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Ron P.
4.9 (84)

Tai Chi Yang 24 Section 3 Back View

High Pat on Horse (Gāo tàn mǎ, 高探马), Step Up to Examine Horse Right Heel Kick (Yòu dēng jiǎo, 右蹬脚), Separate Right Foot, Kick with Right Foot Strike to Ears with Both Fists (Shuāng fēng guàn ěr, 双峰贯... Show More

Teacher Reviews (84)

84 Reviews
I have been training in Tai Chi with Ron since November 2021. With weekly online lessons, I have learned a number of forms, and am now learning sword form! Ron is an excellent instructor- he is patient, kind, and easy-going. He is also thorough and encouraging, and I am so pleased at my progress over this time. Last year, Ron and his partner organized an in-person workshop that I was able to attend, and I am now a certified instructor for the Yang 8 form! That was an excellent experience, and I look forward to more in-person meetings in the years to come. I am 58 years old, and I can feel the benefits of this training to my strength, balance, and mental acuity, so it is definitely something that I will stay with!
Posted Feb 2, 2024
I have been attending weekly class with the International Tai Chi Alliance for 3 months now and really enjoying the first steps of my Tai Chi journey. I can’t recommend the school highly enough and I feel very fortunate to have found them. The class is a very supportive environment where everyone learns at their own pace and I have enjoyed getting to know the other students and learning from them. I am very much inspired by their dedication and abilities. I have learnt Yang 8 form and now learning the Chen 18 form which is very different! I am beginning to make links between Tai Chi and daily life and after a ‘light bulb’ moment in class yesterday I feel my understanding and practice has profoundly shifted. Since I started practising Tai Chi I have noticed an improvement with my fitness, balance, flexibility and improved sleep. I am learning to slow down both in my practice and in my life which is very welcome change. I have found Ron to be an exceptional teacher. He has a friendly and warm manner with a good sense of humour. His instructions are very clear and the explanations he provides to help with the learning really make sense. He is encouraging, positive and supportive and he is very patient at all times. Ron is clearly very advanced in his knowledge so I feel I am really learning from the best! Thank you Ron :)
Posted Jan 30, 2024
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