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About Jessie M.

Pasadena, CA

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This course is for those who are new to piano. You will learn how to read music, play, and basic music theory.

*Lessons at my studio are taught on a keyboard

*Piano book for beginners required

About Jessie
Thank you for your interest in lessons! I hope to help you achieve your goals and improve your skills, whether you're looking for music lessons, or help in math. Every student is a unique person who deserves a lesson customized to their individual needs. Each of my students prosper in an atmosphere of patience and encouragement. While the lessons are fun and enjoyable, the serious student will be supported in the development of skills leading to a rewarding career, and the more casual students will grow in an appreciation of knowledge that will enrich their lives.


I received my bachelor's degree in music with an emphasis on vocal performance at the University of Redlands in 2011 (which I attended on a music talent scholarship), and am now an active performer in Los Angeles, CA. I have been tutoring and teaching privat
e lessons for almost 10 years, and currently have over 40 active students.

I have played leading roles in several operas and musicals in Southern California, including Gianni Schicchi, Die Fledermaus, La Boheme (DTL nominee), The Impresario, The Grand Duke, Patience (DTL award), Cosi fan tutte, Little Women, Seussical, and many more. I have also appeared in several concerts, opera scenes, competitions (winning music scholarships and theater awards), and worked as a singer in churches, restaurants, and in pop bands. I continue to stay active in the performance industry, and I could never live without it!

With this experience under my belt, I feel a desire to pass on my knowledge to students. I carry a strong passion to help people develop their abilities and make them their own. I truly believe that if someone wants something out of life they will achieve it with dedication, perseverance, confidence, and by having FUN doing it!

*Note: My home office has a lot of stairs and two cats. If you are disabled or have a feline allergy, please consider in-home lessons or lessons online.
Benoit June 13, 2019
· Opera Voice · In studio
Jessie is a great voice teacher. She helped me discover and explore my tenor voice in a very safe way.
Lessons with her are both effective and enjoyable.
I highly recommend her.
Karl J. June 4, 2019
· Singing · In home
Jessie is a great vocal teacher and coach. I just wanted to be able to sing casually with friends and family, without sounding too hideous, and Jessie is great!
Foard May 30, 2019
· Math · Online
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Jessie M.

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$30 / 30-min

About Amber W.

Sarasota, FL
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Experienced Music teacher of 8 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of piano and theory skills. I specialize in all styles. Typically, I use Faber books, but I have a variety to pick from to meet the needs of the students. I also have many tools available to use during lessons.
My students have gone on to NYSSMA and on to college auditions successfully!

About Amber
I have been teaching private lessons since 2008, but have been studying music since I was only 4 with non stop private and in school lessons. I now have my Bachelor's degree in Music education and am working toward my Masters in Music performance and Instruction.

I love working with my students. Watching them succeed at what they do is what makes my day great. I always love to have a fun atmosphere around me and enjoy every minute it. Music is great for self expression a great Escape or an easy pass-time. It's nothing that should be stressful, but the opposite and that is what my lessons aim to do. Provide an educational, but fun and expressive learning experience to carry with you or your child throughout your lives.
Alec June 20, 2019
· Saxophone · In home
She’s wonderful & patient. My son, Alec, is enjoying his lessons.
She also gives good advice on practicing and taking care of the sax.
Peter Flynn April 12, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Very impressed!! On lesson one, Amber has opened up a whole new world for me.. thank you Amber
Joy Anne April 12, 2019
· Violin · Online
Amber is a gem!
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Amber W.

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$35 / 30-min

About Sarabeth B.

Montebello, CA

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Hi There!

Before I became an opera singer, I took classical piano lessons for many many years and throughout college we were required to take piano lessons.
Even though I am primarily a vocalist, I believe that it is very important that all voice teachers are able to play the piano, so that we may help our students sing correct rhythms, pitches, and accompany them with their vocal exercises.

As an intermediate pianist, I teach beginners of all ages! You are never too young or too old to play piano!

About Sarabeth
Hello fellow singers! My goal is to help you refine your own unique instrument and help you to express a story and art through the voice!

I grew up taking piano lessons and singing in my church and school choir. I always had a love for all classical music and soon enough fell in love with opera! I begin taking classical voice lessons at the age of 15 and soon realized that my heart and soul belonged to opera and had to continue my studies a lot more in depth.

