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Conversation Practice: Giving Your Opinion - English (ESL) Class

Conversation Practice: Giving Your Opinion - English (ESL) Class

Created by Tamara F.
All ages
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Practice your English conversation skills with an experienced teacher to guide and help you along the way. We will have a topic of conversation that you can express your opinion about, your teacher will help correct you and teach you how to express yourself properly. Help other students in your class and practice your grammar as well.

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ESL Instructor

Age: 5+

Hi, I'm Tamara, an ESL instructor and Yoga instructor. I am a true teacher at heart! I love to help people improve and reach their goals whether thats in learning English or with their fitness and wellness. For English as a 2nd Language: I have been involved with ESL and working with international students since 2011. I specialize in tutoring a... Show More