music with a BA in Jazz Studies in 2011 and continued touring the east coast, midwest, and the south with various bands.

In 2017 I relocated to California and began performing all around the bay area. In 2018 I toured Europe for the first time with world renowned blues players
Mitch Kashmar and Junior Watson. I am currently performing and teaching full time in the south bay. I teach drums, beginning bass, and beginning piano.
Becca October 25, 2018
· Drum · In home
Andrew has been wonderful with our son. He is always on time and ready and enthusiastic to work with. Our son had never played the drums before and Andrew was kind and patient with him. He introduced concepts to him at a pace that he could handle, and also brought in elements that kept him interested and progressing at a steady pace. We are thrilled with his progress and teaching.
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Andrew G.

Scotts Valley, CA 95066
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Eric S.

Cold Spring, NY

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I teach the basics of drumming (technique, rudiments, four-way coordination and limb independence) as well as any and all styles related to drum set including rock, jazz, funk, hip-hop, country, Latin and much more. See my bio for more information about me. Remote lessons also available via Skype or FaceTime.

About Eric
Eric is a third generation musician from Western New York. A multitalented artist, Eric has worked as a composer, percussionist, pianist, author and educator for most of his life.

As a composer, Eric has received four prestigious Meet the Composer grants, a Utah Arts Council grant, NEA Foundation grants and more. In 2007, the premiere of his concerto for saxophone and strings received a standing ovation at The Lighthouse: Poole's Centre for the Arts (Dorset, England).

In October of 2018 Eric 's "Twelve Pieces for Solo Piano" and "Movement I: Time" from "Between the Sandhills and the Sea" were performed at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. Earlier in March of 2018, "Twelve Pieces" was premiered at Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY. Both performances featured pianist Michelle Alvarado and "Movement I: Time" was performed by A
lvarado with cellist Hannah Holman.

Eric 's jazz band, The Eric Group, has released two critically acclaimed albums and his group has performed at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, among other venues. His albums have received international radio play and rave reviews in Downbeat Magazine, The Jazz Journal, Jazzwise Magazine, the All Music Guide and over a dozen additional publications worldwide. Brian Morton, publisher of the Penguin Guide to Jazz called his album Such Is Life “One of my favorite releases of the year.” Iconic drummer, Bill Bruford, called Eric “an extremely welcome new addition to the club [of percussionist composers]” and famed composer Steve Reich wrote, “I’m impressed with the directness of Eric’s music and the craft with which he has written it. His music would appeal to a wide variety of listeners.”

As an author and educator, Eric has written five books about music for Adams Media, Inc. Two of them have been translated into Spanish. In 2010, Eric was a featured speaker at Loyola University New Orleans' Beiver Guest Lecturer Series. Since 1995, he has also appeared as a guest artist and clinician at many high schools and colleges throughout the country.

Eric currently resides in the lower Hudson Valley where he also teaches private lessons to dozens of music students. Additionally, the Eric Music Studio hosts two student recitals every year at The Chapel Restoration in Cold Spring, NY.
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Eric S.

starting at
$36 / 30-min

About Rahul S.

El Paso, TX

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Music & Drums is my Life since 1995, Teaching is my passion.. did over 200 gigs,

(The Suzuki method is an internationally known music curriculum and teaching philosophy. The method aims to create an environment for learning music which parallels the linguistic environment.)

I believe in creating an environment for my students that makes them passionate , comfortable & inspires them to learn. Creating an interesting schedule that leads them to ask for more. Understanding my students behavior & adjusting my teaching style accordingly helps me deliver a successful student. Learn with fun..

About Rahul
Music & Drums is my Life since 1995, Teaching is my passion.. did over 200 gigs. I'm a passionate and motivated instructor who loves working with students and sharing my love of music. Performing almost half the world has been one of the greater experiences of my life as a musician, and I've had the opportunity to play & shred stage with BB KING on one of my gigs.My teaching experience dates back to my college days, as I began teaching private lessons part time 20 years ago, and have been consistently teaching students in my home studio as well students home for the last 20 years now. Encouraging regular practice on a consistent schedule is one of the key points I like to emphasize for younger students, as it tends to help the student progress and gain a passion for the instrument. If a student isn't having fun in their lessons, then I'm
not doing my job! My students are encouraged to enter competitions and recitals, as well as work on composing their own original material, so they can feel good about their accomplishments and stay motivated to learn. I'm always looking to bring on new students of all ages! Nothing is more rewarding than seeing one of my students develop a passion for music! Therefore, it's important that each student progresses at his or her own pace. I encourage this by setting realistic goals for my students at each lesson. Acknowledging accomplishments helps fuel a students desire to progress, and makes students eager to learn more. By trying to find out what inspires the student, I can successfully tailor my instruction to their wants and needs..
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Rahul S.

starting at
$59 / 30-min

About Marlo H.

Santa Cruz, CA
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Experienced teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Music with a Jazz Drumming focus from UC Santa Cruz. Drumset is my specialty, but also have extensive knowledge of music theory, music production, piano, ear training, and reading sheet music/chord charts. Lesson plans can be very flexible and cater to different student needs/goals easily! All ages welcome!

