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Jackson C.

* I have taught and tutored beginner Spanish. (Role play and conversational) Fluency involves THREE THINGS * Reading * Writing * Speaking In my studio, you will learn to become proficient in Spanish, not fluent. (Reading and Speaking only) Areas would be: * Vocabulary * Phrasing and Sentence structures * Casual conversations * Essential and Fundamental skills * Application- excursions about town. (Attending various events, restaurants, museums, concerts/recitals, etc.) I can guarantee that within a few months you'll feel confident and sure that you're conversationally ready to at least utilize vocabulary and common phrases in Spanish. Therefore, if you're preparing a trip to a Spanish speaking country, you'll find Peruvian Castellano pronunciation straightforward and as good as any other, with a few of the dropped letters or peculiarities found in some other countries. My teaching style is very practical. My approach is the same way in which we have learned to speak today. Always progressing and always evolving. * Sounds (Vowels...learning how to make those sounds) * Expressions and use of our five senses * Vocabulary (Learning and memorizing new words for each session followed by homework exercises) * Phrases (Learning and memorizing new phrases for each session followed by homework exercises) * Conversations and sentences (Useful for everyday interactions with others) * Reading and writing (Useful for everyday social activities) We will always begin with children's books and then move on to Newspaper articles and more... Key: Repetition helps with memory, sensory, and motor skills. This is why I suggest everyday practices. Just as we did when we began learning English or the other languages we currently speak.

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