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Plants 1 - ROOTS and LEAVES - STEM Class

Plants 1 - ROOTS and LEAVES - STEM Class

Created by Aron H.
Middle school
All ages
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In these lessons we will explore and see the wide world of plants; with lots of examples! In a series of lessons we will go over how plants are build, how they feed, grow and much more! In this first lesson we will look at the form and functions of roots and leaves and talk about types of plants. In further lessons we will explore; - Soil - Flowers - Seeds - Trees I'm Aron, a biology te... Show More

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I’m Aron a science teacher and Dutch tutor. I’m also an academic coach and ACT-SAT trainer, specialized in test taking strategies. I believe my style of teaching can make a difference. I'm excited about teaching and helping others. Students describe me as enthusiastic and caring. They often mention my quality to explain difficult topics in an easy... Show More