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Photography Lessons for Moscow, ID

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Joseph B.

Joseph B.

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I am a published photographer, a professional musician with an international acclaim and a published writer. The reason all of these arts are synergistic together is because they are all about the inner vision and the capture of something magical. This magic is invisible to these who pass by in a rush. Photography has been a love of mine since childhood as I took images with a fully manual camera in black and white without a range finder or auto focus lens. I still love the visceral experience. My published photographs both on line as well as in galleries have been met with approval both in the media as well as by the established authorities. The director of Eastman House has picked one of my larger images of nature as one of his favorites. My specialty is street photography and the expressive moments of animals interacting with people. I do like portraiture which has been selected as an honorable win by photographic associations and printed in concert programs for professional soloists, musicians. My images have been shown in theater as well. I use full frame sensor cameras by Leica, Cannon and film cameras by Nikon, Minolta, Fuji as well as mirrorless cameras by Fuji and Canon. I have used many other brands throughout the years and countless lenses, filters and techniques. I use Photoshop but do not rely on it. I teach being able to sink in the moment, slow down time and connect to what your inner eye knows its going to see in a moment after your finger gently kisses the shutter button. That senses we use as photographers go beyond the sense we use as we walk through everyday life. I invite you into that alternate world of vision and self awareness and into the connection with your subject which will give others who see it later that moment of wonder. Yes, photography is pure magic! It is a time machine, a bridge to these moments and people who loved us and whom we love. It is indeed the love of life distilled into a soft click. How do you feel about it? I look forward to hearing from you soon and to meeting you!
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He is flexible, articulate and patient.

Lynda (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

My son really enjoyed his lesson with Jonathan! He learned a lot about his particular camera and photography itself! Jonathan was very professional and helpful!

Conner (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

Jonathan did a great Job helping me today. I am a total beginner and now I feel like I understand the workings of my camera better and am anxious to start taking much improved photographs. He was ve

Robin (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

Very thorough and smart..loved my lesson

Margot (Photography lessons with Jonathan Y.)

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