I went to UCLA where I received my Bachelor of Arts with my emphasis in Opera Performance. Throughout the years spent at UCLA, I not only continued to sing with choral groups, but also performed in every opera. I sang one of the principles roles in Ravel's L'enfant et les sortilèges, and sang one of the principles roles in many opera scenes such as Dorabella from Così fan tutt
e, Mercedes in Carmen, Second Lady in The Magic Flute, Nerone in L'incorazione di Poppea.

Since I graduated college I have collaborated with nationally known directors, conductors, and voice teachers such as Peter Kazaras, James Darrah, Bruce Stasyna, Juliana Gondek, and Enrique Toral. I have sang in Master Classes given by Susan Graham and Bradley Moore. I have performed roles with Astoria Music Festival, Miami Music Festival, Opera NEO, and San Diego Opera.

As a teacher my job is to use my knowledge and experience to help my students learn to sing with as much ease as possible, while refining the instrument for the classical repertoire. I not only focus on technique, but also diction and artistry, because as singers we are story tellers.
Cheri June 4, 2019
· Piano · Online
I got a piano for my grand daughter and signed up for online lessons- She learning and loves it- I always wanted to play as well as my mom- Enjoying the journey! Sarabeth is great!
Cassie October 4, 2018
· Broadway Singing · In studio
Sarabeth is wonderful! She is fantastic and she doing wonders for my daughter! My daughter loves her lessons and can't wait for her next one.
I would highly recommend Sarabeth to anyone looking for lessons.
Ben June 8, 2018
· Classical Voice · In home
I highly recommend Sarabeth to anyone interested in singing, whether you have already had some background in voice or you are just starting out.

Sarabeth is a truly amazing voice teacher!!! She led me step by step through many vocal exercises and taught me many a great classical song! Her patience and encouragement were ever present at each lesson as I stumbled through the classical songs which were written in other languages.

I have SMA type 1-2, a severely debilitating and progressive disease, and my lung capacity was 24% of normal when Sarabeth started teaching me. Under her guidance, I was able to increase my lung capacity to 28%! Believe me when I say that this is not supposed to happen to people with SMA. In general our lung capacities continue to decrease as the disease progresses until we need to be placed under mechanical ventilation. The most common mode of death for people with SMA is respiratory failure.

I am deeply saddened that Sarabeth is moving away to Los Angeles and will no longer be able to be my singing teacher, but wishing her the best of luck there!!! I will always remember her as the incredibly wonderful teacher she is!
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Sarabeth B.

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$35 / 30-min

About Brandon S.


Piano is an amazing instrument and has so much power. Have you wanted to learn your favorite songs? The piano is an easy instrument to start learning those and the way I focus on learning music is by focusing on the songs you like to play and listen to.

We focus on ear training, theory, proper practice techniques. We will learn excersizes to help us play with both hands better.

I also am a Jazz musician, so we can talk about imrovisation and comping as well

About Brandon
I am a professional Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute player. I have been composing my own music for video games and short films, and working as a mixing engineer for a couple years now, just really exploring many different aspects of music. I have a degree from Utah Valley University in Commercial Music, and spent most of that degree on the performance aspect of music.

My Saxophone students can expect some of the fun and some of the practical. We will be working on articulation, tone production, intonation, breathing, different forms of vibrato and many other aspects of control over the saxophone while learning songs that you as the student want to learn.

I have been taking piano lessons for 15 years, and turning around and teaching the techniques and abilities to my students have been really fun! We work on the fundamentals, but we
focus on learning cool songs and do things that few other instruments can do.

I have a lot of fun with music theory. I try to be practical in what students need to know, but can teach much more. I have a jazz background and can teach jazz theory, including comping and improvisation.
Margarito January 14, 2019
· Piano · In home
He was really nice and explained in a very easy way.
Austin April 18, 2018
· Music Recording · Online
Brandon is fantastic. I don't know that he's ever given me a word of bad advice, and has been a HUGE help in getting my career as a producer and narrator off the ground. He's incredibly knowledgeable and skillful, and my experiences in both hiring him and learning from him have been absolutely fantastic. I would heartily recommend him!
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Brandon S.

