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Danny B.

I have been playing and performing the drums for the past 16 years. In a teaching situation I try and provide a relaxed and friendly environment in order to learn a students strengths and weaknesses. I want students to be able to learn at their own pace, and not to worry if they think they are not learning quickly enough. I generally work as a for hire musician playing for various acts in the styles of rock, funk, blues, jazz, and even movie scores. I have toured throughout California and have had the privilege to open for such artists as A Flock of Seagulls, Jennifer Leitham, Daniel Glass, and Jack Sheldon. I have recorded drums for movies including Stomp the Yard, and Obsessed; played with acts such as Big Dave LIttle, Brett Copeland, and Kenji Igus. I have played with such jazz musicians including Richard Simon and Roger Neumann. I attended the AVPA from 2006 to 2009 and have a degree in Psychology. *** Lesson Details *** In the lesson setting I want the student to become as comfortable with the drums as possible. I like to maintain a relaxed environment, allowing the student to move at his or her own pace. This in mind, I believe the fundamentals are the most important to learn. Students will first learn the basic hand techniques needed for accomplished drum playing, before moving on to more complex ideas behind groove, and feel. Reading music and keeping effective time will be emphasized in early lessons. I also like to teach students that drums are a musical instrument that is typically played with other musicians. A student will learn how to play and interact well with other musicians in a variety of musical settings. I use a combination of books for teaching including: Syncopation by Ted Reed The All-American Drummer by Charley Wilcoxon The Drummer's Bible by Mick Berry and Jason Gianni Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone I will also use various drum charts and exercises as well as the use of videos and recordings. After 3 to 6 months a student will be able to read drum notation and rhythms at a competent level and will be able to play basic drum beats on the drum kit as well as have a basic understanding of how to play with other musicians in various styles of music. *** Studio Equipment *** Equipment includes two drumsets, drum pads, sticks, and instructional material. *** Travel Equipment *** Can bring drums if necessary, would prefer to bring a drum pad. Expect the student to have drums. *** Specialties *** Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues

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