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Travel to New Continents: World Geography (11-13) - STEM Class

Travel to New Continents: World Geography (11-13) - STEM Class

Created by Aron H.
Size: 1-20
Age: 10-13
Travel to a new continent in every activity and learn about the history, topography, nature, religion, and culture in this interactive class.

Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College

Teaching since 2014

SAT - ACT Trainer

Teacher Education in Biology

Age: 10+

Speaks Dutch, English

Has background check

I’m Aron a science teacher and Dutch tutor. I’m also an academic coach and ACT-SAT trainer, specialized in test taking strategies. I believe my style of teaching can make a difference. I'm excited about teaching and helping others. Students describe me as enthusiastic and caring. They often mention my quality to explain difficult topics in an easy... Show More
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