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$25 / 30-min

About Patricia B.

Monument, CO
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Music lessons can help your child show advanced brain development, establish incredible memory skills, improve math and reading levels, and bring social confidence and enjoyment. As an elementary school teacher and Mom of five grown kids, I passionately believe that every child will benefit from piano lessons. In an atmosphere of respect and fun, I build a strong foundation of note reading, music theory, ear training, sight reading, and technique with a custom learning plans suited to each student.

About Patricia
I have been playing the piano for over forty years for churches and schools. I am passionate about helping beginner and intermediate students grow cognitively and socially through music. As a retired elementary school teacher, my strengths are assessing where a student is and creating a plan that suits each student to get where they would like to go. I see learning music as more than playing a song the correct way. Besides creating confidence and enjoyment, studying music greatly increases brain development and memory skills that stay with the child for life, and it forms the foundation of learning: seeing the structure that is in all of life, such as the structure in math, reading, and science. All children benefit from learning music, and those who pursue it will flourish cognitively, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. I would love
the opportunity to help you learn the joy of music!
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Patricia B.

Monument, CO 80132
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$34 / 30-min
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About Antonia B.

Burbank, CA

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A basic understanding of piano is essential for every musician. As a multi-instrumentalist, my piano approach emphasizes how piano can improve your understanding of music theory and heighten your skills on all other instruments.

About Antonia
Antonia is a professional trumpet player, vocalist, and songwriter in the Los Angeles area.

Starting violin at age 5, Antonia quickly developed a passion for music. Captivated by the raw power and tone of brass instruments, she traded in her violin for a trumpet at age 10. 

When Antonia was only sixteen years old, she began performing professionally - fronting several local big bands as lead vocalist, as well as sitting in the trumpet section. Last summer, she was given the honor of playing at The Library of Congress with one of her big bands. 

Antonia makes weekly appearances with local music groups ranging from jazz and funk music to rock, R&B, and rap. Antonia has a solo project of her original material under the name The Runtime. Her debut EP is in progress.
Jared B. April 30, 2019
· Trumpet · In home
first meeting great!
Eli February 17, 2019
· Trumpet · In home
Today was Eli's first trumpet lesson with Antonia. Antonia was super patient and helped him with some difficulties he was having.
Elizabeth February 5, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Antonia is a gifted and kind teacher. She gave my 15 year old singing lessons. My daughter was very hesitant at first but after the first day that subsided. Antonia is practical with praise and instilled the realistic aspect of practice and hard work needed to succeed. I saw my daughter go from a kid who would never sing in front of people to one who practiced drills, learned music and performed for the first time in front of an audience with confidence and poise. I cannot thank Antonia enough for her kindness, patience and real approach to teaching.
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Antonia B.

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$35 / 30-min

About Alena A.

Colorado Springs, CO
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Hi! My name is Alena and I'm studying music at New York University. I've been taking piano lessons for over 5 years, and have also taken additional piano proficiency classes in my studies. I work best with younger kids, elementary-to-middle school aged. I have lots of experience working with children, and I would love the opportunity to help your child take their music to a new level!

About Alena
I've been playing the flute for 7 years, and have participated in many honors music ensembles including All-State Honor Band and Lamont Summer Musical Academy. I have lots of experience teaching lessons and I work to make music as fun as it is rewarding!
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Alena A.

Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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$25 / 30-min

About Cindy H.

Colorado Springs, CO
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Cindy is patient with students. She understands school takes a lot out of a student whose lessons are right after school. Patience and a little laughter helps students .
However, my students know I expect them to practice.
I've been teaching in Colorado Springs for 4 1/2 years. I have accompanied for groups and solos.
Students learn differently so I teach using different authors according to the students' need for learning.
Adults are different. They know what they want to play. Their lessons are a bit different. If they have had piano lessons as a child, I teach and coach them.
Piano lessons have been researched and found to improve cognitive thinking and for children have increased IQs.
First time I meet with a student, we visit there is no charge.

