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Ms. Patino F.

Ms. Patino F.

Acquire a second language the same way you acquire your native language. * Learn and practice Spanish with a tutor from Colombia South America. * Receive personal tailored Spanish lessons in a one-on-one setting. * You can come to my location or I would meet you live online. * Lessons include live practice in different environments and day by day situations. * Improve your Spanish for traveling. * Socialize in Spanish. Learn about Hispanic culture. * Learn Spanish applied to your job and work field. * Learn professional and/or informal Spanish speaking. * I guaranteed you will be reading fluently in Spanish in two months. * SECOND LANGUAGE CURRICULUM FOR HOMESCHOOLING. * AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam preparation. * CLEP® Spanish Language Examination preparation. I like to work one-on-one with my students creating a team and program that will lead each one of them to achieve their goals. Since each student is different I like to create and select the material for each student's needs. Sometimes I suggest some books but I try to keep my students from spending too much money.
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/15 mins
Marcela S.

Marcela S.

Hi! I am Marcela. I was born in Argentina so Spanish is my native language. I have 20 years of teaching experience in institutes and as a private tutor. I have a degree in Social Communication. I have studied in the University of Buenos Aires. I mostly teach online and have students from all over the world. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. I love travelling and know about the culture of other countries. My classes are in a very relaxing atmosphere in order for you to enjoy the process of learning. Looking forward to meeting you soon! I teach in a very relaxing atmosphere in order to you enjoy the process of learning. I tailor the class to your specific needs. Classes include: grammar, reading, writing, text comprehension, accent reduction and most important, they are FOCUSED on CONVERSATION. I can also help you with school homework or to prepare for exams. I love travelling and learning languages because they are the doors to enter in other cultures and learn from them.
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/30 mins
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Great first lesson. Dr D is patient, encouraging and very interactive. Looking forward to more!

Thuli (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. Dianala Bernard is an incredible academic success tutor. I was struggling immensly in learning Spanish and she not only raised my confidence in learning the language, but she gave me many pointers

J Allen (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. D. Was patient and engaging.

Tan (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

You will not find a better tutor! Dr D was professionally and personally invested in the success of my daughter. She is fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure my daughter was prepared.

Tiersa (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Great first lesson. Dr D is patient, encouraging and very interactive. Looking forward to more!

Thuli (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. Dianala Bernard is an incredible academic success tutor. I was struggling immensly in learning Spanish and she not only raised my confidence in learning the language, but she gave me many pointers

J Allen (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

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Get Excited for Spanish Lessons in Irvine!

Have you considered beginning Spanish lessons in Irvine? If you have, you've made a great choice. Learning Spanish may be one of the most beneficial things you ever do for yourself, and it will allow you to explore a myriad of beautiful and rich cultures. While Spanish lessons in Irvine is a great starting point for truly immersing yourself in the language, to gain a working understanding of the language, you'll need to put in work outside of your Spanish lessons in Irvine. We've collected a few fun and interesting ways to enhance your Spanish language skills right in the community of Irvine.


Where Can I Learn Spanish in Irvine?

Irvine, known as a something of a college town, is a great place to learn Spanish in California. While the Spanish population of residents is small, the expansive student population and locales that cater to the student population offer an enticing and interesting backdrop for immersion into the Spanish language.

There is no one set neighborhood in Irvine that has a dedicated Spanish population, unlike larger metropolitan areas. While this can make it more difficult to immerse yourself in the language, in Irvine this fact actually provides more opportunities. Because the Hispanic population can be found in multiple neighborhoods and areas, it is actually easier to immerse yourself in Spanish conversation. Irvine is also a “learning” community, and its University of California campus provides a great place to begin your search for Spanish speaking friends to practice your new language on. If you are of college age, it may be a good idea to begin your search on a college or university campus. Finding Spanish-interest groups on campus is a strong starting point for immersing yourself in the language.

Meetups and Other Groups

A great way to explore foreign language is through meetup groups. These social events usually center on a shared interest and is a great way to practice conversational Spanish. The Foreign Language Playgroup, for example, is a group that meets up multiple times a month to allow children to play together, and to help parents and their children engage in foreign language. The group is large and diverse, with a plethora of native Spanish speakers in attendance. If you have children this is an opportunity to not only expose yourself to native speakers, but to get your child started early on the path to a second language.

The Orange County Spanish Language Meetup Group, is another group that meets multiple times per month to share their languages and to interact with native English and native Spanish speakers. This group, founded in Costa Mesa, has meetups spread across a 10 mile radius for convenience and ease. Not only will you make new friends, but you'll get to practice your new language skills in a variety of ways with individuals at different levels of proficiency.

Spanish Publications

Another great way to enhance your Spanish lessons in Irvine is to utilize print publications to expand your understanding of the language. Orange County is home to several Spanish-language publications, and they can be easily found in Irvine. OC Excelsior is one Spanish-language publication that can be found both in print and online.

Experts also suggest utilizing Spanish television and videos to better understand conversational Spanish. YouTuber Werevertumorro is one of YouTube's most popular stars, and regularly vlogs in Spanish. His vlogs are about current events and what is going on his life, making it the perfect series for an individual looking to enhance their Spanish lessons in Irvine.


Now that you’re caught up to speed on the Spanish culture in Irvine, find your tutor and get started on your path to fluency!

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