About Marlo
I am a recent college graduate from UC Santa Cruz, where I received my Bachelor's in Music, specifically jazz drumming. I currently gig around Santa Cruz and the Bay Area with a couple bands, playing mainly funk, jazz, R&B, soul, hip-hop, and rock music. I also have a background playing in drumline (as part of a marching band) if this is something a student is interested in learning more about as well. I like to try to only teach about 4-5 students at a time so that I am able to really develop unique lesson plans for each individual student, including putting in work outside of lesson time to develop the best lesson plan possible.

I like to make sure my students develop strong fundamentals in reading music, technique, transcribing, groove/feeling, and creativity/improvisation. However, the amount of focus we give to each of these cate
gories is catered to the student's personal drumming goals. I also find it very important to always include something in each lesson that excites the student and is just pure fun (and ideally also contributes to learning fundamentals in some way :) ). I believe this can often set goals and show future possibilities on the drum kit for students as well.

I have experience teaching students of all ages, from 5 years old to adults, ranging from zero experience to intermediate drummers already gigging with bands. I have played drumset for about 13 years now, studying with various professional drummers and musicians. I also have about 9 years experience playing piano, which allows me to help students with reading notes/chord charts if that's something they are interested in as well.
Jenn Cain May 12, 2019
· Drum · In home
I've been working with Marlo for about six months now, and she is hands down the best instructor I've ever had.

Marlo pays close attention to technique and has a spot on sense of rhythm. She is incredibly focused and is able to correct small errors while also keeping the lessons fun and free flowing.

She diversifies her lessons with a mix of exercises for building technique, understanding a diverse range of genres and building up listening skills. While studying with her in just a few months, I've learned how to drum roll, properly flam, comp and play a number of grooves with accuracy and confidence.

I was super lucky to find this drum instructor and will keep working with her for as long as she is available. Worth 100 stars.
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Marlo H.

Santa Cruz, CA 95060
starting at
$39 / 30-min

About Thomas T.

Saratoga, CA

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Learn how to play Rock, Blues, Funk, Shuffle and basic Jazz. Is there a song you've always wanted to learn how to play drums to? Let's make the dream a reality.

About Thomas
Career highlights for Mr. Truhitte include the title role of PARSIFAL for Genoa Opera in Italy; Siegmund in DIE WALKUERE with Brazil's Manaus Festival; Bacchus in ARIADNE AUF NAXOS with L'Opera de Monte Carlo; Don Jose in CARMEN with Seattle Opera, Nashville Opera, Dayton Opera, Sacramento Opera, Longview Opera and Opera San Jose; the title role in LOHENGRIN for Italy's Spoleto Opera under the direction of Gian Carlo Menotti; Max in DER FREISCHUTZ with Opera Theatre de Metz; Erik in DER FLIEGENDE HOLLANDER with Minnesota Opera; Froh in DAS RHEINGOLD with Seattle Opera and Canadian Opera Company; the Prince in Rusalka with Canadian Opera Company; his heldentenor debut as Siegmund in DIE WALKURE with Virginia Opera (opposite Jeannine Altmeyer); a return to Virginia Opera as Tristan in TRISTAN UND ISOLDE, Florestan in FIDELIO and Pinkerton i
n MADAMA BUTTERFLY; Edgardo in LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR, Lensky in EUGENE ONEGIN, Don Ottavio in DON GIOVANNI, Tamino in DIE ZAUBERFLOTE, Alfredo in LA TRAVIATA, Tom Rakewell in THE RAKE'S PROGRESS, Curley in OF MICE AND MEN, Rodolfo in LA BOHEME, Don Narciso in IL TURCO IN ITALIA, and Danilo in THE MERRY WIDOW all with Opera San Jose. Concert highlights have included Melot in TRISTAN UND ISOLDE with The Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Essa-Pekka Salonen and directed by Peter Sellars, with performances in Los Angeles at the Disney Concert Hall and in New York City's Lincoln Center at Avery Fischer Hall; the VILAR OPERA GALA in honor of Gian Carlo Menotti (with Mirella Freni and Nicolai Ghiaurov); the MONTREAL OPERA GALA, an OPERA GALA with Sacramento Opera; and DAS LIED VON DER ERDE with Virginia Symphony. Mr. Truhitte is also a winner of the Loren L. Zachery Competition and a European Tour Grant Award. Mr. Truhitte received his degrees in Theater and Music from California State University Sacramento. Mr. Truhitte was also a featured singer in the blockbuster movie "Hellboy" and is also a professional drummer. A fun fact is that Thomas' father Daniel Truhitte played Rolf in the movie version of "The Sound of Music" with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Mr. Truhitte still performs and also maintains an active voice and drum studio in San Jose, California.
Nathaniel June 19, 2019
· Broadway Singing · In studio
Quality Instruction, very flexible and a wonderful person to work with
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Thomas T.

Saratoga, CA 95070
starting at
$45 / 30-min

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