About Cindy
I am an encourager. i teach and I watch for what the student does right. That is first and foremost. I teach according to the student's learning style. My idea is that we should schedule a time together to see if we are compatible and if you like my style of teaching. There is no charge for the first visit.
Ability to read is very important because reading out loud is an important part of my teaching and students learning.
I love to teach piano!!! I include some laughter as well.
I have worked most of my married life so teaching piano has not been doable. Since I retired, I have taught children, teens and adults. I have the most fun!!! !
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Cindy H.

Colorado Springs, CO 80907
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Jeff P.

Colorado Springs, CO

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I craft a unique blend of traditional, technical and modern instruction. I also encourage my students to compose, arrange and record their own music using composition and scoring software such as Musescore. I tailor their repertoire toward their own needs and tastes, while endeavoring to broaden their (and my!) exposure to all genre of piano literature. Above all, I am a firm believer that piano instruction should (no, MUST!) be fun, yet disciplined. I take an interest in all aspects of my student's lives, and endeavor as much as possible to connect personally with student and family.

About Jeff
Like many of you, I began formal piano training at the age of 6. That was 60 years ago, and so I have played just about every style of music in the books (including Mario Bros. and Star Wars Theme!). For some of you, I have been playing since your grandparents were kids like you, and for others, since you were kids. My formal training includes lessons from at the Julliard School of Music through receiving my Bachelors of Music in Applied Piano from the Ithaca College School of Music in 1977. I love all styles of music, from Beethoven, Bach and Chopin, to jazz greats like Bill Evans and even anime, hip-hop and electronica. One thing I love to do with my students is set them on the road to composing their own music, using scoring software known as MuseScore. But make no mistake, I insist on two things: learning to read music and prac
tice, practice, practice! I guarantee you though, learning to play piano is far more fun than you have ever dreamed. So let's get started, shall we?
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Jeff P.

Colorado Springs, CO 80917
starting at
$25 / 30-min

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Piano in Colorado Springs

By Wendy H. - Colorado Springs Piano Teacher

My name is Wendy. I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 30 years, and I’ve been teaching piano, voice, and guitar lessons here for much of that time. I also achieved my Bachelor’s degree in music and set up my own local music studio. If you're interested in taking piano lessons in Colorado Springs, here are a few tips to help you get started!

Participate in School Talent Shows and Music Competitions

As a piano teacher, I like to make sure that my students are grounded in the foundations of playing and reading music with proper technique. To help them achieve this, there are many music activities that I encourage my students to participate in while taking piano lessons. For example, many schools - from elementary to high school - offer talent shows and music competitions. I prepare my students for these activities by asking them which song they want to play. After they have learned the song well, we then stylize it with lots of expression and originality.

Additionally, junior and high schools compete in city-wide music competitions. The music or band teacher can set students up to be involved in these competitions, which are usually done in April or May.

Compete in the Annual El Paso County Fair

The El Paso County Fair has a yearly piano talent competition in the summer. If a student wins or places at the county level, this leads them to the State Fair competition in Pueblo, Co in August.

Play Gigs

For my older students, I suggest they try playing gigs at coffee shops, restaurants, local bars and dance halls. They can play piano for church, their school or community choirs. I also encourage my students to play for weddings and special occasions.

Enjoy Concerts

I am a big proponent of exposing my students to all types of music, both during our lessons and as an extracurricular activity. In the summer, many local parks have free concerts with all types of music. You can go and listen to everything from big band to jazz, Christian to rock, and classical to hip hop. Many churches have free concerts, as well. By checking out some local websites or listening to local radio stations, you can find out about many free and interesting music activities.

Paul Ferrin hosts a hymn sing a couple of times a year at Radiant Church in Colorado Springs. He brings in some amazing piano players. It is spectacular to watch them play up and down the keyboard - truly inspiring. Churches in this area have some amazing piano players, especially some of the larger ones. This is also an excellent way to go and see some fantastic playing.

Additionally, local concert venues, such as the Air Force Academy and the Fine Arts Center, offer many different types of music for your entertainment. There are many popular bands that come here to play, and you can see everything from classical to Broadway, to country and pop rock. There is a lot of variety for this ever-growing and changing city.


If you’re interested in taking piano lessons in Colorado Springs and being a part of this exciting and growing music community, go to my TakeLessons profile, and find me in the teacher’s list to read more about my point of view on music and book some lessons with me!

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